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ROH TV results: Four corner survival for a World title shot


Synopsis --

Ring of Honor television from this past week featured a four corner survival match that set up the main event title bout for the War of the Worlds pay-per-view.

Also on the show, the former Spirit Squad encountered a Superkick Party hosted by The Young Bucks. Meanwhile, Matt Sydal returned to an ROH ring for a match, while The Kingdom also got to shine in a tag match.

Where to Watch --

The episode is currently available via the official ROH website to watch for free until a new episode is uploaded next Thursday. A new episode begins airing this weekend in syndication so check local listings for availability in your area.

That new episode streams on the FITE TV app starting Monday evening before it airs on Wednesday at midnight ET on Comet TV, including that channel’s free online live stream.

Show Recap --

The episode opened with highlights from a previous show, showing the setup to the four corner survival match for later on this episode.

On commentary, both Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana are beginning to find a groove in their roles at the announce desk.

The Kingdom defeated Coast to Coast

The injured TK O’Ryan was at ringside in the corner of The Kingdom. He distracted Coast to Coast at the outset so the heels could attack. Coast to Coast countered and both Shaheem Ali and Leon St. Giovanni did dives to the outside.

After a commercial break, The Kingdom regrouped to dominate until a hot tag to St. Giovanni. Coast to Coast went for their namesake finisher, but The Kingdom cut them off to set up a finisher of their own.

Matt Taven held up the referee’s count. He then executed the Angel’s Wings, the finisher of ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels. The mocking of Daniels is part of a build to Taven challenging for the title on an upcoming show in Dearborn, Michigan.

In the next segment, The Young Bucks strolled to the ring for a promo where they briefly talked about Adam Cole trying to fire them from the Bullet Club. They were still wearing their Superkliq t-shirts, though. Nick and Matt Jackson went on to sarcastically make challenges to tag teams such as Demolition and the likes of the Rock 'n’ Roll Express, along with Billy & Chuck. They also got a dig in on The Revival.

All of a sudden, Mikey Mondo and Kenny Dykstra interrupted them to make a challenge of their own to the ROH World Tag Team Champions. The team formerly known as The Spirit Squad rushed into the ring to meet a Superkick Party. The Young Bucks laid them out with superkicks to set up a match on a future episode.

Matt Sydal defeated Flip Gordon

This was a babyface match with not just a lot of kicks, but all kinds of kicks. There were leg kicks, kicks to the knee, spinning heel kicks, Pele kicks, and this is beginning to sound like Bubba telling Forrest Gump about all the different kinds of shrimp.

Anyway, they had a good match enough for what it was. Sydal makes it look so easy. Gordon got to shine some, yet the focus was on Sydal. He went for a shooting star press, but Gordon countered with a springboard kick for a near fall in the closing moments. For the finish, Gordon charged towards Sydal only to eat a kick. Sydal then climbed up top to execute a shooting star press for the pinfall.

Afterwards, ROH World TV Champion Marty Scurll tried for a sneak attack on Sydal. Scurll tried to apply a chicken wing, but Sydal escaped to land a kick. Scurll took a powder as the build continues to the two in a TV title match at War of the Worlds.

Ian Riccaboni was supposed to interview Adam Cole. Instead, Cole dismissed Riccaboni to begin “story time with Adam Cole bay-bay.” Cole went on to deny that he tried to fire The Young Bucks as members of Bullet Club. Cole thinks the group is stronger than ever now. In trying to prove his point, Cole said he and Cody will face Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels in a tag match next week.

A video package highlighted the start of a program between Daniels and Cody. Daniels then joined the announcers to provide guest commentary for the main event.

Jay Lethal won a four corner survival match to earn an ROH World title shot

Besides Lethal, the other three participants were Silas Young, Adam Page, and Jay White. Lethal pinned Young to win. With all four in the ring with tornado rules, it began with a melee. The match continued as such before eventually settling down in spots only for the action to pick up again.

In the continuing effort to elevate Young, he looked strong even if he dropped the deciding fall. Lethal was the person that looked the strongest by the end, with him pinning Young after a Lethal Combination at the finish. That set up him being added to a three-way match for the World title at the next PPV.

After the match, Cody appeared and glared at Lethal while Cody wore a Daniels T-shirt. The champion, Daniels, appeared on stage to hold the belt up and pose in spite of Cody and Lethal. All three had a staredown as the show closed.