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ROH TV results: Best Friends vs. Bully Ray & Young, WOH title match


Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana, and Mandy Leon called the action for the first match.

Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai defeated Madison Rayne to retain her title

They exchanged a rolling pin sequence to start it off. Sakai landed seven chops and followed that with some stiff forearms.

After the break, Sakai hit a missile dropkick off the top but missed a moonsault, which allowed Rayne to land a tornado DDT. Sakai kicked out at two and landed a fisherman's suplex, but Rayne kicked out.

Rayne hit a cutter out of nowhere and almost got the win, but it was not enough to keep Sakai down. Rayne then ran into Sakai’s Smash Mouth finisher and Sakai retained with the win.

A video recap of the feud between Josh Woods and Shane Taylor aired.

Shane Taylor defeated Josh Woods

Woods started it off with a running knee. He declared that Taylor had a loaded glove, as Taylor was suspiciously wearing MMA gloves on this evening. Woods used some jiu-jitsu to attack the ankle of Taylor. A huge forearm sent Woods to the floor and the brawl continued outside the ring.

Back inside, Taylor landed a big splash but only got a one count. Woods fought back, landed a strong kick to the head of Taylor, and both went down. Woods landed a spinning back elbow, a running knee, and an exploder suplex that earned him a two count.

After the break, Woods applied an armbar and took off Taylor’s glove to reveal that, in fact, Taylor had loaded his glove. He pleaded with the referee not to throw out the match, but that allowed Taylor to recover and connect with his Greetings from the 216 piledriver for the finish.

SoCal Uncensored cut a promo on The Briscoes saying that Sandy Fork, Delaware was the worst town they’d ever been to.

They replayed the Jay Lethal vs. Jonathan Gresham video package that has been on the last few episodes hyping the upcoming 30-minute Iron Man match for the ROH World Championship that will air next week.

Caprice Coleman joined the announcers for the next match.

Marcus Kross and Charles Zanders went to a no contest in a Top Prospect Tournament first round match

A nice sequence of counters and kicks ensued, but this match didn’t last too long as Jeff Cobb made his way to the ring and destroyed both with monstrous suplexes.

Eli Isom came out and landed about 10 forearms to Cobb that had zero effect. Cobb manhandled Isom with an insane reverse powerslam as well.

Best Friends (Trent Barreta & Chuck Taylor) defeated Bully Ray & Silas Young

Ray talked trash to Cabana before the match. Coleman calmed down Cabana. 

Ray slammed Barreta and went after his recently repaired arm. Barreta fought back and tagged in Taylor, but Ray squished him with a Thesz press. Young tagged in, then the Best Friends landed some friendly offense until Ray used a distraction of the referee to rack Barreta around the ring post.

After the break, Young went back to work on the arm of Barreta. Some cheap double team moves by Ray and Young kept Barreta isolated. Finally, Barreta landed a tornado DDT, flipped off Ray, and made the tag to Taylor. He landed the Falcon Arrow, but Young kicked out. The Best Friends landed a lawndart cutter and then gave each other a hug, but that allowed Ray to blindside them.

Ray screamed at Young to tag him. But as he went for the tag, Ray jumped off the apron and bailed on the match to teach him a lesson. The Best Friends landed the Dudebuster on Young for the win.