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ROH TV results: Daniels & Castle team against Cole & Cody


Synopsis --

The Bullet Club showed their devious side when Adam Cole swerved the audience by teasing dissension in the main event where he teamed with Cody (Rhodes) for a tag team match against Dalton Castle and ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels.

Elsewhere on the show, The Young Bucks defended their ROH World Tag Team titles against the challenge of a cheerleading team. Also, Punishment Martinez looked to tap a keg.

Where to Watch --

The episode is currently available via the official ROH website to watch for free until a new episode is uploaded next Thursday. A new episode begins airing this weekend in syndication so check local listings for availability in your area.

That new episode streams on the FITE TV app starting Monday evening before it airs on Wednesday at midnight ET on Comet TV, including that channel’s free online live stream.

Show Recap --

The episode opened with an entrance by The Young Bucks for a tag match set up after an angle on a previous show. The Squad came through the crowd and hopped a guardrail for a sneak attack on Nick and Matt Jackson.

ROH World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks defeated The Squad to retain their titles

The Squad (formerly the Spirit Squad in WWE) was Mike Mondo and Ken Doane. They were getting the better of the Jacksons after the sneak attack, but The Young Bucks soon fired up to cut them off. Moments later, The Squad turned the tide and got heat on Matt Jackson.

That led to a hot tag where Nick Jackson ran wild. The Bucks eventually executed the Meltzer Driver and Matt pinned Mondo for the pinfall. In winning, The Young Bucks retained their tag team titles.

Flanked by The Kingdom, Matt Taven cut a promo hyping him challenging for the World title match against Christopher Daniels. Taven called Daniels a “dinosaur” while also saying other unkind things as he waved his walking stick. The Kingdom cohorts nodded their approval.

In another promo, Mark & Jay Briscoe hyped a tag match with their tag partner, Bully Ray, defending the six-man titles against The Rebellion. That match is the main event on the next episode.

Damian “Punishment” Martinez defeated Beer City Bruiser

Silas Young joined the announce booth to provide guest commentary. This was a mean guy match and heel against heel. They went back-and-forth throughout much of the match like the proverbial unstoppable force meeting the immovable object.

Bruiser is a big proponent of the cannonball. He must be fun at pool parties. Well, he also brought a keg of beer to the ring with him so he is probably quite fun at parties.

Anyway, back to the cannonballs. Bruiser did one off the apron before doing some others in the ring. On commentary, Colt Cabana pondered Bruiser’s weight when converted from pounds to chili dogs. I was unaware chili dogs were a unit of measure, but you learn something new every day.

Bruiser would eventually walk into a superkick and a goozle, then Martinez delivered a chokeslam for the pinfall.

ROH World TV Champion Marty Scurll cut a brief promo on Matt Sydal. Scurll basically said he would remain champ even after their match at War of the Worlds.

In another promo, Adam Cole again tried to reiterate that the Bullet Club is stronger than ever despite recent dissension with himself and the Elite trifecta of The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega.

Jay Lethal provided guest commentary for the main event tag match. This led to an angle afterwards as Lethal has an ongoing feud with Cody.

Adam Cole & Cody defeated Christopher Daniels & Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys)

Beforehand​, Cody demanded that The Boys leave ringside but they stayed anyhow.

Cody squared off with Castle at the start, with Castle getting the better of the exchanges. Daniels then also began to dominate exchanges with Cody until he was cut off. Cole tagged in as the Bullet Club appeared to get heat on Daniels. It wasn't for long, as the babyfaces quickly regrouped.

Cody hit Castle with a low blow to set up the heat spot. Bullet Club began working over Castle as The Boys tried to rally support from the crowd. Cody went for a disaster kick only to inadvertently hit Cole. Dissension then emerged as an angry Cole stormed off to leave Cody hanging. Or did he?

Daniels unleashed a volley of offense on Cody as he looked to set up his Angel's Wings finisher. With Cody hooked, Daniels went to hoist him up when Cole suddenly rushed into the ring to superkick Daniels.

Cole executed the Last Shot and Cody delivered Cross Rhodes. Cody then covered Daniels for the pinfall. So, Cody scored a pin on the World Champion ahead of him challenging for the title.

Following the match, Cody and Cole stood over a beaten Daniels to taunt him. The Young Bucks joined them in the ring as they all posed.

After the Bullet Club left the scene, Jay Lethal got in the ring to confront Daniels. An aggressive Lethal was upset the PPV match was a triple threat match. He wanted a singles match. He and Daniels began arguing when Cody returned to the ring to jump them.

They began brawling and Lethal wiped out the other two with a Lethal Injection. Lethal posed with the World title belt as the show closed.