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ROH TV results: The Foundation vs. Shane Taylor Promotions


Location: Baltimore, Maryland 

The Big Takeaway --

Josh Woods defeated Dalton Castle in a lengthy Pure Rules match. Shane Taylor Promotions defeated The Foundation in a great six-man main event.


Quinn McKay welcomed us to the broadcast from the ROH studio. She revealed that Shane Taylor Promotions will take on The Foundation in a huge six-man clash tonight. She also mentioned how Bandido and Flamita not being able to attend the recent tapings due to pre-travel COVID-19 testing meant that Shane Taylor Promotions were supposed to be awarded the ROH Six-Man Tag Team titles by forfeit, but Taylor denied the handout and told McKay that whenever they win them, it’ll be the right way. 

McKay switched gears and showed us the ending of the ROH Television Championship contest from last week with Dragon Lee retaining against Rey Horus. Dragon Lee had backstage comments after the match, but Brody King interrupted him. King told Lee to keep his family out of King's business or it’ll result in trouble for them. 


Josh Woods had some comments before his match against Dalton Castle. Woods reflected on his shortcomings recently, including losing at Final Battle. Woods said there is no time for jokes or games anymore and he’s simply focused on holding gold in 2021. Woods has come a long way with his promo skill.

Castle also had some pre-match comments and reflected on his own recent shortcomings. Castle said he’s really looking forward to facing Woods and called him a beast. Castle came off frantic here and like he desperately needed a win.

A quick note: the production of ROH has improved tremendously since coming back from their COVID break. It’s almost on an Impact level at this point. 


Josh Woods submitted Dalton Castle in a Pure Rules match (14:23)

The Code of Honor was adhered to.

Both competitors locked up early. Woods hit a series of arm drags before locking in an armbar on Castle. Castle escaped fairly quickly but was launched into the ropes by Woods. Woods continued to dominate by trapping Castle in the corner and driving his shoulder into the mid-section of the “Peacock.”

Woods continued to work on that part of Castle’s body, trapping him in the ropes and nailing multiple kicks. Woods decided to go another route and began working on the wrist of Castle, but Castle used his first rope break. Woods charged at Castle, but he ducked and sent Woods crashing to the outside. A commercial break ensued. 

As Woods was crawling up the apron back from the break, Castle kept him out with a knee to the face. Woods eventually slid back in the ring and launched Castle over the top rope and he crashed to the outside. Woods followed him out, but Castle sprung up and speared Woods into the barricade. Castle continued his relentless assault on the outside, suplexing Woods into the barricade. 

Both men made it back in the ring and Woods floated Castle over his head with a German suplex. Castle fired right back with his own German suplex. With the momentum Castle attempted a Bang-A-Rang, but Woods countered it with his cloverleaf submission. Castle tapped out almost immediately. 

After the match, Woods joined McKay backstage and revealed his disappointment in the match despite getting the win. Woods said he was upset with how the match got out of hand and turned into a brawl rather than a Pure Rules match.


Next, all eyes were on The Foundation as they cut a pre-match promo. Tracy Williams applauded Shane Taylor Promotions for refusing to take the championship handout and called it an honorable gesture. Williams said they’ll be waiting for STP to step up to the plate.

Shane Taylor had some words of retaliation before the match. Taylor said that if Jay Lethal and Rhett Titus really wanted to bring honor to the company -- they’ve had over a decade to do it and have failed.


Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses & Kaun) defeated The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham & Tracy Williams) (12:07)

Lethal and Kaun began the match. Kaun tossed Lethal right to the side as he attempted a single-leg takedown. Lethal tried to lock up with Kaun but got powered into the turnbuckle. Lethal tagged out to Williams. Taylor also tagged in. Williams tried a sleeper hold on Taylor, but Taylor escaped rather quickly. Taylor followed it up with a nasty forearm that sent Williams folding into the mat.

Taylor tagged out to Moses and Williams tagged out to Gresham. They had a phenomenal back-and-forth exchange of reversals before Moses bulldozed Gresham to the mat with a shoulder block. The Foundation regrouped at ringside and discussed whether they should stick to their pure style or begin to fight. Lethal told the group to stick to the plan.

Lethal tagged out to Williams, but Moses sent him out of the ring rather quickly. Gresham went to the top rope and tried to hit a crossbody on Moses, but he stuck out his chest and Gresham smacked right off of him. 

Lethal tagged back in, caught Moses in an armbar, and Williams came in and punted the arm of Moses. Kaun and Lethal got the hot tags and Kaun steamrolled Lethal with multiple clotheslines. Lethal got a sneak tag to Gresham, who came behind Kaun and suplexed him. Taylor eventually tagged himself in, launched his knee into Gresham’s skull, and hit his signature package piledriver. Taylor almost got the three count, but Lethal broke up the pin. 

All hell broke loose at this point, with Kaun missing a dive onto Williams at ringside and Moses cannonballing onto him instead. Lethal came flying out of nowhere and nailed Kaun with a dive. Lethal then tossed Taylor back in the ring and attempted a Lethal Injection, but Taylor caught him and hit Welcome to The Land for the win.


Final Thoughts --

This was the best episode of ROH TV in a while. How much Josh Woods has improved on the mic is showing. In my opinion, both Woods and Castle couldn't afford a loss this week. But with the rumors of Castle being a free agent, i understand Woods winning. It seems he's on course for a Pure Championship match.

Shane Taylor Promotions are my favorite faction in ROH at the moment, and that's saying a lot with the stacked lineup of groups they have. Moses and Kaun got some much needed ring time in their match, which was great to see. I don't see this loss really hurting The Foundation because they put in a lot of fight. I do want to see them on TV more though, especially as a whole unit.