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ROH TV results: Brody King vs. Dalton Castle


The Big Takeaway:

The returning Brody King defeated Dalton Castle while Dak Draper beat Brian Johnson in a Pure rules match.

Show Recap:

Quinn McKay congratulated Jonathan Gresham on his win over Tracy Williams in the Pure Championship Tournament finals. There was a post match promo from Gresham degrading both the ROH World title and the champion, Rush. 

Gresham was joined by his new faction “The Foundation” which includes Jay Lethal, Tracy Williams, and an individual in a red octopus mask. He claimed that the Pure Championship now means more than the World championship. 

Dak Draper pinned Brian Johnson in a Pure rules match (10:48)

Johnson immediately used his first and only closed first. He stayed on the attack and sent Draper to the outside, following it up with a suicide dive. Draper made his way back in the ring and used his only closed fist. Draper dumped Johnson out of the ring for a 17 count. Johnson returned to the ring, and Draper began to work on Johnson's left arm leading into a commercial.

During the break, Draper suplexed Johnson off the top rope. Draper had Johnson on the turnbuckle and powe rbombed him off the middle rope. Johnson used his second rope break to break up the pin. Both men exchanged a series of pinning combinations, all resulting in two counts. Johnson dove through the middle rope and tried to pin Draper with his feet on the rope, costing him his own third and final rope break. Draper recovered and hit the Magnum K.O. for the win.

-- Brody King said he has been violent all of his life, but has avoided drugs and alcohol. He has decided to be on his own and stand up as his own man as a singles competitor with his eyes on Rush. 

-- Dalton Castle claimed he’s more dangerous than given credit for. He said that King’s size does scare him, but he has a game plan. Castle said he needs to focus his rage into his wrestling abilities, rather than other things.

Brody King pinned Dalton Castle (13:43)

King immediately backed Castle in the corner and kicked him in the gut. Castle rolled out of the corner and took King down from the lower ankle. Castle dropped multiple knees into King's back. Castle then got backed into the corner and was crushed by a running splash.

King worked over Castle's neck. He dragged Castle to his feet, but Castle hooked his waist. King backed Castle into the corner, but Castle sprung back and hit a match shifting DDT. As King made his way back to his feet, Castle jumped on his back and tried to lock in a sleeper hold. King shook him off, but Castle retaliated and hit a running knee. King came back to his feet and spiked Castle with his signature piledriver that got a two count.

We returned from break and King launched Castle over the barricade. They got back in the ring at 12  and Castle hit a running knee, only picking up a two count. King hit a nasty running clothesline and followed it up with another spike piledriver, this time getting the three count.

Next week:

Shane Taylor vs. Kenny King and Soldiers of Savagery (SOS) vs. The Briscoes. 

Final Thoughts:

While this week’s episode didn’t have the big fight feel that accompanied the Pure Championship tournament, it was still a solid episode. Dak Draper is someone to keep your eye on. It’s also nice to see Brody King venture away from Villian Enterprises and try his own thing. At the same time, I wonder where that leaves Flip Gordon and PCO.