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ROH TV results: Four corner survival to decide next title challenger


Ian Riccaboni was in the ring to kick off the first episode of 2019. He had four wrestlers in the ring with him, all of whom have earned a ROH World Championship match.

The first man, Chris Sabin, took ROH World Champion Jay Lethal to a time limit draw in a proving ground match. The next wrestler, Flip Gordon, won the Sea of Honor tournament to earn his shot. After that was Marty Scurll, who won Survival of the Fittest and a chance to challenge for the title. Finally, there was Dalton Castle, who had a contractually obligated rematch after being bested by Lethal.

Riccaboni then called out Lethal, but Matt Taven came out instead. Taven said that he in fact did retain his “real” World title at Final Battle. Then he proceeded to run down all four men saying that none were worthy.

Lethal was in the house and had heard enough smack talk. He came down to confront Taven. The two got into a brawl that ended when the referees and officials separated them.

ROH Television Champion Jeff Cobb defeated Luchasaurus in a proving ground match

Luchasaurus got the early advantage with a spinning heel kick that put Cobb down for a near fall. His edge didn’t last long as Cobb caught him in mid-air and launched him with a suplex. Cobb then took the half-man/half-dinosaur to the top rope and launched him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, which he followed up with a standing moonsault. Luchasaurus kicked out at two.

Not to be outdone, Luchasaurus fought back and landed a standing moonsault of his own. Luchasaurus tried some other lucha style offense -- but it was to no avail as Cobb again caught him and connected with the Tour of the Islands for the the win.

Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein defeated Nikki Addams to retain her title

Addams was already in the ring as Klein made her way down. Klein got on the microphone and announced that she would be a fighting champion in 2019 and that every one of her singles matches would be a title bout.

Instead of following the Code of Honor, Addams punched Klein in the mouth and went right after her. Klein used her experience to keep her foe at bay. Addams was able to get in some offense, which included a running chop, but Klein was too savvy for her. Ultimately, it was Klein who got the pin after a knee strike that knocked out Addams.

After the match, Jenny Rose came out to remind Klein that the two of them have some unfinished business. They’ll be facing each other in a title match, but Rose wanted to add a stipulation to it, making it a street fight. Klein accepted -- and so it will be a "Concord Street Fight" for the WOH Championship at Honor Reigns Supreme this Sunday.

Brian Milonas found Beer City Bruiser drinking and told him that it was time to move past the betrayal by Silas Young.

Christopher Daniels came to the ring dressed in a suit. He said he was there to say goodbye. He recalled his first match in the main event of the first ROH show, which was a 60-minute Iron Man match between himself, Low Ki, and Bryan Danielson. He thanked everyone, and with a tear in his eye, he said goodbye.

Joe Koff then came out and said that the two of them have had their differences, but due to Daniels being selfless when he defended Cary Silkin at Final Battle, his feelings for Daniels have changed. Because of Daniels' courage, Koff offered him a contract for 2019.

As Koff was presenting Daniels with the new contract, Shane Taylor jumped the barricade and laid out Daniels. He tossed him around, slammed him into the ring post, and went after him with a folding chair. To finish him off, Taylor gave Daniels a Greetings from the 216 on top of the chair, then tore up the contract.

Dalton Castle defeated Chris Sabin, Marty Scurll, and Flip Gordon in a four corner survival match to earn the first title shot

Lethal joined Colt Cabana and Riccaboni on commentary for the main event.

Gordon and Sabin hit tandem dives onto Castle and Scurll. Sabin followed it up with a big missile dropkick. Gordon also landed one on Castle. The two of them then shook hands, seemingly forming an alliance. Their grappling cooperative didn’t last long as both men inevitably attacked each other.

After the break, Scurll and Gordon were in a heated chop exchange. There was a unique multi-man submission hold involving everyone. Scurll was using a toe hold on Gordon, Castle was using a chinlock on Gordon, and Sabin used an abdominal stretch on Scurll.

Scurll, Gordon, and Castle were fighting, and that allowed Sabin to go up top and land a crossbody. Sabin then hit a running tornado DDT, kicking off of his opponents. That put everyone down again. However, Castle caught him with a slam.

Next, Castle ran into Gordon, who cut him off. Gordon did a reverse fireman's carry slam onto Castle and used the momentum to pop to his feet. Sabin got back in and thought he had Gordon with a top rope hurricanrana, but again Gordon landed on his feet.

Scurll caught Gordon from the outside, but Sabin landed a Scurll-esque kick. Sabin turned around right into Castle, who hit the Bang-A-Rang on Sabin to get the win. Castle will get his title shot against Lethal at Honor Reigns Supreme this Sunday.