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ROH TV results: The Hardys and Briscoes battle for the tag titles


Ring of Honor television from Sam's Town in Las Vegas featured a double main event on a two-match show that was the go-home to Supercard of Honor XI.

In a battle between teaming brothers, The Hardys defended the ROH World Tag Team Championship against The Briscoes in the advertised main event. For the other half of the double main event, the Bullet Club's Superkliq found themselves challenged to a six-man tag match. Challenges were a constant theme throughout the show.

A challenge by The Young Bucks amended the stipulations for the main event at Supercard of Honor this Saturday in Lakeland, Florida. Likewise, yet another challenge during a backstage skit set up a World TV title match on an upcoming episode.

This TV episode began airing over the past weekend in syndication. Available this week via the FITE TV app, the show airs Wednesday at midnight ET on Comet TV affiliates and that channel’s free online live stream. The episode is then available on Thursday to watch for free via the official ROH website.

Bryan and Vinny reviewed the show this past Sunday evening on the B&V Show available to our subscribers.

This episode was the first to air from the set of shows taped for TV the night after the last pay-per-view, so storylines were fresh and focused on the upcoming supercard.

The show opened with a video package highlighting Christopher Daniels’ title win in the main event of the 15th Anniversary PPV. Daniels then addressed the audience for the first time since winning the ROH World Championship.

Daniels had an alcoholic beverage to celebrate. He poured himself an appletini as Frankie Kazarian introduced him as the new champion. Daniels gave credit to Kazarian for the plan he implemented that led Daniels to capture the title. He also said the only thing sweeter than his drink of choice was winning the title.

Kazarian added he had championship goals of his own, noting he earned an opportunity to challenge for the ROH World TV Championship. He gave a warning to the current champion, Marty Scurll.

Kazarian closed the promo talking about them going their own way in singles matches for now, but they will always be brothers and “The Addiction you just can't kick.”

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Dalton Castle, the top contender for the ROH World title, strolled onstage as The Addiction concluded their remarks. After a commercial break, Castle tried a sip of the appletini and was thoroughly impressed. He asked Daniels for a full drink.

Daniels said he only had one glass. Castle told him not to worry and snapped his fingers. Racing to the ring, The Boys rushed in with a martini glass that was much bigger than Daniels’ own drinkware. Castle grasped a freshly poured drink while he began to warn Daniels about being a marked man as the champion. The Bullet Club theme song interrupted them as Adam Cole and The Young Bucks walked onstage.

The Superkliq was on the scene.

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Cole cut a promo that began with him categorizing Daniels’ title win as him capturing “lightning in a bottle.” Besides calling it a fluke, Cole also said The Addiction​ stole the title from him. Cole went on to demean Castle before saying the only deserving contender is “Adam Cole BAY BAY!” 

That led to Kazarian challenging the Bullet Club's Superkliq to a six-man tag match for later in the show. Cole accepted on behalf of the Bucks.

In a backstage skit, ROH World TV Champion Marty Scurll cut a promo bemoaning what he called the lack of challengers in ROH. He called out anyone on the roster to challenge him for his title.

The director yelled “cut” as the camera kept rolling. Kenny King entered the scene, saying he overheard Scurll's comments. King challenged Scurll to a title match and the champion accepted. They glared at each other before each smirked.

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ROH World Tag Team Champions Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated Mark & Jay Briscoe to retain their titles

Besides the ROH tag titles, The Hardys also had possession of the Superkick titles they stole from The Young Bucks. Of course, there was no mention of the Broken Hardys gimmick. That didn't stop the crowd from chanting “delete” and “obsolete” at one point during the match.

In Matt Hardy's last run with ROH, he feuded with The Briscoes. They picked up here where they left off, with Jeff Hardy added to the mix making it that much better.

The Hardys gained the early advantage. The Briscoes cut them off when The Hardys attempted Poetry in Motion, leading to Jay diving through the ropes with a tope suicida followed by Mark leaping off the apron with a Cactus Jack elbow on the floor.

The match went through two commercial breaks. Upon returning from the first break, Mark and Jay were taking turns working over Jeff.

Jeff fired up and springboarded into Whisper in the Wind. On a hot tag, Matt cleaned house on Mark. The Hardys had Mark grounded heading into the second commercial break of the match.

On a double clothesline, both Mark and Jeff were down. They each tagged their brother. Jay and Matt began brawling and Matt backed Jay into a corner, where he began biting him. Adding color to the match, Jay bled after being bitten by Matt. They continued fighting, then everyone got involved.

Mark superplexed Jeff into the ring and Jay superplexed Matt onto brother Jeff. Mark followed up with a Froggy-bow for a near fall on Matt. The Briscoes set up for the Doomsday Device. Jeff shoved Mark off the top turnbuckle. Mark landed on the apron to regroup and springboard off the top rope to complete the Doomsday Device on Matt.

Jeff broke up the subsequent pinning attempt. He brawled with Jay, which led to Jeff dispatching Jay with a Twist of Fate on the floor. Matt gave Mark a Twist of Fate in the ring, setting up a Swanton from Jeff. Matt went to cover Mark, but Mark countered with a crucifix for a near fall.

At the finish, The Hardys got the win with a backslide/cradle combo.

Afterwards, The Young Bucks sauntered onstage to amend the tag title match set for Supercard of Honor on April 1st. They wanted to add a stipulation to the match.

Nick and Matt Jackson challenged Matt and Jeff Hardy to make the bout a ladder match for the ROH World Tag Team Championship with both the ROH titles and the stolen Superkick titles hanging overhead.

The Hardys accepted the stipulation in the TV angle setting up the ladder match this weekend. Notably, The Hardys only nonverbally conveyed the message they would accept the new stipulations. 

The Hardys have yet to cut a promo as characters on ROH TV since the legal wrangling began over ownership of intellectual property associated with their unique personas.

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The Addiction & Dalton Castle (w/ The Boys) defeated The Young Bucks & Adam Cole

A brawl erupted with the match joined in progress. It started off wild, leading to Nick Jackson jumping off the ropes into a Swanton onto a pile of bodies. Bullet Club then powerbombed the three babyfaces onto the ring apron. The Young Bucks and Cole knelt down for the Rise of the Terminator.

With Cole still kneeling, The Boys tripped up The Bucks when they went to run the ropes. The Boys comedically joined Cole as they knelt down mocking the Terminator spot. They tried running the ropes only to get tripped and superkicked. All the while, Cole continued kneeling in a pose.

The Bucks slid back into the ring to rejoin Cole and complete the Rise of the Terminator, leading to dives out of the ring. Bullet Club singled out Kazarian and worked him over. The Young Bucks did some wild high spots.

This led into a hot tag where Daniels ran wild on the Bullet Club. Daniels went for Angel's Wings, but Cole made the save with a superkick. Castle then saved Daniels.

Castle shined in the closing moments with a series of suplexes. After a flurry of offense and big moves, Daniels dropped Matt with Angel's Wings and everybody lay prone selling. Everyone began to rise and moments later Cole executed a Canadian Destroyer on Kazarian. The Young Bucks unleashed a Superkick Party as the Superkliq dominated.

But it wasn't for long as the Jackson brothers accidentally superkicked Cole. Daniels did a springboard moonsault on the Jacksons. Castle then delivered a Bang-a-Rang and pinned Cole. 

The show closed with promos hyping Supercard of Honor this weekend in Florida. That show is available live this Saturday as an iPPV via the FITE app and the ROH website.