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ROH TV results: Eight-man tag main event


Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Big Takeaway --

Tracy Williams put down the newly reinvented World Famous CB in a Pure Rules match. In the main event, La Faccion Ingobernable fought to a brutal no contest with Brody King, PCO & The Briscoes.


Quinn McKay welcomed us to the show, per usual. She revealed the stacked main event, pitting La Faccion Ingobernable & Flip Gordon against Brody King, PCO & The Briscoes. McKay also announced the opening match on the card: Tracy Williams vs. The World Famous CB (formerly known as Cheeseburger). It seems as though Cheeseburger has been repackaged which is a good move on ROH’s part. 

McKay then shifted the focus to last week’s broadcast. We got a recap of the Vincent/Beer City Bruiser incident where Bruiser seemingly turned heel after smashing a bottle over Matt Taven’s head. 

Some post-match comments aired from Beer City Bruiser as well. Bruiser essentially said he was tired of being second and being everybody’s bitch. Brian Milonas approached him and questioned his actions, but Bruiser walked away. 


Tracy Williams had a pre-match promo. He said that The Foundation’s goal is to take underutilized professional wrestlers and show them the light of being a Pure wrestler. Williams pointed to stablemate Rhett Titus as an example of this. Williams also noted that he realizes the talent of “World Famous CB” and he won’t be taking him lightly.

The World Famous CB also had some pre-match comments. CB said that the Cheeseburger gimmick is in the past -- and that it was the best and worst thing to ever happen to him. He also said that joining the Pure division will help him break through the glass ceiling that the Cheeseburger gimmick set for him. 


Tracy Williams defeated The World Famous CB in a Pure Rules match (13:04)

CB and Williams tangled up early with Williams getting the advantage, locking in multiple headlocks. As commentary noted, Williams had a great reach advantage over CB and it showed.

After a commercial break, CB began to regain some control in the match as he worked on the arm of Williams. CB jumped on Williams' back and instead of using a sleeper hold, he cinched both arms behind Williams’ back. Williams bit down on the rope, causing him to use his first rope break. 

Williams regained his position quickly after, hitting a series of suplexes and then attempting his crossface. CB got his foot on the rope before Williams could lock it in, costing CB his first rope break. CB tried to submit Williams with an armbar, but he used his second rope break. The match sped up after that, with CB getting in some signature offense including a standing superkick. Williams ended up regaining his composure and spiking CB with a piledriver for the win


La Faccion Ingobernable (ROH World Champion Rush, ROH Television Champion Dragon Lee & La Bestia Del Ring) & Flip Gordon vs. Brody King, PCO & The Briscoes ended in a no contest (14:23)

Amy Rose joined the commentary team for this match.

An interesting note before the match: Mark and Jay Briscoe came out separately.

Mark Briscoe and Gordon began the match. Gordon had the advantage early on, but Mark turned it around and powerslammed Gordon. LFI jumped off the apron while Gordon was getting beat down and began admiring each other’s hair. Jay Briscoe tagged in and stomped on Gordon in the corner. He threw Gordon out of the ring, but LFI tossed him right back in and laughed. 

King tagged in and chucked Gordon out of the ring, but LFI again tossed him right back in and taunted. Jay Briscoe tagged back in and ran into a flying Gordon. Gordon tried to extend his arm for a tag, but all three members of LFI jumped off the apron instead. Mark Briscoe came in and hit the Redneck Boogie on Gordon and tried to pin him, but LFI came in and all hell broke loose. 

Rush took a chair and drove it into King’s knee and followed that up with taking an extension cord and whipping it into King’s knee as well. LFI positioned King on the apron and draped him while Lee stomped on him and sent him to the floor. Lee and PCO were the legal men after the chaos. But when PCO went to dive on LFI on the outside, they shoved Gordon in harm's way. 

In the final moments of the match, King and Lee had an exchange in the ring that saw Lee get the best of King with help from LFI. Mark Briscoe set up a chair in the ring and dove onto a pile of practically everybody in the match. King positioned Rush on a table and instructed PCO to go to the top rope, which he did. PCO then crashed into the table by himself after Rush moved out of the way. Finally, referee Todd Sinclair called the match a no contest as all hell continued to break loose. 

After security and multiple ROH officials rushed the ring to put a stop to the chaos, the cameras cut backstage to The Foundation. Jonathan Gresham and company shook their heads as the broadcast went off the air. 


Final Thoughts --

Another Monday and another great showing for ROH. Seeing Cheeseburger repackaged was something i didn't expect, but it was for the better. CB put up a great fight against Tracy Williams and i hope he is a future player in the Pure division.

I'm also glad we saw the return of ROH World Champion Rush and his faction. They're absolutely phenomenal heels and do a lot for the ROH product. They just need to be on TV more. The dynamic of the match with them letting Flip Gordon getting beat up by himself early was brilliant. The match was an absolute war and one of my favorites so far this year. The no contest finish was the right move, as well. All in all, this was my favorite ROH TV episode of 2021 so far.