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ROH TV results: The Foundation vs. The Righteous


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Quinn McKay joined us from the ROH studio and welcomed the fans to the show. McKay ran down tonight's three-match card that features a six-man tag between The Righteous and The Foundation, a singles bout between Caprice Coleman and Beer City Bruiser, and a tag match pitting PJ Black & Flip Gordon against The OGK. 

Caprice Coleman defeated Ken Dixon (w/ Brawler Milonas and Beer City Bruiser) by DQ 

Although Caprice Coleman’s opponent was supposed to be Beer City Bruiser, he pulled out of the match at the last second and gave the opportunity to Dixon. Bruiser stated that if Coleman beat Dixon, he could have a shot at him. 

Coleman and Dixon went right to a collar-and-elbow tie-up that nobody got the advantage from. Coleman was in control of the bout until Brawler Milonas distracted the ref, allowing Bruiser to interfere. Dixon hit a fallaway slam that took us into a commercial break. 

When the show returned, Coleman started to fire up and took Dixon down with a few running clotheslines. Bruiser got involved again and slowed down the momentum of Coleman for a moment, but a second wind was found by Coleman as he hit a Cobra Clutch leg sweep takedown. When Coleman went for the pin, Bruiser interfered again and punched him in the mouth, bringing the match to an end by disqualification.

The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) defeated PJ Black & Flip Gordon 

There was a pre-match segment where Flip Gordon’s memory loss issues with PJ Black continued. 

Gordon and Matt Taven started the match. Taven tried to talk some sense into Gordon, but Gordon continued to act nonsensical and wrestled his old style. Tags between both teams were frequent, with Black and Mike Bennett being the legal men before the break. 

Gordon and Bennett were legal when the match returned. Bennett and Taven attempted their spike piledriver combination, but Black knocked Taven off the top rope just in time. Black and Bennett started going back at it, with Bennett delivering a boot to The Darewolf. Bennett then hit a brainbuster and went for a pin, but it wasn’t successful. 

The closing sequence of the match saw all four men get involved at the same time. Black hit a Canadian Destroyer on Taven, who was positioned on Gordon’s shoulders. Bennett broke up that pin and as they stood up, Gordon accidentally superkicked Black. This led to Bennett and Taven hitting their spike piledriver for the win. 

The Righteous (Vincent, Bateman & Dutch) (w/ Vita VonStarr) defeated The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus) (w/ Jay Lethal) 

Vincent grabbed a microphone as the bell rang and played a video of Jay Lethal saying that he didn’t like The Foundation. This started an argument between Lethal and his stablemates, leading to The Righteous jumping them from behind. 

This led to Bateman taking control of Jonathan Gresham, both of whom were the legal men. Bateman beat down Gresham with a flurry of strikes and had frequent tag outs with Vincent and Dutch. Once Gresham rolled to the outside, Dutch sent him crashing into a barricade. The Foundation had full control of the match into a break. 

Gresham fought back valiantly and eventually was able to make the tag to Rhett Titus. Titus hit a hydraulic dropkick on both Vincent and Dutch on the apron before suplexing Bateman. Tracy Williams came in and helped Titus with a few double-team moves in an attempt to put Bateman away, but nothing earned the three count. 

Dutch eventually got a chance to go toe-to-toe with Titus. After a jackhammer and a clothesline, Dutch hit a swinging side slam and picked up the three count over Titus.


Next Week --

  • ROH Television Champion Dragon Lee defends against Dalton Castle
  • Trish Adora vs. Allysin Kay vs. Mandy Leon (winner advances to face Willow Nightingale in an ROH Women's Championship number one contender's match next month)
  • Pure Rules match: Brian Johnson vs. John Walters


Final Thoughts --

This week's episode of ROH TV featured three good matches, but it had some puzzling results. I don't really see the benefit of extending the Caprice Coleman/Beer City Bruiser feud out because quite frankly, it should have been a one-and-done type deal. I'm also not sure why The Righteous defeated The Foundation because, in my opinion, The Foundation lose way too many matches.

This week's ROH TV gets a grade of: Recommended Viewing.