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ROH TV results: The Foundation vs. Violence Unlimited


LSG defeated Joe Keys in a pick your top 5 ranking match

These two were the final participants in a 12-man rankings battle royal earlier this month. The stipulation here was the winner gets a top five ranking in either the Pure or TV title division.

Going into this, Keys said he didn't want to be known as just "a dojo guy." He recently lost in his challenge of Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham, the first of three straight singles defeats. This was LSG's first singles match since a loss to Eli Isom in early-April. 

This was a solid, albeit uninteresting, pro wrestling match. The end came when LSG countered a rollthrough pinning attempt into a tight crucifix for the pin and win.

After the match, LSG didn't choose the TV division and chose the Pure division based on his respect for Gresham and The Foundation.

-- Following recaps of the recent falling out with Silas Young and Josh Woods, Young was doing an interview with Quinn McKay after his win last week when Woods came in and said Young could never beat him fair and square. Young didn't care and then said he could beat him in a Pure rules wrestling match. Woods laughed and accepted.

-- For the first time since 2018, the 12-man Survival of the Fittest tournament for an ROH World title shot will begin next week.

VLNCE UNTLD (Brody King, Homicide, TV Champion Tony Deppen and Chris Dickinson) defeated The Foundation (Tag Team Champions Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus, Jay Lethal, Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham)

Kenny King from LFI was out on commentary and didn't care for anyone involved in the match.

There was a lot of heat between both teams going into this one, helped along by some intense pre-match promos. The commentary team really played up Homicide's contributions to ROH and his history with some of the competitors whch was good as his World title reign there was 14 years ago.

With a lot of various parings, this felt like an appetizer for a few months worth of matches between these two teams in both singles and tag matches. Dickinson vs. Lethal especially felt like a featured match they could run on a pay-per-view. I could also see a Gresham vs. Homicide Pure rule title match with the right promos helping it make sense.

They gave this match some time as it went through a few commercial breaks. They really built up King as a monster late as it took Lethal, Williams and Titus to get King up for a dropkick/Attitude Adjustment combo. After that, all hell broke loose with everyone hit their signature moves. Homicide hit a running cannonball to the outside on Titus and Gresham, but was still on the ring apron as Lethal went for Lethal Injection, screwing it up. King then hit the gonzo bomb on Lethal for the win.

The two teams stared each other down and talked trash as the show went off the air.

Final Thoughts:

The eight-man tag was a solid main event that should lead to some good matches in the weeks ahead while the opener was just kinda there.

Next Week:

  • Josh Woods vs. Silas Young in a Pure rules match
  • Survival of the Fittest first round match: Rey Horus vs. Flamita