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ROH TV results: EC3 vs. Eli Isom


Quinn McKay joined the show from the ROH studio and quickly ran down the card for tonight’s show, which includes two regular singles bouts — with one bout pitting Chelsea Green against Miranda Alize, and the other seeing EC3 take on Eli Isom. The opening contest, however, is a falls count anywhere match between Sledge and PCO. 

Sledge defeated PCO in a Falls Count Anywhere match (14:59)

This was a fun, grueling way for PCO to end his ROH run.

Holidead joined commentary for this match. 

Sledge jumped PCO from behind as the bell rang. PCO fell in the corner, which prompted Sledge to place a trash can on his head and perform a running kick to the head. The bout then spilled to the outside with the two giants slugging each other back and forth. Sledge slanted a ladder off the ring apron and back body dropped PCO onto it shortly before the first commercial break.

When the break returned, PCO positioned himself on the top rope and hit a frog splash for a two count. PCO, seemingly frustrated, returned to the top rope and attempted a PCO-sault, but was met with a pair of knees from Sledge. 

Both guys rolled to the outside afterwards, with PCO taking control. PCO set up a table and clocked Sledge with a right forearm, which caused the “Metalhead Maniac” to fall right on the table. PCO took advantage of the situation and climbed to the top rope and performed an insane top rope senton onto Sledge. 

After a short recovery period, both guys kept slugging it out around the barricaded areas. Sledge clocked PCO with a few chair shots before adjusting PCO into a sitting position on the barricade. Sledge then set up a chair, backed up, and ran full speed at his opponent — resulting in a float-over clothesline over the barricade. 

The ending of the match came quickly when the two ended up on the stage. After a few moves here and there, Sledge hit an elevated DDT on PCO off the stage onto two tables and a barricade. Sledge then made the cover and scored the three count. 

Miranda Alize defeated Chelsea Green (9:54)

Fun match, but Green came out of the match not looking good. The finish was rather baffling.

The Allure (Angelina Love & Mandy Leon) joined the commentary booth for this bout.

The match started out with some rhythmic sequence between both women, with neither woman getting the upper hand. Alize went to the outside and made Green chase her around the ring for a good sixty seconds, before baiting her back to the ring apron in order to hit a dropkick. 

After a commercial break, Chelsea Green nailed Alize with a middle dropkick in the center of the ring. Green attempted a pin shortly after, but Alize kicked out at two. Green was firmly in the driver's seat of the match, but the Allure ran down to ringside and distracted her as she had a single leg crab cinched in. 

Green was easily distracted, which allowed Alize to attack her from behind. Alize called her shot and hit the drive-by knee strike shortly after — which scored her the win. 

EC3 defeated Eli Isom (16:15)

A great main event showing here for both guys, especially Isom -- who is one of my favorite babyfaces in wrestling.

Isom took EC3 to the mat immediately and locked in a head scissors, but was met with hard resistance, which broke the hold quickly. Both guys had their fair share of offense in the beginning stages, trading various types of submissions and working down certain body parts. The match turned to EC3 favor when Isom attempted a springboard clothesline, but was sent crashing to the mat after EC3 clipped the ropes.

EC3 continued his dominance on the outside after nailing Isom with a suplex on the arena floor. EC3 took way too much time in between moves as the two transitioned back in the ring, as Isom caught a second wind and began delivering a flurry of strikes. Isom delivered a sidewinder suplex shortly after, followed by a northern lights suplex. 

Isom went to the top rope with all of the momentum in the world, allowing him to deliver a stunning crossbody to EC3 for another close near fall. Isom seemed like he was going to score a victory here, but EC3 snatched the control right back from Isom and delivered a double underhook facebuster out of nowhere. Shortly after, Isom submitted to EC3’s “The Promise” cross face submission.

Final Thoughts: From ROH's standpoint, I'm not sure what the point of doing TV is at this point -- but the wrestling was still very good.