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ROH TV results: Bandido vs. Alex Zayne World title match


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Quinn McKay started off the show and hyped up the card for this Championship Edition of ROH TV. McKay went through the history between Bandido and Alex Zayne to preview their ROH World Championship match, as well as talking about the Pure Championship match between Josh Woods and LSG.


ROH Pure Champion Josh Woods defeated LSG to retain his title (10:37)

This was a fantastic showcase of both wrestlers' skills and a great way to start off Woods' title reign. 

The match started quickly, with both guys exchanging arm drags and pinning counters before they transitioned to a mat submission style. Woods applied a kimura, but LSG was able to maneuver his way out of it in a fast manner. 

Woods continued to target the arm in a multitude of ways as the match went on. LSG used his first rope break to break an arm-based hold, but Woods went right back on the attack. LSG was eventually able to lock in a Muta Lock, but Woods used his first rope break and escaped. 

The fight spilled to the outside as the two exchanged forearms. Woods got fed up with LSG and just launched him over his head with a belly-to-belly suplex as the match went to break.

The momentum turned in LSG's favor when the bout returned, as he hit a tough clothesline that resulted in a near fall. LSG would follow it up with a few of his signature maneuvers, including a Rocket-By-Baby slam. But none of these were enough to put away Woods. Woods fired back with a Beast Slam and a leg lock that made LSG submit.


As commentary was talking about the Bandido vs. Zayne match, Beer City Bruiser, Ken Dixon, and Brawler Milonas approached. Bruiser took issue and ripped off Ian Riccaboni’s headset before pushing Caprice Coleman. Bruiser challenged Coleman to a match before the group walked off.


ROH World Champion Bandido defeated Alex Zayne to retain his title (10:15)

This was absurd and even crazier than their first encounter back in 2020.

Bandido worked the arm of Zayne early, which prompted a few kip-up spots. Bandido clocked Zayne with a forearm that made him weary, allowing Bandido to hit a standup Code Red for a very close near fall. 

This didn’t slow down Zayne though, as he charged at Bandido once both men got to their feet. Bandido lifted up Zayne with both hands and hit a wild combination of a Falcon Arrow and a gorilla press slam. Bandido hit a standing Shooting Star Press shortly after, but it only warranted a two count. 

After Bandido positioned himself on the top rope, Zayne jumped and took him right off with a headscissors. Bandido recovered quickly and hit a reverse Alabama slam for another near fall. 

As the bout winded down, the competitors began exchanging open-handed chops. Zayne baited Bandido to the second rope, where he hit a reverse side slam that nearly put away the champion. Bandido was able to pull his signature X-Knee strike out of nowhere, then followed it up with the 21-Plex for the three count.


Next Week --

  • The Righteous (Vincent, Bateman & Dutch) vs. The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus)
  • The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) vs. Flip Gordon & PJ Black
  • Caprice Coleman vs. Beer City Bruiser

Final Thoughts --

The second Championship Edition of ROH TV was a great watch. Both matches were great, there weren't any weird swerve booking choices, and everything made sense. Bandido vs. Zayne II lived up to the acclaim of the first one, while Woods vs. LSG exceeded expectations for me personally.

This week's episode of ROH TV is: Go Out Of Your Way to watch.