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ROH Glory By Honor results: Final Battle tournament semifinals & finals


ROH's Glory By Honor event streamed live on Honor Club this Saturday night. Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman and Colt Cabana were tonight's main announce team. There looked to be a few hundred people in attendance for tonight's show but there were a lot of empty seats in the bleachers and scattered around ringside.

Silas Young won a battle royal and advanced to challenge ROH World Champion Rush later in the show

Participants: The Bouncers, Kenny King, Joe Hendry, Rhett Titus, Big Daddy Yum Yum (CMLL), Coast 2 Coast, Cheeseburger, Brian Johnston, Josh Woods, Silas Young

Kenny King hid under the ring from the start, like he did at G1 Supercard. Beer City Bruiser did his “I can’t bite -- I ain’t got no teeth spot.” Young eliminated Titus, who decided to pull Kenny King from out under the ring and into the match. He was quickly eliminated by Joe Hendry, who was a focal point of this match early on and was one of the only wrestlers who got a full introduction on the Honor Club stream.

Coast 2 Coast (Shaheem Ali & LSG) eliminated Bruiser, Brawler Milonas  later threw out Coast 2 Coast at the same time, which got a loud "BEER" chant going in the crowd. Milonas and Big Daddy Yum Yum had a quick exchange together before Milonas dumped him to the floor, too. I enjoyed hearing the distinguished Ian Riccaboni say "Big Daddy Yum Yum" in these short moments.

The final three in this were Josh Woods, Silas Young and Brawler Milonas. The former two teamed up to eliminate Milonas, and a few seconds later, Young, Woods' storyline mentor, offered Woods a hug, then eliminated his mentee. Silas Young will now face ROH World Heavyweight champion Rush later on in the evening for a shot at the title.

PCO defeated Dalton Castle in a Final Battle number one contender's tournament semifinal match

Good brawl. A fan in the front row wore a homemade version of Castle's ring gear and took a selfie with Castle during his entrance. PCO came out to his new Jim Johnston-composed theme music and in more makeup than usual, extra thick black eyeliner under his eyes his black darkwave jacket again. There was lots of smoke around the ring when the lights came back up, and Castle acted like he was afraid of getting in the ring to wrestle the match with PCO.

Early on, PCO demanded Castle hit him in the back. "If you wanna hit me, hit me!" he said, no-selling some forearm strikes. After this, and once the two really started mixing it up, it turned into a good brawl. The crowd was way into PCO but there was a group in house that was loudly pro-Castle.

They fought on the outside for a bit. Castle belly-to-belly suplex PCO on the floor. He threw PCO around a ton, actually, like he literally dumped PCO out onto the floor from a bodyslam, like he was in the battle royal earlier. He hip-tossed PCO onto concrete, the mats had been pulled up, PCO still in his awesome jacket, and when he finally did get up, Castle gave him a spinebuster onto an unfolded chair.

PCO finally stood up at the count of 16, back in the ring at 19. Castle was there waiting for him with a DDT and a running knee, but PCO was back up, "revived," and then clotheslined Castle and himself to the floor, and followed that up with a tope con giro through the ropes. He's 52. After some more back and forth, PCO used a big moonsault to put Castle away. The crowd was crazy for PCO throughout this.

Marty Scurll defeated Jay Lethal in a Final Battle number one contender's tournament semifinal match

Very good match, all action and good drama in the last few minutes. They shook hands before the bell. Scurll dashed at Lethal, who caught Scurll with a dropkick. They started flying from here, back and forth both in and out of the ring. It was all Lethal for a while until Scurll, after two failed tries, finally landed his superkick off the apron to Lethal who was, standing on the floor.

This heated up when Scurll went for the chickenwing and had the crowd erupt for it. Lethal blocked and put Scurll into the figure-four, but the match was over when Scurll finally locked in the chickenwing and got Lethal to tap. Again, really good. You could tell in shots during this match that this was a small, small affair tonight, but both Lethal and Scurll went out and did what they could to tear it up. They shook hands again afterwards. Scurll is now scheduled to wrestle his Villain Enterprises stablemate, PCO, later tonight.

ROH Television Champion Shane Taylor defeated J. Spade to retain his title

They showed a promo of Taylor talking about himself on the radio or on the phone putting himself over. They're doing the TMT Promotions spin-off angle with Taylor. Spade and Taylor used to wrestle each other on the indies, according to Riccaboni.

They had referee Todd Sinclair do a spoken introduction to the match, like they'd do for a Mayweather Promotions bout. Taylor asked if Spade was ready to get knocked out but Spade came out with a flurry of moves and a dive to the floor. The crowd was at times quite loud behind Spade in this one. Taylor used a nice spinning Greetings From 216 (Fire-Thunder driver) to put Spade away.

Kelly Klein defeated Angelina Love to win the Women of Honor World Championship

Klein stormed at Love at the bell and went on to beat the crap out of love for about a minute straight. Klein used a Northern Lights suplex for the first near-fall of the match. Love countered with a jawbreaker, and later landed a Thesz Press off the apron to the floor.

Klein powered out of Love's anaconda clutch midway through this and started ragdolling her around the ring with suplexes and K-Power in her comeback. Love kicked out. These two were really working hard here. Love returned with a Botox Injection kick and plancha from the top rope to the floor. Mandy Leon assured Love that she was still pretty. Klein came in at the count of 19. Love missed another Botox Injection, and when Klein went for another K-Power, she accidentally knocked the referee out. People immediately started to boo, even before Mandy Leon entered the ring and started dancing with a chair.

The lights went out and Maria Manic came out and put Leon in a torture rack, then did the same to Love. Klein got back up, delivered K-Power again and pinned Love to regain the Women of Honor championship.

The referee apparently had zero idea that the lights went out, someone's entrance music blared, then that said someone got into the ring and beat up a bunch of people. Because he was tapped in the head by someone's foot. This would have been much better without the schmozz finish, but there probably wasn't another way of introducing Manic unless it was during this match.

ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) defeated Luke & PJ Hawx to retain their titles

Pretty good. Luke Hawx was Altar Boy Luke in XPW. His son wrestled with him tonight, Riccaboni said he's 20 years old. They showed a promo Luke Hawx cut before the match and it was good. The crowd was excited for the Hawx family. Luke Hawx wrestled alongside Jay Briscoe in CMLL in the Gran Prix tournament last month in Mexico. He looked good here tonight. I guess PJ Hawx is actually named Perry Hawx, because they started calling him that halfway through this match.

Jay Briscoe beat the hell out of him for much of this. The announce team explained both Hawx have acting experience, and Perry has a new show that'll be on Hulu soon. Perry came back late in the match with a high angle German suplex, but the Briscoes used Redneck Boogie to Perry out. Jay pinned Perry after a Jaydriller.

Alex Shelley defeated Jonathan Gresham

Excellent match despite the quiet crowd. They were into it when they were supposed to be, but the venue sounded empty at times. It's negligible, though, because this was one of the best technical matches I've seen this year. If mat wrestling is in your wheelhouse, go out of your way to watch this. I don't think there were more than ten big bumps in this. Maybe a top-rope inverted atomic drop was the highest of spots. That is  saying so much considering how long Shelley was away from wrestling, because he looked like he'd never really stopped, especially here.

Shelley pinned Gresham when Gresham went for an octopus hold; Shelley countered it into a clutch pin for the upset victory. Gresham threw a fit afterwards and shoved a staff member out of his chair ringside, grabbed the steel chair and brought it into the ring with the intent of some sort of revenge on Shelley. Jay Lethal came out and took the chair out of Gresham's hands. He told him that him and Shelley just had one of the greatest matches he'd seen and things looked to be smoothed over in storyline.

They are still teasing a full-on heel turn for Gresham but aren't pulling the trigger just yet.

LifeBlood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) defeated Villains Enterprises (Brody King & Flip Gordon)

Gordon comes to the ring in a gas mask now and grew a long beard. Everyone in the match is great, but Mark Haskins is unique, maybe someone ROH could bet the house on, that's how good he is with the right people. Him and Gordon looked especially good together. Haskins and Williams did a cool double dive to the floor, Williams from the corner and Haskins through the ropes.

When Gordon tried using a kendo stick, he accidentally hit his partner, King, and Williams hit a piledriver for the pin on Gordon. Really good match. Bully Ray came out and beat LifeBlood up. Gordon came back into the ring and gave his kendo stick to Bully Ray, despite their differences in the past earlier this year. Ray got tons of heat when he screamed "Do you know who I am?!"

ROH World Champion Rush defeated Silas Young to retain his title

Lanny Poffo joined the commentary team for this match. This wasn't as special as I think they wanted it to be. It felt like any other Rush match in ROH.

This bout started off fast, and Rush went for the Bull's Horn running dropkick early on. Young blocked it with a spear and the two were quickly on the floor, Young leading the assault on Rush, smashing him into the ring post.

Young kept control of the match back inside the ring, but Rush returned the attack and again, both were on the floor. Rush roughed Young up for a while and threw him into the barricades. Poffo translated "tranquilo" for us, and it means "tranquil" in English, for those not in the know.

Rush missed a diving senton off the second rope, gave Young an opportunity to hit his finisher, the Plunge moonsault, for two. He used a swinging draping DDT for another nearfall, and Rush began to hulk up. Rush landed a superman punch and the Bull's Horns for the emphatic victory. Rush kissed the the ROH World title, and Lanny Poffo called Rush vs. Young one of the best matches he'd ever seen in his life. I swear.

After cutting to the announce team, production played a video from Death Before Dishonor: Fallout last month. Someone attacked the Kingdom backstage at the show. Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia came out and Taven then demanded whomever attacked them to come out and face them. The lights went out and they played footage of Taven and Marseglia before today's show, doing scandalous activities, like unpacking their gear from an SUV, then unpacking inside the venue. It was an angle to imply that someone is stalking Taven for devious reasons. The Kingdom then stormed off.

PCO defeated Marty Scurll to win the Final Battle number one contender's tournament

Awesome match, and maybe PCO's best singles match in ROH to date. Scurll got on the mic and faked offering a truce before the bell, then whacked PCO in the face with an umbrella but only got a two-count. What a villain. Scurll did his version of the Iconoclasm and launched PCO from the top rope with it. Scurll flipped a fan off when he and PCO were brawling on the floor. This match would sometimes peak but would flame out quick because the crowd sounded tired. PCO rallied back with a pop-up power bomb.

Scurll made a comeback himself, snapping PCO's fingers, which I suppose against a Frankenstein-type character like sounds like a silly thing to do. Later, Scurll press slammed PCO off the top through a table on the floor. This is his second match for the night. Scurll put PCO in the chickenwing but ref Todd Sinclair was knocked out. PCO landed the French-Canadian Slam but Sinclair was out. Brody King came out and gave PCO a bossman slam, apparently at the orders of Scurll. Scurll pinned him for a two-count.

Gordon came out later and kicked Scurll off the ropes, then Scurll hit PCO with the ROH Six-Man title for another two-count. The crowd exploded here with a "he's not human" champ. PCO finally stuck the PCOsault but for only two. The crowd was peaking here and it was the loudest reaction of the night. It was about 60% PCO 40% Scurll. PCO missed that insane senton spot he often does onto the apron, looked like he died. Scurll hit a massive lariat for two. PCO used his own lariat for two, then landed another moonsault for three. Crazy match.

Afterwards, Scurll grabbed the mic and said for three years, he'd been trying to become ROH champion, and tonight, PCO took that chance away from him, and then congratulated him. Scurll said no one deserves more of a shot at the world title than PCO, who'll now face Rush at Final Battle in Baltimore for the ROH World Heavyweight title.

Check back at the end of the month for more of our coverage from ROH's upcoming Honor United tour.

Final thoughts --

This was a good show although it looked to be poorly attended. Great main event. PCO is a machine and won't stop taking crazy bumps, but the truth is that I can't say I have seen one ROH show in 2019 where PCO wasn't wildly cheered. He's a real star. Both he and Scurll were not only awesome once tonight, but twice. Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelley was top-tier technical wrestling, on par with this year's Virus vs. Metalico in CMLL or most of Zack Sabre's work throughout the year.

Jay Lethal vs. Marty Scurll was also a match worthy of mention tonight. There were definite misfires, though, like the battle royal, which at least served a purpose and was quick, and the Women of Honor match, which wasn't bad, but the finish left a sour aftertaste. LifeBlood vs. Villain Enterprises would be of note, as well, but the Bully Ray abusing LifeBlood and then leaving has jumped the shark, and it's the last thing most fans are left thinking about, unfortunately. Action-wise, though, this was one of ROH's stronger shows of late.