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ROH TV results: Dragon Lee vs. Eli Isom


Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Ian Riccaboni welcomed us to the ROH studio and immediately gave a shout out to Quinn McKay and her dedication to the Women’s Championship tournament. Although McKay has been officially eliminated, Riccaboni gave her a warm message about this just being the beginning.

Riccaboni also ran down the card for tonight’s episode. Dragon Lee will defend his ROH World Television Championship against Eli Isom, while two more quarterfinal matchups will take place in the Women’s Championship tournament. 

Angelina Love defeated Max The Impaler (with Amy Rose) via disqualification (5:53)

Love tried to punch Max in the back, but it had no effect on them. Love had a terrified look on her face and slid out of the ring, where she started talking trash to Amy Rose outside of the ring. 

Max followed Love to the outside and began beating her down. Max was toying with Love at this point with a slow, methodical pace before she rolled her back in the ring. 

Love tried to escape out of Max’s grasp to the apron, but Max caught her in a chokehold on the ropes and wouldn’t let go. Max repeatedly was warned by referee Joe Mandak to let go of the hold, but they refused. As a result, Mandak disqualified Max. 


Trish Adora defeated Allysin Kay (13:50)

Kay applied a standing headlock to Adora and eventually took it down to the mat, which resulted in Adora reversing it into a head scissor lock. 

Both women hit a stalemate eventually and rose to their feet. Kay focused on Adora’s arm to try and prevent a lariat and had her reeling heading into a commercial break. 

Kay was in full control when the match returned. Kay nailed Adora with constant kicks to the chest and was taunting her afterwards. At this point in the match, Kay would start talking trash and shoving Adora’s face into the mat. 

Adora eventually developed a second gear and began unloading a number of strikes onto Kay. Kay would try to lock in an octopus stretch, to which Adora rolled out of, bounced off the ropes and hit a Lariat Tubman for the win. 


Dragon Lee defeated Eli Isom to retain his ROH Television Championship (12:25)

Dalton Castle joined commentary for this bout. 

Lee offered Isom a handshake, to which Isom accepted but also gave Lee a kick to the gut. Lee immediately made Isom pay for it by dumping him to the outside and diving onto him on the floor. 

Lee stuck his foot on Isom’s skull and applied a single leg crab whenever he got back in the ring. Isom was only motivated more by this, and got up in a fury of rage. 

Isom and Lee traded strikes before trading back-to-back-to-back german suplexes. Lee followed it up by spiking Isom with a poison rana, but Isom popped right up and hit a lariat which resulted in a very good near fall. 

The final minutes of this match were insane, with both guys just trading move after move. Lee nailed Isom with multiple knee strikes to where he was practically knocked out, to which Lee followed up with a falcon’s arrow for a great near fall. Lee would eventually put away Isom with his signature incinerator knee strike, allowing him to score the pinfall victory. 


Final Thoughts: This edition of ROH TV started off with what I think was one of the most questionable booking choices that the company has made since their return from their pandemic hiatus. Max The Imapler was made to look really dumb with that finish and for what we've seen from them so far, they obviously aren't dumb and they know how to win matches and get the job done. Max was undefeated in the company up to this point and I think this was a terrible way to beat her. 

Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed both Adora/Kay and Lee/Isom. 

In recent weeks I’ve introduced a scale in order to let you know if the current week of TV is worth your while. The scale is as followed:

  • Must Watch TV
  • Go Out Of Your Way
  • Recommend Viewing
  • Watch YouTube Clips
  • Avoid At All Costs

This week’s episode of ROH TV is: Go Out Of Your Way