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Revolution Pro Wrestling live results: Vader vs. Will Ospreay

Submitted by Joe Lemon from York Hall

- Jay White defeated Josh Bodom

Bosom's been given a prominent spot in Rev Pro this past year, especially after his big win over Chris Hero at the June show. These guys really clicked in this opening match. Everything Jay White delivered was crisp and he sold well for Bodom. White really got over with the York Hall crowd as he picked up the victory with the Liontamer. 

- Sha Samuels defeated Big Damo

Samuels played a cowardly sneaky heel, while Damo just looked pissed off throughout the entire match. Samuels won after applying a chokehold with a scarf, making Damo pass out. Fun match.

- Chris Hero defeated Marty Scurll 

This was awesome. From a work standpoint it was easily the match of the night. Scurll got a huge reaction from the York Hall crowd. It was a split crowd throughout the match. It started slow with both guys exchanging holds, but it built upon the early work and the intensity increased the longer the match went.

The approach here with both guys outsmarting one another's signature spots really clicked. Hero used Scurll's "just kidding" superkick spot, instead delivering an elbow smash. Scurll then followed up by using one of Hero's signature piledrivers.

Plenty of great near falls in this one, culminating with Hero putting Scurll away with a huge piledriver from the top rope. Both men got a great ovation at the conclusion of the match. 

- Ricochet defeated Pete Dunne

This match came alive whenever Ricochet was on offense, but it was a little subdued at times. Dunne used lots of rest holds and constantly looked to ground Ricochet. This worked since Ricochet's offense really got over whenever he changed the pace of the match.

The ending saw Ricochet pick up the win with the Benadryler. Following the match, both guys shook hands, but once Ricochet turned his back, Dunne beat him down. This played into the Vader vs. Ospreay match later in the show. 

- Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Jeff Cobb 

This was a really strange match. The approach here worked at points with Sabre looking to use his wrestling to outsmart Cobb. When on offense, Cobb was using lots of power moves that really got over with the crowd. As the match went on, Sabre seemed to receive more boos from the crowd as the cheers for Cobb increased big time.

The conclusion of the match was a little confusing. Sabre delivered a number of Penalty Kicks to Cobb, with Cobb managing to get back to his knees after each. The kicks didn't seem to receive much reaction from the crowd with no one really sensing the end was on the horizon.

Sabre got the win, but Cobb got a shoulder up just after the referee had counted the pin. The crowd did not like the ending at all. Upon leaving the ring, Sabre received a chorus of boos. He looked very confused but played it up by interacting in a heelish manner with members of the crowd.

As he was leaving, Scurll ran up behind Sabre and the crowd sensed a beatdown. But Scurll held Sabre's arm in the air as the boos increased. Cobb then received a standing ovation while the crowd chanted for him to come back. Promoter Andy Quildan then confirmed Cobb appearing at the Rev Pro show over Mania weekend.

- Vader defeated Will Ospreay

Incredible heat for the match. Vader had nuclear heat during his entrance and played it up big time. Ospreay was over huge as a babyface here. Vader took it to Ospreay before the bell had rung and even took out referee Chris Roberts.

Both guys fought up the ramp, leading to security getting involved. It was being booked as if Vader was shooting on the officials and the crowd really bought into it. Vader chokeslammed Ospreay through the announce table. Ospreay sold this for a long time, but as security restrained Vader, Ospreay did a dive from the ramp on top of Vader and the security team.

Crowd was molten by this point, and as it looked like Ospreay was about to pick up the win, Pete Dunne interfered. He took out Ospreay and shook hands with Vader. This led to Ricochet interfering, first taking out Dunne, and then double-teaming Vader with Ospreay. This played into how the Vader/Ospreay feud originally began after Vader's Twitter comments criticizing Ospreay vs. Ricochet at NJPW's Best of the Super Juniors.

Vader kicked out of both guys maneuvers to the surprise of the crowd. Dunne then got involved again. Vader followed by chokeslamming Ospreay twice and scoring the win. 

The crowd was shocked at the ending. Ospreay cut a promo, referring to it as a "pipe bomb" as he sat in the middle of the ring. Ospreay cut a great promo, seeming genuinely pissed off about doing the job. He cryptically implied that Vader refused to lose the match as he spoke about egos in wrestling.