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ROH TV results: EVIL & SANADA vs. Nagata & Kojima


Ian Riccaboni and NWA National Champion Colt Cabana called the action from the Odeum in Villa Park, Illinois

- Allure (Mandy Leon, Velvet Sky & Angelina Love) came to the ring to speak. Velvet Sky said Allure were the most credible women to enter Ring of Honor. Angelina Love said the fans needed to get familiar with Allure. Mandy Leon called the fans Twitter trolls, and she called Kelly Klein an embarrassment.

This brought out Jenny Rose with Klein. They slid in the ring and went after Allure. A brawl with all five women ensued until security got in the ring to break it up. Love used hairspray in the eyes of Rose. Allure then bailed and Klein got on the microphone. She said that she and Rose would take them on anytime, anywhere.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brawler Milonas) defeated The Kingdom (Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan), Coast 2 Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali), and Alex Coughlin & Clark Connors in a four corner survival match

Milonas and LSG started it off. Milonas bounced LSG off his shoulder and LSG tagged Marseglia. Milonas crushed him with a crossbody and tagged in the Bruiser. Marseglia tagged in O’Ryan, then Coughlin tagged himself in and then quickly tagged in Connors. Chaos ensued as the show went to break.

After the break, The Kingdom were working over Connors. Marseglia hit a suplex and tagged in O’Ryan, but Ali blind tagged himself in off of O’Ryan. Ali tagged his partner LSG in, and they hit a double-team hip toss slam on Connors.

Eventually, Connors fought to the corner and tagged in his partner Coughlin. He beat up Coast 2 Coast until Bruiser tagged himself in to continue the pummeling. O’Ryan tagged himself in off of LSG and came off the top rope, but Milonas caught him and hit a side slam. He landed another spinning side slam on Marseglia.

Coast-to-Coast double-teamed Bruiser, who was tagged out by Connors. The NJPW Young Lions (Coughlin and Connors) came in and took out Coast 2 Coast. This brought in The Kingdom, who used the House of 1000 Horses double team slam on Connors. Ali tagged himself in and went for the cover, but Bruiser broke up the pin at two.

Milonas tagged in -- as did Coughlin. Milonas smooshed him in the corner and then nailed the Closing Time leg drop to get the win.

- Backstage, Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams said they were fed up with Bully Ray. PJ Black walked up and said that if they needed some assistance, he was there to help.

- A recap of Colt Cabana’s NWA National Championship victory over Willie Mack aired, including Cowboy James Storm coming out and challenging Cabana. That match will air next week.

- Another recap of Silas Young’s wrestling clinic from last week aired.

- Also from last week, they recapped Kenny King defeating Jay Lethal in the first match of their best-of-three series.

- They showed the first of a two-part video package highlighting Jeff Cobb’s amateur wrestling background, including his representation of Guam at the 2004 Olympics. Cobb will challenge ROH World Champion Matt Taven at the Best in the World pay-per-view on June 28.

Josh Woods defeated Maverick Boone

Woods shoved Boone to the mat and followed it up with a gutwrench powerbomb. Woods got the pin on Boone after a Seismic Toss.

Los Ingobernables de Japon (SANADA & EVIL) defeated Satoshi Kojima & Yuji Nagata

Nagata and SANADA started it off. Kojima kicked SANADA in the back, which allowed Nagata to start kicking as well. He tagged Kojima in as SANADA kipped up. It didn’t take long for this one to break down into a crazy brawl. In the ring, SANADA applied the Paradise Lock on Kojima and gave him a dropkick to the rear as the show went to commercial.

After the break, Kojima nailed SANADA with a DDT. He tagged in Nagata, who went back to the kicks, a big boot, and an exploder suplex. A forearm exchange ensued. Nagata got the better of it until SANADA caught his leg and went for the Paradise Lock -- but Nagata fought free.

Nagata applied a Nagata Lock armbar on SANADA. Kojima prevented EVIL from breaking it up. SANADA fought free and landed a dropkick and tagged in EVIL.

EVIL chopped Nagata hard, but Nagata hit a low dropkick and tagged in Kojima. Kojima chopped EVIL a million times. SANADA came in and took a million chops as well. SANADA hit the mat and Kojima went up top and connected with an elbow, but SANADA kicked out at two.

EVIL tagged in and LIJ beat down Kojima. They went for the Magic Killer on him, but Nagata cut them off and Kojima hit a Koji Cutter on EVIL. SANADA broke the pin up at two. Kojima hit a brainbuster on EVIL, but he kicked out at two. Kojima went for the clothesline, but EVIL ducked.

SANADA came in and hit a dropkick, and that allowed LIJ to hit the Magic Killer on Kojima to pick up the win.

- Dalton Castle entered and got in the ring. He challenged Rush's brother Dragon Lee to a match at Best in the World. Just then, The Boys came out and looked to attack Castle, but they got caught on the outside of the ring and took a beating from their former master.

Castle put both Boys on a table and then kicked it over as the show went off the air.