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ROH Pure Championship tourney results: The finals are set


This week's ROH TV was the A and B block finals of the Pure Championship tournament as Jonathan Gresham took on Josh “The Goods” Woods while Jay Lethal battled “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams. 

As usual, Quinn McKay did the rundown and also said Matt Taven would face Vincent on the show.

Block B: Jonathan Gresham pinned Josh Woods (w/ Silas Young) to advance to the finals of the ROH Pure Championship Tournament (12:00)

Woods overwhelmed Gresham very early so he rolled out of the ring. Woods attempted a gutwrench suplex, but Gresham quickly stopped it and used his first rope break of the entire tournament. Woods took back momentum quickly and continued to attempt gutwrench maneuvers before deadlifting Gresham and suplexing him. Gresham rolled out in frustration before the commercial. 

During the break, Woods and Gresham botched a suplex attempt on the apron and hurt their knees. Gresham baited Woods to the apron and hit a dragon screw on his left knee through the middle rope. Woods recovered and began to work on Gresham's midsection, hitting a series of gutwrench suplexes. Gresham stopped Woods on a final attempt and locked in his signature Octopus submission. As Silas Young encouraged Woods at ringside, Woods found the strength to reverse it into a sidewalk slam. 

As they made their way back to their feet, Gresham yanked Woods' knee backwards. Gresham tried to take advantage and turn it into a pin but Woods rolled around with him, exchanging multiple pinning attempts. Eventually, Gresham bounced off the ropes and maneuvered into a wheelbarrow pin for the three count and a spot in the tourney finals.

Matt Taven and Vincent went to a no contest

As Taven made his entrance, Vincent blasted him from behind. He launched Taven into the barricade before slamming his head into the concrete. Vincent set up a table with Taven on it. He then came off the ladder with a senton, crashing through Taven and the table. ROH officials rushed to the ring to check on Taven before a commercial break.

After the commercial, a video recapping EC3 and Shane Taylor’s interaction from last week ran. EC3 says he knows very well who Taylor is, but tells him to grow up and get over it for not mentioning his name. EC3 also said he respects The Briscoes because they’ve proved that they have honor, while Taylor hasn’t.

Block A: Tracy Williams submitted Jay Lethal to advance to the finals of the ROH Pure Championship Tournament (19:23)

Both men scouted their positions. Lethal started with a headlock to which Williams quickly countered. The two athletes exchanged wristlocks. Caprice Coleman brought up a good point on commentary that Williams has had an easier path to his block finals than Lethal has had. Lethal transitioned into a tight surfboard stretch, but Williams reversed it into a kneebar and Lethal used his first rope break.

Williams went right back on attack and caused Lethal to use his second rope break, frustrating him. Both men made their way back to their feet and Lethal turned an O’Connor roll into a figure four. Williams immediately used his first rope break leading into a commercial.

After the commercial, Williams had Lethal locked in a crossface chinlock. Lethal escaped and Williams kept on the attack, throwing nasty elbow and palm strikes. Williams and Lethal made it to the outside and Williams hit a great shotgun dropkick. Williams hurt his shoulder and Lethal took advantage. He transitioned into a Fujiwara armbar, forcing Williams to use his second rope break. Lethal set Williams on the turnbuckle and climbed to the top with him, but Williams countered with his beautiful turnbuckle DDT. 

Williams followed up with a piledriver, but Lethal used his third and final rope break. Williams tried to apply a crossface but Lethal countered and hit a Lethal Injection, but Williams used his third and final rope break.

Lethal went to the top and hit the Macho Man elbow drop. He tried to follow it up with another Lethal Injection, but Williams caught him in a sleeper. Lethal got his foot on the rope, but it was to no avail as he was out of rope breaks. Williams rolled Lethal back into a crossface, forcing him to tap quickly.

Williams advanced to the finals with the win and will face Gresham next week to crown the ROH Pure Champion, the only match announced for the show.

Final Thoughts:

This was another solid show from ROH and they are building back up their reputation fast. Williams and Lethal put on the best match of the tournament. Gresham is really good, but that goes without saying. ROH definitely swerved me in not doing the obvious Lethal vs. Gresham finals. Williams definitely deserved a spot in the finals as all of his matches have been great. I’m also excited for the payoff for Taven vs. Vincent with a brutal match hopefully awaiting us. Plus, we did get an explanation on why EC3 aligned himself with The Briscoes last week.