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ROH TV results: 15th Anniversary go-home show


Ring of Honor television from this past week was the go-home show ahead of tonight's 15th Anniversary pay-per-view. The main development heading into the PPV was the heel turn of Frankie Kazarian, where he joined the Bullet Club in the aftermath of this show’s main event eight-man tag match.

The show opened with a promo from one team involved in the main event later on. The Briscoes, Jay Lethal, and Bobby Fish hyped their eight-man tag match with the Bullet Club.

They took turns insulting their opponents.

Dalton Castle provided guest commentary for the first match alongside Ian Riccaboni. In storyline, Castle and his Boys have issues to settle with The Kingdom and they face them on the PPV tonight for the World Six-Man Championship.

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World Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Kingdom defeated The Rebellion to retain their titles

TK O’Ryan and Rhett Titus had a hair pulling contest at the outset, followed by comedy spots with Caprice Coleman and Vinny Marseglia. Matt Taven and Kenny King then started having a wrestling match.

Though the match was originally heels against heels, Titus left the match selling an injury to his knee. That left The Kingdom with a three-on-two advantage, seemingly making The Rebellion the de facto babyfaces. Thusly, The Kingdom worked over Coleman for the heat.

Coleman made a comeback and tried to tag out, but King was knocked off the apron and unable to tag. Suddenly, Lio Rush hit the ring dressed in camouflage gear. The Rebellion previously tried to recruit him for their stable. Here he looked to have joined them, or did he?

Rush ran wild off a hot tag, only to turn on The Rebellion when he dropped King with a cutter. The Kingdom executed a triple-team powerbomb and Taven covered King for the pinfall.

In a pre-taped promo, Jay White challenged Jay Briscoe to a rematch after their last bout ended in a draw. On another pre-taped promo with Briscoe in Sandy Fork, he accepted the challenge for a match that airs on TV in two weeks.

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Brian Milonas defeated Raphael King (w/ Devyn Nicole) to advance in the Top Prospect Tournament

Brutal Bob Evans was back for guest commentary as he does on every match in this tourney. They had a slugfest at the outset, then King got to shine briefly before being cut off. King made a quick comeback and used a Rock Bottom for a near fall.

When he attempted a second Rock Bottom, Milonas blocked it and dropped King with a sidewalk slam, followed by a senton to cover him for the pin.

Christopher Daniels provided guest commentary for the main event, setting the stage for the angle that closed the show.

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Adam Cole, Cody & The Young Bucks defeated Jay Lethal, Bobby Fish & The Briscoes

The action got wild from the start when a huge brawl erupted with dives all over the place. After the ring emptied, Cody squared off with Lethal in the ring since they have an ongoing feud.

Fish and Cole squared off next as they also have ongoing issues. The Young Bucks and Briscoes then squared off since those two teams have been battling each other. At first the Briscoes appeared to block superkicks, only for both to eat superkicks from Nick and Matt Jackson. Lethal hit the ring and attempted the Lethal Injection, but the Jacksons superkicked him.

With an ode to Kenny Omega, Nick and Matt Jackson did the Rise of the Terminator spot leading to them doing flip dives to the outside. That led to Jay Briscoe doing a tope con hilo to the outside, then his brother Mark followed with a blockbuster off the apron. Mark also climbed to the top turnbuckle, but Cody cut him off and superplexed him to the floor onto a pile of bodies.

Back in the ring, Bullet Club got heat on Mark Briscoe. That built to a hot tag that brought Lethal in like a house of fire, leading to a trifecta of topes. On the third tope, Lethal inadvertently hit Fish and that caused dissension between the two tag partners.

The dissension led to a shoving match, then a brawl between Fish and Lethal. They brawled around the building, leaving the two Briscoes to face the four members of the Bullet Club. They fought valiantly and were able to single out Matt Jackson.

The Briscoes went for the Doomsday Device, but Jackson landed on his feet to superkick them. A superkick party began and Jay Briscoe fell victim to Cross Rhodes. Cole executed the Last Shot on Mark Briscoe as the Jacksons also superkicked Mark. The Young Bucks finished off Mark with the Meltzer Driver and Matt pinned him.

In the aftermath, the dust settled and Cole was in the ring gloating over the victory while holding his ROH World title overhead. Christopher Daniels left his perch at the commentary table to rush the ring and sneak up behind Cole. They began to slug it out and Daniels hoisted Cole to deliver Angel’s Wings.

Daniels retrieved hair clippers and a pair of scissors, threatening to cut Cole’s long locks. Cole tried to fight back and Daniels delivered Angel’s Wings again. Daniels' tag team partner, Frankie Kazarian, hit the ring to seemingly assist in giving Cole a hair cut.

Kazarian removed his hoodie to reveal a Bullet Club t-shirt. Kazarian faced off with Daniels. The distraction allowed for The Young Bucks to superkick Daniels. The rest of Bullet Club surrounded a prone Daniels to welcome Kazarian as their newest member.

On the next episode of ROH TV, War Machine faces BJ Whitmer & Punisher Martinez in a no DQ match.

The latest episode begins airing this weekend in syndication. The show is then available Monday evening via the FITE TV app before airing on Wednesday at midnight ET on Comet TV, including that channel’s online live stream. The episode is then available to watch on Thursday via the official ROH website.