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ROH TV results: The Foundation six-man tag match


Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Big Takeaway --

In the opening match, LSG defeated Tony Deppen. The Foundation then took on each other in a great six-man tag team main event. 


This week's broadcast began with a Jay Lethal-led promo from The Foundation. Lethal said that tonight’s main event is about honor and showing the rest of the roster that there are rules in professional wrestling. 

Lethal then decided to shake things up, announcing that he, Wheeler Yuta & Rhett Titus will take on the team of Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi tonight. Lethal also said that it doesn’t matter who is on which side, but rather the unity that The Foundation holds. It seems that Yehi and Yuta are now associated with The Foundation.


Quinn McKay checked in from the studio following The Foundation’s promo. McKay noted that this week's six-man main event pitting two sides of The Foundation against each other is a response to the chaos in last week's eight-man tag match between La Faccion Ingobernable & Flip Gordon and Brody King, PCO & The Briscoes.

McKay also revealed that tonight’s episode will mark the first time we’ve seen Tony Deppen back in Ring of Honor since Final Battle.


Speaking of Deppen, he had a promo next. Deppen claimed that a lot of fans and even some on the roster doubted his ability to win at Final Battle, but he proved everyone wrong. Deppen went on to say that this is his opportunity to earn a place on the ROH roster.

LSG also had a pre-match promo. He said that despite wrestling for 15 years, 2020 was his first time wrestling on Final Battle. LSG said while he respects Deppen’s time on the independent scene, he doesn’t think Deppen can hang with the big leagues.

LSG defeated Tony Deppen (11:57)

Deppen and LSG exchanged roll-through pin attempts to begin the match before rolling to the outside and exchanging stiff strikes. LSG rolled Deppen back in and attempted an O'Connor Roll, but Deppen launched him into the ropes instead. LSG became significantly more aggressive after this and ended up yanking Deppen’s feat from underneath him on the apron, causing him to fall face-first into the apron. LSG then threw Deppen into the barricade and rolled back in the ring.

Deppen finally made it back in the ring and got some momentum on his side, releasing some open hand palm strikes on LSG’s skull. Deppen then charged LSG in the corner with the double knees, but it only warranted a two count.

LSG and Deppen engaged in a war of chops, with LSG getting the upper hand and hitting his finisher Rocka-Bye-Baby, but it still didn’t put Deppen away. LSG continued the dominance of his opponent, following up two pump kicks with his signature spinning Torture Rack slam for the win. 


McKay sat down with both Briscoe brothers. Mark and Jay exchanged a metaphorical message about how Jay jumped off a metaphorical boat, a boat that Mark named the “S.S. World Tag Team Championships," Mark claimed that he jumped off to swim after EC3, but Jay denied it. The metaphor ended with Jay and Mark seemingly making up. 


Jay Lethal, Wheeler Yuta & Rhett Titus defeated Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi (17:47)

Lethal and Williams began the match. After Williams trapped Lethal on the mat fast with a crab lock, Lethal tagged out quickly to Titus. Titus got an edge on Williams quickly, cinching in a headscissors lock. This startled Williams and caused him to tag in Yehi. Yehi slammed Titus a few times and caused him to tag out to Yuta. 

Yuta and Yehi exchanged a few holds and strikes before Yehi tagged in Gresham. Yuta and Gresham did the same, exchanging some holds and wristlocks before Yuta tagged out to Lethal. Lethal and Gresham picked up the pace significantly here and exchanged multiple strikes and holds. Lethal ended up getting the better of Gresham and began countering anything he threw at him. 

While still in control, Lethal tagged out to Titus and Titus tried to take advantage of a down Gresham. Titus tagged Lethal back in for a double-team move, but Gresham wheelbarrowed out of a suplex attempt by Lethal and sprung up and hit a cutter on Titus. Lethal tagged out to Yuta while Gresham tagged out to Yehi. Yehi went to work fast, hitting a stutter brainbuster on Yuta. Williams and Yehi then hit a nice double-team maneuver where Williams threw Yuta into Yehi’s clothesline. 

After a few more tags, Gresham and Titus became the legal men. They both exchanged very stiff forearms before Gresham got the advantage by sweeping the legs out from Titus and tagging in Yehi. Yehi came in and bulldozed Titus, but he recovered quickly and tagged out to Yuta. Yuta sprung off the top rope and nailed Yehi with a flying DDT.

Yuta tagged out to Lethal and he went for a Lethal Injection on Yehi, but Gresham pushed Yehi out of the way and took it himself. Titus came in and nailed Yehi with a standing dropkick to get the win.


Final Thoughts --

This week's episode of ROH TV was a tale of two halves. The opening contest featuring Tony Deppen against LSG just didn't do it for me. LSG seemed off at times and like he couldn't keep up with Deppen. And after going toe-to-toe with Dragon Lee, i felt like Deppen deserved the win here. Watching LSG as a part of the Coast2Coast tag team for the past couple of years, he really has never wowed me as a wrestler.

The main event contest pitting two halves of The Foundation against each other was brilliant. There was some obvious tension at times between the two sides which is always nice to see. This was also Fred Yehi's showcase match to shine, he absolutely killed it and should be an official member of The Foundation. My only complaint about the main event was that Gresham got dominated a bit too much, but I'm sure he was just letting other guys shine.


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