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ROH Honor Re-United London results: Jay Lethal vs. Mark Haskins


Submitted by Matt Dangall

- Jonathan Gresham defeated Joe Hendry

Both men were working babyface, a theme for the evening. Gresham won with a roll up. 

- Hangman Page defeated Kip Sabian and Flip Gordon in a triple threat match

Flip and Hangman (who were both massively over) took turns fighting Sabian until their alliance broke down when Gordon accidentally hit Page and he fought back. Page pinned Sabian with the Rite of Passage just before Gordon could break up the pin.

- Kay Lee Ray defeated Ayesha Raymond

Raymond worked over for a lot of the match and KLR came back for the win. Very basic stuff.

- Christopher Daniels defeated Mark Briscoe by disqualification

After a fairly even match, Jay Briscoe distracted the ref to allow Mark to submit Daniels with  chain. However the decision was overturned when the ref saw the chain and Daniels got the win. 

Daniels was beat down by the Briscoes after the match until Flip Gordon and Joe Hendry made the save.

- Punishment Martinez defeated Jimmy Havoc in a street fight

Havoc challenged Martinez to make the match a street fight and prove himself and he agreed and the match was changed. Notably Havoc was the most over guy on the show. Havoc started out with the trays to the head, then getting an ironing board involved. Staples were dished out and Havoc stapled up his bleeding wounds from pizza slicers. Havoc squeezed Lemon juice in Martinez's wounds. Martinez won with a chokeslam into the thumb tacks.

- Marty Scurll defeated Jay Briscoe

Mark came out to distract the referee but Daniels came down to even the odds allowing Marty to win clean. They both put each other over after with Marty faking a finger break spot when shaking hands.

- The Young Bucks defeated Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch

Storm got the better of Matt early on with clever ring awareness and being that tiny bit quicker. Fleisch got in and beat Nick at his high flying moves. Both teams threw themselves around the ring with moonsaults and shooting stars, including a springboard shooting star from Fleisch to the outside. The Bucks won with the Meltzer Driver.

- Jay Lethal defeated Mark Haskins to retain the ROH title

Haskins had earned the opportunity by winning the ROH international cup earlier in the tour. Neither men are superstars and so worked hard to get the crowd into it, both men clearly working 95%. Again in this match both men were largely working face. Haskins worked the arm to setup his armbar finisher and Lethal kept escaping. Haskins kicked out of the Lethal Injection, and Lethal out of Haskins finisher also, before Lethal won with a second lethal injection.