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Daily Pro Wrestling History (02/09): The Midnight Rider defeats Ric Flair



Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
- Joe Savoldi beat Vic Christy 
- Man Mountain Dean beat Jack McArthur 
- Tom Mahoney beat Al Dunlop 
- Hardy Kruskamp beat Joe Pazandak 
- Jules Strongbow beat Cardiff Giant


Kansas City, Kansas:
- Richard Brown beat Ike Eakins 
- June Byers and Carol Cook beat Penny Banner and Mary Jane Mull 
- Guy Brunetti beat Bob Corby by DQ
- Joe Tangaro drew Danny Plechas 


Kansas City, Kansas:
- Wild Red Berry and Richard Brown beat Babe Zaharias and Lou Plummer 2 falls to 0
- Bob Geigel beat Tommy O’Toole 
- Ramon Cernadas beat Frank Hurley 
- Richard Brown beat Babe Zaharias 


Rochester, Minnesota:
- Hard Boiled Haggerty beat AWA Champion Verne Gagne by DQ
- Jim Hady beat Len Montana
- Gene Kiniski beat Joe Scarpello
- Wilbur Snyder beat George Drake


Minneapolis, Minnesota:
- Moose Evans & Verne Gagne beat Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher to win the AWA Tag Team Titles
- Mitsu Arakawa beat Doug Gilbert
- Rene Goulet beat Marquis de Paree
- Princess Little Cloud beat Bette Boucher
- Bob Geigel beat Maurice Lapointe


Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
- The Mighty Igor beat Ivan Koloff 
- Bulldog Brower and Whipper Billy Watson beat The Assassin and Al Costello Watson 
- Edouard Carpentier beat The Mighy Ursus 
- Rocky Johnson and Ivan Kalmikoff went to a 15:00 draw
- Dewey Robertson beat Eric the Red 
- The Sheik beat Bill Palmer 
- Paul DeMarco beat Fred Atkins 


Chicago, Illinois:
- AWA Champion Verne Gagne beat Blackjack Mulligan in 2 out of 3 falls
- Superstar Billy Graham beat Wahoo McDaniel by DQ
- Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch beat Billy Robinson & Wilbur Snyder
- Ernie Ladd beat Lord James Blears
- Rene Goulet drew Reggie Parks
- Blackjack Lanza beat Jim Brunzell


Denver, Colorado:
- Andre the Giant & Ray Stevens & Larry Hennig beat Nick Bockwinkel & Blackjack Lanza & Bobby Duncum 
- Pedro Morales beat Pierre Poisson 
- Angelo Mosca beat Bill Francis 
- Super Destroyer beat Peter Maivia by DQ 


Memphis, Tennessee:
- Hector Guerrero pinned Gypsy Joe
- Eddie Gilbert & Eddie Hogan beat Ali Hassan & The Angel via DQ
- Dream Machine, Ali Hassan, Gypsy Joe, & Angel beat Sonny King, Eddie Gilbert, Eddie Hogan, & Hector Guerrero in an elimination match
- Tony Charles beat Southern Champ Jimmy Valiant via DQ
- Bill Dundee & Tommy Rich beat Southern Tag Champs The Bounty Hunters via DQ
- Jerry Lawler beat Hulk Hogan via DQ


Tampa, Florida:
- The Midnight Rider (the suspended Dusty Rhodes under a mask) defeated Ric Flair to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship (After the match, NWA President Bob Geigel demanded that the Midnight Rider unmask. If Rhodes revealed it was him under the mask, he would have been banned for life, so he refused and gave up the NWA Championship, which was returned to Flair)

Omaha, Nebraska:
- Ken Patera beat Hulk Hogan by DQ
- Tito Santana & Buck Zumhofe beat Bobby Duncum & Bobby Heenan
- Greg Gagne beat Rene Goulet
- Brad Rheingans drew Jerry Blackwell


St. Paul, Minnesota:
- Road Warriors & Paul Ellering beat Mongolian Stomper & Boris Zhukov & Barbarian by DQ
- No DQ match: AWA Champion Stan Hansen beat Sgt. Slaughter by countout
- AWA Tag Team Champions Scott Hall & Curt Hennig beat Bill Irwin & Scott Irwin by DQ
- Jerry Blackwell beat Earthquake Ferris (sub King Kong Brody) by DQ
- Marty Jannetty beat Doug Somers
- Brad Rheingans beat Earthquake Ferris

Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
- The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid defeated the WWF tag team champions Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine via disqualification 
- Intercontinental champion Tito Santana pinned Jesse Ventura to retain title
- Paul Orndorff defeated Cowboy Bob Orton 
- Corporal Kirchner defeated The Iron Sheik
- George(The Animal) Steele beat Barry O 
- Adrian Adonis defeated Special Delivery Jones 

Memphis, Tennessee:
- Larry Hamilton beat Abdul Gadaffi
- Billy Joe Travis beat Mr. X
- Tommy Rogers beat Tony Falk
- Austin Idol beat The Assassin
- Rick Casey & Dirty Rhodes beat Dutch Mantel & Buddy Landel via DQ
- Southern Champ Bill Dundee beat Terry Taylor


San Antonio, Texas:
- Mil Mascaras defeated Eddie Gilbert
- Cactus Jack defeated Alex Porteau
- Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane
- Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk defeated Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin
- NWA TV Champion Arn Anderson pinned Tommy Rich
- The Road Warriors defeated Mark Callous & Dan Spivey
- NWA Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Doom
- Road Warrior Hawk won a 24-man battle royal


Atlanta, Georgia:
- Tommy Rich pinned Joey Maggs
- Terrence Taylor pinned Big Josh after Harley Race interfered
- Mr. Hughes pinned PN News
- Johnny B. Badd pinned Richard Morton
- Rick & Scott Steiner defeated Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong
- Barry Windham pinned Larry Zbyzsko in a death match
- Sting, Dustin Rhodes, & Ricky Steamboat defeated WCW US Champion Rick Rude, WCW Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton 
- Abdullah the Butcher defeated Cactus Jack in a steel cage match


WCW Monday Nitro: El Paso, Texas:
- Steve McMichael pinned Glacier 
- Konnan (w/ Vincent) defeated Norman Smiley 
- Disco Inferno pinned Yuji Nagata (w/ Sonny Onoo) 
- Eddie Guerrero & WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Dean Malenko & Chavo Guerrero Jr. 
- Juventud Guerrera pinned El Dandy 
- Bill Goldberg pinned Lord Steven Regal 
- Chris Adams defeated Louie Spicolli via disqualification
- Perry Saturn (w/ Lodi) pinned the Ultimo Dragon 
- Raven fought WCW TV Champion Booker T to a no contest 
- Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) defeated Hulk Hogan via disqualification
- Rick & Scott Steiner defeated The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship


Guadalajara, Mexico:
- Vampiro defeated Shocker to win the NWA light heavyweight title


Tokyo, Japan:
- Kaz Hayashi defeated Naomichi Marafuji to win the All Japan title