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ROH TV results: Bandido & Rey Horus vs. Violence Unlimited


Location: Baltimore, Maryland


Ian Riccaboni welcomed us to the broadcast. Riccaboni is filling in for Quinn McKay, who has a first-round Women’s World Championship tournament match against Mandy Leon scheduled for this episode.

Riccaboni recapped the matches that have taken place in the tournament so far, including a great Allysin Kay vs. Willow bout from the previous installment of Women’s Division Wednesday.

Other matches scheduled for this episode of ROH TV include Trish Adora vs. Marti Belle and ROH World Champion Bandido teaming up with Rey Horus to take on Violence Unlimited's Brody King & Chris Dickinson.


ROH Women's title tournament first-round match: Quinn McKay defeated Mandy Leon (7:12)

As Leon was taking off her entrance gear, McKay launched herself and speared Leon with ease. Commentary played up on the fact that Leon did the same thing in their last bout.

Leon and McKay fought on the outside for a short amount of time, which allowed McKay to suplex Leon on the ringside floor.

Both women eventually made their way back into the ring, which allowed the momentum to shift in Leon’s favor. Leon did her combination shtick of beating down McKay and slowly talking trash before capitalizing on her dominance with a running facebuster.

Leon was running at McKay from the corner when McKay caught her with a big powerslam for a near fall. McKay tried to lock in a sleeper hold after, but Leon would eventually lift herself up and plant McKay with a backpack stunner.

Leon looked like she was setting up a pumphandle driver when McKay sprung her way out with Leon’s hand intact. McKay twisted up Leon in a roll-up pin that commentary called a “Bowtie,” which resulted in McKay getting the three count. 


ROH Women's title tournament first-round match: Trish Adora defeated Marti Belle (7:19)

Chelsea Green joined commentary for this bout.

Adora and Belle started off with a traditional lock-up. Both women took turns trying to outsmart one another, but things got physical and dirty fast.

Belle threw some really good strikes and took control of the match for a short amount of time. Belle’s strike-based offense had Adora reeling from a constant stream of punishment. But the second Belle took her eyes off the prize, she paid the price for it.

Adora was able to regain her composure and begin beating down on Belle. She wasted no time in locking in a Cattle Mutilation submission that made Belle give up almost instantly. 


ROH World Champion Bandido & Rey Horus defeated Violence Unlimited (Brody King & Chris Dickinson) (10:49)

Silas Young joined commentary for this bout. He’ll face Rey Horus at Glory By Honor night one on Friday, August 20.

King and Dickinson double teamed Horus to start off until Dickinson became the legal man. Dickinson kept Horus on the mat and tried to severely limit the lucha libre style of Horus. Dickinson and King worked down Horus into a commercial break and kept him cut off from Bandido.

Coming back from the break, Dickinson and King continued to double team Horus. Horus eventually had an opening and spiked King with a tornado DDT, allowing him to tag out to Bandido.

Bandido had a great exchange with King, including a great tope over the top rope onto both King and Dickinson. But once Horus was taken out of the equation again, Violence Unlimited resorted back to beating down Bandido two-on-one.

Dickinson and Bandido had a fun back and forth which saw Bandido attempt a 23 Plex, only to be denied by Dickinson the first time. Bandido would try it again -- this time with a Horus assist -- and successfully execute it to pin Dickinson.

Rush, Dragon Lee, Bestia Del Ring, and Kenny King rushed the ring afterwards, beating down both the winning and losing teams. Rush ripped the mask off Bandido while the rest of La Faccion Ingobernable brawled with various members of Violence Unlimited and Horus to end the show. 


Final Thoughts --

I genuinely enjoyed everything that this week’s episode of ROH TV threw at me. Quinn McKay vs. Mandy Leon was a fun way to again showcase the brilliant selling skills of McKay and give her a good mid-way payoff to a story that surely isn’t over yet.

Trish Adora vs. Marti Belle was great. I hope Adora goes far in the tournament. 

The main event tag match between Bandido & Rey Horus and Violence Unlimited was fun as well. Not much in terms of story advancement -- just an overall fun match.

In recent weeks I’ve introduced a scale in order to let you know if the current week of ROH TV is worth your while. The scale is as follows:

  • Must-Watch TV
  • Go Out Of Your Way
  • Recommended Viewing
  • Watch YouTube Clips
  • Avoid At All Costs

This week’s episode of ROH TV is: Recommended Viewing