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ROH TV results: Best in the World go-home show


Episode #353 of Ring of Honor television was taped in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Dalton Castle and The Boys kicked things off with a promo about the upcoming three-way World title match at the Best in the World pay-per-view this Friday, June 29 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Castle said he’s not afraid to get into the ring with two men (Cody Rhodes and Marty Scurll) because he used to play semi-pro Jai alai in Tampa. He then attempted to use a pretzel as a metaphor but acknowledged that he was not sure what a metaphor was, but said that the title will remain his for a long time.

A highlight reel of Jay Lethal avenging his recent losses aired. Next on that list was Chuckie T.

Jay Lethal defeated Chuckie T

Respectful chain wrestling started it off. Chuckie got the advantage early, taking time to pose during a submission. He went for a moonsault and landed on his feet, then knocked Lethal down with a dropkick.

After the commercial, Lethal connected with his patented triple dive sequence and took control of the match -- that was until Chuckie connected with the Soul Food boot to the jaw. A ton of reversals with each man landing on their feet repeatedly went until Chuckie landed outside and Lethal snapped off a Lethal Injection on the floor. Chuckie barely made it back into the ring before the 20 count expired.

Chuckie was able to stick Lethal with a snap piledriver for a two count. He then went for the Awful Waffle, but Lethal countered and landed the Lethal Injection for the victory.

A video recap played of Bully Ray low blowing and mocking Flip Gordon leading to their matchup at Best in the World.

The Young Bucks & Hangman Page defeated The Briscoes & Punishment Martinez

It took about 30 seconds for this one to break down into a wild brawl. The Bucks briefly took out Martinez with a double dropkick. Page landed a Shooting Star Press off the apron, then the Bucks double teamed the Briscoes and had control until Martinez came back and landed an insane flip dive off the cap of the ring post onto the Bucks and Page.

The Briscoes set up a table on the outside, with Mark Briscoe landing a huge elbow off the top rope onto Matt Jackson through it. The referee had been distracted by Martinez. Finally, Nick Jackson landed a huge dive, wiped out the Briscoes, and tagged Page, who landed his dropkick moonsault combo. Martinez and Page had a standoff until Page spit in his face and sent him outside with a clothesline. Page then hit a gigantic moonsault on all three opponents from the corner to the floor.

The Bucks hit a combo splash moonsault of their own on Martinez. It looked like the end, but the Briscoes broke it up. The Bucks were able to apply double Sharpshooters on the Briscoes, but Martinez grabbed their throats until Page connected with the Buck Shot. Martinez was in trouble after a draping 450 by Nick, but he kicked out at two.

The Briscoes took control and seemingly landed a Doomsday Device, but Matt landed on his feet. Martinez hit his psycho driver and a curb stomp on Matt, but he kicked out at two as well.

Nick bounced a chair off of Mark Briscoe’s dome, which led to a super kick party on Jay Briscoe. It looked like it was all over, but Mark cut off the Meltzer Driver with an insane cutter off the top rope. Jay landed the Jay Driller on Matt, but Page broke up the pin. Page then took Martinez off the apron and powerbombed him through a table. The Briscoes went for the Doomsday Device, but Matt ducked and was able to get the pin with the victory roll.

Cody made the save for the Bullet Club team as the Briscoes tried to attack them after the match.