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ROH TV results: Gordon vs. Bandido, Haskins vs. Lethal


The Big Takeaways:

Flip Gordon defeated Bandido and Mark Haskins submitted Jay Lethal in two fun high octane matches that were filmed before the pandemic in Las Vegas.

Quinn McKay ran down the chaos that happened on the day that ROH cancelled their Las Vegas shows and other scheduled events due to the pandemic. She said this week's show featured matches filmed before those shows were canceled: Jay Lethal vs. Mark Haskins and Flip Gordon vs. Bandido. 

Matt Taven shared his story from that day. He said he didn’t think the pandemic would affect the USA, but realized they had a bunch of international talent. Taven said he was so uncertain about the tough times that he ordered eight months worth of pasta back in March.

Flip Gordon also shed some light on his experience. He said that despite the shows being cancelled that weekend, he volunteered to wrestle a taped match for the company. He doesn't care when fans come back and only cared about getting his ROH World Title opportunity.

Flip Gordon defeated Bandido (9:28)

Bandido grounded Gordon early with a wristlock, but that didn’t last for too long. Bandido still maintained control, sending Gordon to the outside with a hurricanrana. Gordon trapped Bandido in the apron when he tried to exit the ring. Gordon took advantage of the moment by throwing Bandido into the guardrail.

Gordon applied a bow and arrow stretch once he got Bandido back in the ring. Gordon worked this match very stiff and seemed legitimately angry at times. Bandido finally got back some control with a springboard moonsault, followed up by a superkick. Gordon kept getting back in the driver's seat though, raining down multiple elbows.

Gordon attempted to capitalize on his momentum by climbing the turnbuckles, but Bandido caught him with a kick to the skull. Bandido followed up with a X-Knee, but Gordon kicked out at two. Gordon made his way back to his feet and hit a great looking springboard spear, followed by a Flip-5 neckbreaker for the win. 

-- We heard from other talents regarding their experiences with the Vegas cancellations. Session Moth Martina said she had to take two separate flights to get to Las Vegas, Cheeseburger said that he worked one of his favorite matches ever in an eight-man tag they taped in Vegas, while the Beer City Bruiser gave props to ROH for the way they have handled everything so far. 

Mark Haskins (w/ Vicky Haskins) submitted Jay Lethal (9:48)

Haskins took down Lethal early with a few single leg takedowns. Lethal and Haskins exchanged a headscissors pinning combination a few times before Haskins nearly got Lethal down for the count. Haskins took control of the contest by targeting Lethal's shoulder and arm.

The match spilled to the outside and while Haskins was distracted, Lethal hit a nasty looking Lethal Injection off the apron. Both men returned to the ring and Lethal caught Haskins with an enziguri. Lethal climbed to the top turnbuckle and attempted his signature elbow drop, but Haskins caught him in a crossface. Haskins transitioned it into a Rings of Haskins with an added legbar, but Lethal got his foot on the rope. 

Haskins followed up the failed submission with a running knee to the face. Haskins is really good and an underrated performer. Lethal regained his composure and attempted a Lethal Injection, but Haskins stopped him mid-move and turned it into a sharpshooter. After some resistance, Lethal finally submitted.

The final segment was more talents giving their stories of the ROH "bubble" and the canceled Las Vegas shows.

Final Thoughts: 

This week's episode was entertaining. Haskins vs. Lethal was a phenomenal contest and Haskins picking up the win was a pleasant surprise. Bandido vs. Gordon was stiff but still high octane. Hearing the talent's perspective on the weekend of the world shutting down was very intriguing and thought-provoking.