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ROH TV results: Josh Woods vs. Silas Young


Date: May 17th, 2021

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Big Takeaway: A 15 man battle royale took place with a spot in the rankings on the line. Also, Shane Taylor Promotions defended their tag team titles against up and coming trio Primal Fear. And in the main event, Josh Woods looked to settle the score with former tag team partner and mentor Silas Young

Ian Riccaboni checked in from ROH Studio again, subbing in for Quinn McKay. Riccaboni ran down the card for the evening, including a “Rankings Battle Royale”. It was noted that any ROH wrestlers who are not currently ranked in any division may participate in this battle royale. The last two men remaining will face off in a future singles match. The winner of that match is guaranteed to be ranked in either the Pure Championship division or the Television Championship division, whichever they may choose.


LSG and Joe Keys were the last two men remaining in the Rankings Battle Royale

This seems like a harmless idea to propel someone to a future championship match. I like the idea.

Notable people in this battle royale included Danhausen, Mike Bennett, PCO, Mark Briscoe, LSG, World Famous CB, and O’Shay Edwards. 

PCO and Mike Bennett were the only two competitors that got entrances. Bennett was jumped by Bateman while making his entrance. Dutch assisted Bateman shortly after and they dragged Bennett to the back. Ryan Mooney was the first one eliminated, by Mark Briscoe. PCO eliminated Eric Martin. Danhausen tried to double-chokeslam PCO and Briscoe but was thrown out quickly. The camera cut to Danhausen at ringside, who then put on a El Generico mask. Once GenericoHausen got back in the ring, he was immediately dumped out again by Briscoe.

Dante Caballero was eliminated by LSG a few moments later. Briscoe and O’Shay Edwards had a good standoff. While Briscoe was on the ropes, Joe Keys came in and eliminated him. Keys also eliminated World Famous CB prior in the match, a good showing for him. Sledge eliminated O’Shay Edwards, who he’s been feuding with on ROH Week By Week. 

The final four competitors in the match were Sledge, Joe Keys, PCO, and Joe Keys. Sledge and PCO traded a few forearms and chops, which led to PCO tossing out Sledge with one hand. LSG and Keys were plotting to toss out PCO immediately after, to which they did. LSG and Joe Keys will compete on a future episode of ROH TV.


Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses, and Kaun) defeated Primal Fear (Matthew Omen, Adrien Soriano, and Gabriel Hodder) to retain the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team titles

Moses and Omen began the match. Omen was cocky after landing a leg kick but Moses bulldozed him quickly. Omen tagged out to Hodder while Moses tagged out to Kaun. Kaun bulldozed Hodder immediately which caused Hodder to tag out to Soriano. Soriano demanded that he wanted to fight Shane Taylor. Kaun tagged out to allow that.

Taylor and Soriano locked up, but Taylor pushed him to the mat. Soriano popped right back up and slapped Taylor and taunted his catchphrase. Taylor responded by clocking Soriano with a forearm, making him crumble in the corner. This sent us into a commercial break. 

Back from the break and Soriano is back on his feet. Taylor folded him with a forearm again and tried to hit a cannonball in the corner, but Soriano dodged the move at the last second. Soriano made a tag to Hodder, who came in with Omen and double-teamed Taylor in the corner for a minute. Soriano eventually tagged back in and was clotheslined by Taylor. 

Both Taylor and Soriano used this opportunity to get the hot tag to each respective partner: Moses and Omen. Moses took down Omen a few times before getting on the apron. Moses attempted to cannonball onto Primal Fear at ringside, but they all moved in separate directions causing Moses to hit the floor. 

In the ring meanwhile, Kaun hit a brainbuster on Soriano from the top rope. Moses had recovered at ringside and dumped Omen over the barricade. Moses joined Kaun in the ring and they hit their tag finisher “Victory Lap” for the win. 


Silas Young defeated Josh Woods

Young attacked Woods before the bell. Young threw him into the barricade and then grabbed a chair. Woods sprung up quickly and kicked the chair into Young’s face. 

After some more outside brawling, the match finally began on the inside. Woods had an early advantage when he rushed Young in the corner, but Young turned the momentum in his favor rather quickly. Young kept Woods grounded for a good portion of the match early, locking in various holds. Young had his foot on Woods’ throat as a commercial break ensued. 

Back from the break and Woods powered Young across the ring with a hip toss. Woods wasted no time and followed it up with a beautiful butterfly suplex. Young recovered quickly and hit a final cut that took both men out of it for a good bit. 

Later in the match, Woods almost hit an O’Connor roll German suplex, but Young reversed it into a pin for a two count. Young is insanely athletic for being 41 years old. Woods and Young eventually both made their way out on the apron, where they traded strikes. Woods eventually clotheslined Young back in the ring and followed it up with a modified armbar. Young rolled it over into a pinning maneuver with his feet on the ropes and scored the victory. 


Next Week:

  • OGK vs The Foundation (Tracy Williams and Rhett Titus) for the ROH Tag Team Championship
  • Fred Yehi vs Rocky Romero in a Pure Rules match 

Final Thoughts: Another very eventful episode of ROH TV. I always love a good battle royale, and despite not being a giant fan of either LSG or Joe Keys, the match was entertaining enough. The Danhausen/El Generico thing might be my favorite thing in wrestling history, definitely not an overreaction. 

Shane Taylor Promotions continue to be my favorite promotion in wrestling, let alone the company. Their presentation is phenomenal and they are all really great wrestlers. Silas Young and Josh Woods put on a match similar to last week’s Quinn McKay vs. Angelina Love, where they didn’t give away too much offense and had the heel win in a heel way to set up an eventual rematch, potentially in front of fans.