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ROH TV results: Cody vs. Kenny King, Silas Young vs. The Sandman


Taped at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Colt Cabana returned to commentary to join Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman.

A recap aired of the Bully Ray and Flip Gordon confrontation from last week’s episode. This week, each man picked a representative to compete on their behalf. The stipulation was that the winner would get to do whatever they’d like to the other. Ray said that he would end Gordon should his representative, Silas Young, win the match.

Bully Ray came out and called it a “Pick Your Punishment” match. He had a manila envelope in his hand. Flip Gordon came out as Cabana left the announce booth to walk with him to the ring. Cabana announced the representative for Gordon, which turned out to b The Sandman! The hardcore legend made his way to the ring through the crowd while smashing beer cans on his forehead.

Silas Young defeated The Sandman

As soon as the match started, Sandman cracked Young with a kendo stick. It didn’t take long for Sandman to break out a ladder. Young cut off Sandman and went for a table. Sandman fought back, laid the ladder on top of Young, and hit a senton off the top turnbuckle. Young managed to escape the pin, and then hoisted up Sandman. Young nailed Sandman with Misery for the pin and got the win for Bully Ray.

After the match, Ray got into the ring with a microphone. He said the punishment for Gordon would be 10 shots with Sandman’s Singapore cane. He tattooed Gordon in the back of the head with shot number one. An announcer’s voice came on to inform us that due to the graphic nature, not all of the lashes would be shown.

Ray was swinging as hard as he could. After five shots, he gave Gordon the opportunity to say, “I quit” and end the torture. Gordon instead said, “Never.”

SoCal Uncensored came to ringside to plead with Ray to stop. Eventually, the Bullet Club came out as well. Cody got in the ring and encouraged Gordon to stand up. The crowd chanted for “Flip.” Ray struck him again. Rather than say, “I quit,” Gordon took the microphone and screamed, “F*** you,” to Bully.

That only provoked Ray further. Instead of hitting Gordon with the stick for the last time, he dropped to his knees and gave Gordon a low blow and then fled the scene.

Jenny Rose, Madison Rayne & Women of Honor World Champion Sumie Sakai defeated Dr. Brit Baker, Kelly Klein & Karen Q

Baker and Sakai started it off. A nice grappling exchange led to a blind tag by Karen Q on Baker. The match broke down into a scrum briefly. This led to a commercial break.

After the break, Sakai landed a spinning headscissors and tagged in Rayne -- who unleashed some big strikes on Klein. Rayne landed a stunner and tagged in Rose. She immediately hit a spear on Klein, and then hooked on an abdominal stretch. Klein powered out and refused to tag in Baker.

Rose hit a Northern Lights suplex and was able to get the three count on Klein for her team. Klein’s team was not happy with her decision to not tag out.

Cody defeated Kenny King by DQ

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal came to the announce desk to help call the main event.

King got the early advantage and did some posing for the crowd. However, King’s arrogance cost him as Cody landed a long delayed vertical suplex. To fool the referee, King hit the ropes and feigned as though Brandi Rhodes grabbed his leg from the outside. King snapped off a cartwheel kick, and then again faked as if being struck by Brandi by clapping his hands and then selling. The referee didn’t believe it and she was allowed to stay.

King maintained control until a double clothesline put both men down. Cody hit a powerslam and uncorked some big offense that dropped King for a two count. Cody went for Cross Rhodes, but King countered into a roll-up. King used the ropes for extra leverage, but the referee saw it and did not count the three. King laid out Cody with a spinebuster, only receiving a two count.

King then threw an elbow pad at Brandi, which drew her into the ring. This distraction led to King grabbing one of Cody’s title belts. He tossed it to Cody and then faked as if a belt shot from Cody hit him. The referee was almost convinced, but the senior official came down and straightened out the situation. Frustrated, King shoved the referee and nailed Cody with a low blow for the disqualification.

King got into the face of Brandi, which caused Lethal to run down from the announce table and separate the two. Lethal turned his back, creating the opportunity for King to blast Lethal in the back of the head with the ROH World Championship belt. King stood tall to end the show.