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ROH Global Wars Chicago live results: Kenny Omega vs. YOSHI-HASHI


Preview by Joseph Currier

Kenny Omega makes his first stateside defense of the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship as Ring of Honor's Global Wars tour reaches its final stop tonight.

YOSHI-HASHI will be challenging for Omega's title in Chicago, which was set up when YOSHI-HASHI challenged Omega after NJPW's Destruction in Kobe event last month. Omega's only other title defense was against Juice Robinson at that show.

Members of the Bullet Club will also be involved in another key match tonight. Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks & Hangman Page will team against the Search and Destroy team of Motor City Machine Guns, Jonathan Gresham & Jay White in an eight-man tag match.

Elsewhere on the show, Marty Scurll faces Hiromu Takahashi, Will Ospreay takes on Flip Gordon, Suzuki-gun will be in action in a six-man tag match, KUSHIDA teams with Cheeseburger against The Addiction, Colt Cabana faces off with Toru Yano in what's sure to be a comedy match, and Trent Barreta & Chuck Taylor team up against Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser.

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Our live coverage starts at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Cody did an interview.  He said this has been the most financially lucrative tour in ROH history.  Cody cut a promo about Roman Reigns saying he wears a vest to hide hit gut and to hide his failed drug tests.  He said it's really hiding envy.  He said ROH isn't an indie, it's a club.  He asked Cary Silkin to kiss the ring.  Silkin didn't want to kiss the ring.  He then said he was going to bring a fan into the ring to kiss the ring.  He bought in a planted fan in a mask with a Cody T-shirt.  The fan acted like he couldn't get into the ring.  Cody wanted to film it for "Being the Elite."  They were filming it for video.  The fan unmasked and it was Dalton Castle.  Castle suplexed Cody.  Castle took him down and started ground and pounding him.  Cody ran off.  The crowd was loving Cody but the way the segment was done it worked really well.  I don't think the fans knew it was Castle until he unmasked.  


Good match.  Bruiser hit Chuckie with a beer keg and then Young gave him misery for the pin.  A lot of big moves on both sides.  Bruiser did a bodyblock off the apron on Baretta after backdropping out of a piledriver on the apron.  T & Baretta did a double dive spot.   


Scurll won by reversing the time bomb into a chicken wing.  Out of the 107 ROH vs. NJPW matches, it's now 53-53 with one draw.  Very good match with lots of near falls and a lot of comedy mixed in.  It was worked more like an entertaining prelim match as opposed to a major main event.  They did several spots with Darryl.  Darryl's wedding to Carol was brought up.  Takahashi did the sunset flip out of the ring and power bomb on the floor spot.  Both were really over so they took advantage of that.      


Daniels & Kazarian won by pinning Cheeseburger with the Best Meltzer ever.  Some rough spots early.  Unfortunately, the stream went out right before the finish.  Fairly short match.  Kushida looked good based on what we could see.  Kazarian was about to put Cheeseburger through a table after the match, but Bully Ray showed up and put Kazarian through the table.  This led to an ECW chant.  Kazarian was checking his fingers.  .  

Bully Ray is cutting a promo about wrestling in this building in 1999 and lighting a table on fire in ECW.  Bully Ray did the teasing retirement interview he's been doing all week.  He said it was time and the fans were chanting "No."  He said for the first time he has to worry about himself and his own health.  The crowd gave him a standing ovation.  Thank were chanting "Thank You Bubba."  He said "Thank you."  Said Chicago was one of his favorite places to wrestle.  He grabbed a piece of a broken table.  They brought a fan in a Cody shirt into the ring.  Bully said tonight you represent every single fan I've been in front of.  He said he can't thank every single person so he'll represent everyone in the world and said "Thank you."  Bully claimed this was the last table he'll ever break and told Chase (the kid) to hold the piece of the table high in the air.  Fans were chanting "Chase."  He then apologized if he was taking too much time.  He said ROH was always a place he wanted to go and if this is his last day, he wants to Thank God he got to set foot in an ROH ring.  The announcers played it up like this was his last match.


This was a crazy match.  Page used the last rites to pin Gresham.  The Young Bucks worked as the babyfaces here, as they got heat on Nick and then heat on Page and then they went crazy with move in the last three-and-a-half minutes.  There was a Bullet Club crazy dive sequence which led to a flip stage dive by Matt on everyone.  A lot of shtick early including a teased four-way sharpshooter spot by the Bullet Club except White got Cody in it so they broke it up and all superkicked White and Cody put White in the sharpshooter.  Crowd was super hot for just about everything.  Page & Matt did a shooting star Meltzer driver on the floor.   


The crowd wasn't into this.  The Dawgs won with a combination front suplex and crossbody on Johnson. 

After the match Jay Briscoe came out and destroyed Johnson & Pusser including a J Driller on Johnson.  Jay talked about Mark Briscoe.  He said we've got to get back to being the baddest tag team on the planet.  He said Mark has been worried about singles matches, TV title, six man titles and told him to ice the elbow, heal up quick and it's time for the Briscoes to take this stuff over.

Shane Taylor did an interview.  He said he gets paid to take people out and put people down.  He's replacing Mark Briscoe in the six-man tag match.  He said ROH officials have made him the tag team partner.


Long match.  The crowd was really into Suzuki, especially in with Lethal.  King's stuff was off but he did a lot of flying moves.  The last few minutes was built around Suzuki trying to do the Gotch piledriver on Taylor, who is way over 300 pounds.  Suzuki would choke him, but not choke him out because he wanted to beat him with the Gotch piledriver.  Time after time it failed until he finally hit it for the pin.  Suzuki kicked ref Paul Turner in the gut and threw him out of the ring after.  Suzuki just said "We are Suzuki-gun, Ichiban." 


They had a comedy match.  It was entertaining but the feed went down before the finish.  Yano did all his shtick.  The crowd liked this a lot. 


So this was the match of the show.  Ospreay won with the Robinson kick and Oscutter.  This was meant for a showcase to get Gordon over.  Gordon has unbelievable flying moves with the highlight being a double springboard flip plancha.   The beginning was Ospreay doing his cat shtick, but it got going with Ospreay doing a space flying tiger drop and springboard forearm and a shooting star to Gordon's back as Gordon was draped over the top rope.  The crowd was doing the "Fight Forever" at the end.


This was very different from any Omega matches this year.  The match featured a ton of interference including all of The Bullet Club, as well as Chaos, which included Flip Gordon and Chuckie T, all after ref Todd Sinclair got bumped.  Omega did some of his usual big match stuff like the moonsault off the guard rail and Terminator dive, and the snap dragon suplex.  Yoshi-Hashi worked hard but never connected and nobody saw him as having a chance to win.  What really made the match was the interference, and it was everyone doing their big moves ending with Ospreay doing a springboard shooting star press to the floor and Nick doing a 450 off the top rope to the floor onto Gordon since Gordon had used a sueprkick earlier in the sequence.  Omega did the One Winged Angel at one point but Yano pulled Sinclair out of the ring.  The ending saw Omega get his knees up after a swanton, and Omega hit the V trigger and One Winged Angel.

Cody asked the people to raise their hands if they're life long wrestling fans.  Almost everyone did.  He said you remember 95-96 when wrestling got cool again, it wasn't 1995 for sure, more like 96.  He said remember that, because wrestling has never been cooler.  Cody said he wanted to thank New Japan Pro Wresting.  He said we should thank Atlas, the man who carries New Japan on his back and introduced Omega.  Omega thanked everyone for the lucrative merchandise sales.  Omega said he doesn't sell merchandise to impolite people and everyone was such a joy.  He said that he's not a full-time member of ROH, that "I represent New Japan by contract only, really I represent Bullet Club and Being the Elite."  He said Being the Elite is everyone who subscribes and even those who leave disparaging remarks on our page.  He said Yoshi-Hashi tried hard, but he's nothing more than try-harder.  Omega said he's suffering form jetlag and it's after my bed time.  Matt took the mic and said we have to take a Bullet Club selfie.  But nobody in the ring had a phone.  He asked the fans if they have a phone. Everyone did.  So he went into the crowd and there was Jimmy Jacobs.  Jacobs shot the photo with Bullet Club while people chanted his name.  Nick said sorry we got your ass fired.  Omega got the mic and asked no profanity, Matt said I'm a Christian boy but we need one more F bomb and we had yet another :F*** The Revival" chant, at least the third one of the night. Kenny bid adieu.