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ROH TV results: Josh Woods vs. Flip Gordon


Date: December 14th, 2020

Location: Baltimore, Maryland.

The Big Takeaway: On the go-home episode for Final Battle, Mark Briscoe and PCO defeated The Bouncers, and Flip Gordon defeated Josh Woods. We also saw promos from Brian Johnson, Flip Gordon, Tracy Williams, and Taven/Bennett. 

Quinn McKay welcomes us to the broadcast. She runs down tonight’s card, including Flip Gordon vs Josh Woods in a Pure Rules contest. Also, Mark Briscoe and PCO take on The Bouncers. 

She also ran down the Final Battle card. 

McKay then cut to a recap of the aftermath of the contest between Mike Bennett and Vincent last week. A promo that took place after the match aired featuring Bennett and Taven. Taven said that at Final Battle the original Kingdom will put an end to the feud with Vincent for good. 


A pre-match promo aired for The Bouncers. Beer City Bruiser claimed he has a legacy to live up to. Bruiser mentions that his tag partner Brian Milonas’ mentor is Killer Kowalski. Milonas mentions that they used to be the fun guys, but they’re now switching gears as a team and focusing on winning matches and tag team gold.

Another pre-match promo aired for Mark Briscoe and PCO. Mark Briscoe says he’s more than happy to throw down with the new version of the Bouncers. PCO says that they’ll rest in hell.

Mark Briscoe and PCO pinned The Bouncers (11:04)

Beer City Bruiser and Mark Briscoe began the contest. Briscoe laid in some elbows early, but Bruiser started a chopping war, which Bruiser won. Briscoe tagged in PCO. PCO came in hot and clotheslined Bruiser, which prompted a Milonas tag. PCO stayed on the attack, delivering constant knife-edge chops. Milonas gained control back with a crossbody and followed it up with a trip to the top rope. PCO brought him down quickly and delivered a knife-edge chop that sent Milonas out of the ring. We went to a commercial break. 

Coming back from a commercial, PCO and Bruiser had another chopping war. With Bruiser down, Briscoe pulled him to the apron while PCO headed to the top. PCO dove off, but Bruiser rolled out of the way, causing PCO to hit hard on the apron. Bruiser eventually tagged Milonas in, who threw Briscoe into the turnbuckle. Milonas tagged Bruiser back in, who delivered a spine buster to Briscoe. Milonas went outside and tossed a chair into the ring, but Briscoe used it to his advantage, setting it up and springboarding onto Milonas and Bruiser at ringside. Briscoe rolled Bruiser back in and held him in place for a PCO assault for the pinfall victory. 

Quinn McKay met the winners after the match. Briscoe said they’ll beat Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal at Final Battle. PCO says they’ll rest in hell.


A promotional video aired for Final Battle. The package ran down the card, including matches like The Righteous vs. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett, Danhausen vs. Brian Johnson, Flip Gordon vs. Jonathan Gresham, and Brody King vs. Rush. 


Flip Gordon cut a pre-match promo. He took off a mask with a bunch of holes in it. Gordon claimed he loves the competitive aspect of a Pure rules contest. He says while he’s failed at capturing ROH gold so far, it’s still his primary focus in ROH. Gordon said he wants to be known as more than a high-flyer.

Josh Woods also spoke before the match. He said the Jay Lethal victory has him at a loss for words and is easily the biggest win of his career. Woods said that Gordon’s style of wrestling doesn’t belong in a Pure Rules match. 

Flip Gordon pinned Josh Woods in a Pure Rules contest (9:33)

Both men adhere to the Code Of Honor. Woods immediately caught Gordon in an ankle lock, causing Gordon to use his first rope break. Gordon took back the momentum and locked Woods in a side headlock. Gordon tossed Woods out of the ring and dove through the ropes for a suicide dive. Commentary sent us to a commercial break. 

Back from the break and Gordon has Woods in an armbar. Gordon sent Woods to the corner and charged him with a forearm. Gordon got Woods on the ropes and began raining in elbows, which cost Gordon a rope break. Woods uses the argument between Gordon and the referee as an advantage, charging Gordon in the corner with a knee. Woods poached Gordon on the top rope, then followed him up there and delivered a superplex. Woods followed up the superplex with a gut-wrench powerbomb, and then tried to lock in a cloverleaf submission. Gordon escaped, went to the top rope, and delivered a moonsault for a two count. Gordon followed it up with a curb stomp for the pinfall victory. 

Final Thoughts: On the final stop to Final Battle, ROH put together a good go-home show. It was nice to see The Bouncers have a new layer added to their characters. 

I still just don’t understand the PCO and Mark Briscoe pairing. I understand they are two crazy dudes, but it just seems awkward. The Matt Taven and Mike Bennett pairing is working really well; Bennett is a hard working dude who deserves to constantly be on TV. Josh Woods is a guy who is really entertaining for me personally, and a great wrestler. So I most definitely wasn't a fan of him getting little action versus Flip Gordon. Gordon controlled 85% of the match, which doesn’t make much sense after Woods beat Jay Lethal just two weeks ago. Nonetheless, I'm excited for Final Battle.