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ROH TV results: Jonathan Gresham vs. Silas Young


Nick Aldis joined Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman at the announce booth.

Dalton Castle & The Boys defeated Karl Fredericks, Clark Connors & Alex Coughlin

Connors started it off with some amateur wrestling against Castle. Connors survived and tagged in Coughlin. Both Boys tagged in and Boy 1 landed a nice dropkick to Coughlin.

After the break, it was a melee until Boy 2 tagged in Castle. He dispensed the trio with slams and throws. Castle used an overhead throw on Fredericks, then tossed the Boys at each man repeatedly.

Castle eventually isolated Connors, but a double flapjack put Castle down. This allowed the trio to take advantage of the numbers game as Fredericks put Boy 1 into a Boston crab until Castle made the save. Fredericks and Castle traded chops, but Connors dumped Castle to the outside.

The Boys used the switcheroo as Castle had the referee’s back turned. Fredericks wasn’t aware of the switch and Boy 2 rolled him up with a cradle for the win.

A recap of Bandido defeating PJ Black from Honor Reigns Supreme aired, along with a video of Black discussing his time in wrestling and his change of attitude recently since the loss to Bandido. Black called it an “eye-opener.”

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) defeated The Voros Twins (Chris & Patrick)

Beer City Bruiser started it off with Chris Voros. Patrick Voros interfered on the outside, allowing Chris to chop block Bruiser. The brothers kept Bruiser contained with chops until Bruiser escaped and managed to tag in Milonas, who made quick work of the twins.

Milonas put each brother down with slams and then tagged Bruiser back in. Bruiser set up Patrick for the Last Call leg drop, which got Bruiser the pinfall victory.

A video package aired showing The Kingdom laying waste to Jonathan Gresham. While Gresham was being carried to the back afterward, Silas Young confronted Gresham and got in his face. He booted him and ashed a cigarette on Gresham's back for good measure.

Silas Young defeated Johnathan Gresham

Young used some shortcuts to get the advantage on Gresham, but Gresham made referee Todd Sinclair aware of the situation. Gresham called for a test of strength with the much larger Young. Eventually, a series of reversals led to Young hip tossing Gresham over the top rope.

A big chop exchange took place on the floor. Riccaboni explained that because Young is taller, his chops hurt more because they are coming from a downward angle -- also, he’s much stronger than Gresham. Multiple waist lock reversals led to Young hitting a big knee, but Gresham threw Young outside to the floor and followed that up with a big dive onto Young.

Back in the ring, Gresham went for a splash but Young moved. Young stomped Gresham in the corner and snapped him over with a suplex. He put Gresham down again with a hard whip into the turnbuckle.

Young taunted Gresham more and beat him down with strikes. Young squished him in the corner, but got greedy and went for it again. This allowed Gresham to evade and land a running double stomp to Young.

Gresham scored a two count with a roll-up, but Young escaped and caught Gresham with a roll-up of his own. Young turned Gresham inside out with a huge clothesline. That took everything out of both men. Young managed to get a hold of Gresham and used the Anarchist suplex to get a two count.

Gresham fired up and went after the knee of Young with strikes, but Young kept up the pressure. Gresham wouldn’t give up and kept getting up. Young obliged with more striking. Each wrestler connected with hard forearms.

Young would knock him down and Gresham would get up until Gresham hit a step-up enzuigiri, then followed it up with a German suplex. Gresham nailed him with three knockout blow forearms and another German, but Young kicked out. 

The frustration showed on Gresham’s face. He called for the Octopus stretch but Young countered. This separation allowed Gresham to hit a running second rope springboard moonsault, which sent Young to the floor. Gresham then hit a running flip dive onto Young on the outside.

Gresham went to the top turnbuckle with Young laying prone and nailed a beautiful Shooting Star Press, but Young kicked out again! Gresham secured an ankle and it looked like Young, who had been busted open, was going to tap, but Young rolled through and Gresham was launched into the referee. With the referee not looking, Young hit a low blow and rolled up Gresham for the win.