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ROH TV results: The Briscoes vs. Roppongi 3K


From the Odeum in Chicago, Illinois, this was episode #351 of Ring of Honor television. Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni called the action.

Flip Gordon defeated Jonathan Gresham

The match started with some impressive chain wrestling, and unsurprisingly, flips by each man. Gordon landed on his feet after a leg sweep and gave Gresham a “You can’t see me” hand wave. Gresham then attempted to hook up his version of the Octopus. A dropkick sent Gresham outside and Gordon launched himself onto him on the floor.

After the commercial, a strike exchange ensued for a very long time until Gordon hit an amazing back heel kick over his own shoulder and landed a Falcon Arrow. Gresham kicked out and managed a quick roll-up, but Gordon kicked out and then landed a Star Spangled Stunner for the win.

Bully Ray came to the ring and said his perspective of Gordon has changed because he has learned that Gordon is from Montana. Ray told a story about wanting to buy a ranch for his father in Montana, but his father had a heart attack and died before he bought it. Ray said that he respected Gordon in life because of his Montana roots as well as his time served in the Army.

Ray said that there was no heat anymore and asked for a handshake. He shook Gordon's hand, gave him a salute, and then hit a low blow. Ray laughed and told Gordon that he is nothing but a stupid young boy.

A video package aired setting up the grudge match between Kelly Klein and Deonna Purrazzo.

A recap aired of last week’s main event of Austin Aries vs. Silas Young and Aries’ subsequent loss and meltdown involving his groin attacks of both head referee Todd Sinclair and former friend Kenny King.

Kelly Klein defeated Deonna Purrazzo

Purrazzo came to the ring in street fight gear -- jeans and a T-shirt. She got the early jump on Klein, beat her down, and went to work on the arm.

After the break, Purrazzo remained in control and hit three German suplexes, then locked on an arm submission. It was all Purrazzo until Klein was able to counter and launch her into the ring post. Klein landed a fall-away slam from the second rope. Purrazzo got back to her feet and pushed Klein, who bumped into the referee.

Purrazzo landed a cutter, but no referee was there to count the pin. She hooked up the Fujiwara armbar, but Klein reversed it into a choke and Purrazzo tapped out immediately.

In a promo, Jay Lethal announced that his rubber match against KUSHIDA for Best in the World was now official.

Also in a promo, Dalton Castle said that Cody Rhodes and Marty Scurll should fear him at Best in the World because his internal fire rages like a furnace.

Caprice Coleman joined Cabana and Riccaboni on commentary for the main event.

ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes defeated Roppongi 3K (Sho & Yoh) to retain their titles

The Briscoes got a lot of heat on Yoh until Sho got the hot tag and ran wild. Sho hit three German suplexes on Mark Briscoe with a superkick assist by Yoh. The Briscoes got back in control after a lariat on Sho. The Briscoes hit some impressive double-team maneuvers, including a double football shoulder tackle and a Razor’s Edge into a cutter. They also hit a power plex elbow combo, but Sho kicked out.

Roppongi 3K fired up and made a comeback with double knees and double flip dives. They threw Mark back in the ring and landed their 3K finisher, but he kicked out. It looked like 3K was on the verge of winning until Jay Briscoe threw a chair into the ring for a distraction. Then Mark kicked Yoh below the belt and the Jay Driller finished it.

The result makes it official that The Briscoes will be defending the ROH Tag Team belts against The Young Bucks at Best in the World on June 29th.