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ROH TV results: KUSHIDA vs. Gresham, Six-Man tag title match


Episode #358 of Ring of Honor television continued the run of shows that were taped in Fairfax, Virginia following Best in the World.

A recap aired of Jay Lethal’s ROH World Championship victory over Dalton Castle, Cody Rhodes, and Matt Taven from the week before.

KUSHIDA defeated Jonathan Gresham

This match was a technical classic. A million back-and-forth exchanges started it off. Gresham had the early advantage with a few really nice pinning combinations. Some very unique looking offense from both men led us into the first commercial of the show.

Back from the break, KUSHIDA took over and worked Gresham’s arm with a few different submission holds. There was a back-and-forth pin exchange that lasted seemingly forever and got the crowd going. KUSHIDA was able to snatch the arm back and get a Kimura lock on Gresham. It looked like Gresham was going to have to tap, but he got to the ropes.

A striking exchange got Gresham the advantage, but KUSHIDA seemingly out of nowhere hooked on the fisherman’s DDT and spiked Gresham on top of his head for the victory.

SoCal Uncensored cut a promo on The Briscoes and The Kingdom and reminded us that they were the greatest tag team and/or six-man tag team on the planet.

Hana Kimura & Kagetsu defeated Jenny Rose & Mayu Iwatani

Mandy Leon joined Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana on commentary as she’s nearly ready to return from injury.

A lot of fun action started this off. Rose had control until Kagetsu grabbed the referee. This allowed Kimura to grab Rose and drag her out of the ring. Kagetsu then hit a dive through the ropes and landed on the pile.

Iwatani missed a dive off the top. Kimura went for a suplex but ate a kick. She then countered Iwatani for a suplex slam. The tag was made to the two fresher competitors. Kagetsu came in and went right after the eyes of Rose. Rose landed a fisherman’s suplex on Kagetsu and hit a big dive for a two count. Kagetsu countered a move of Rose and sunk in an armbar, but Rose got to the ropes.

Rose and Kagetsu exchanged forearms. Kagetsu distracted the ref, then Kimura came in and landed some shots with a wooden sign. Kagetsu hit a fireman's carry falcon arrow on Rose for the win.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia & TK O'Ryan) defeated Eli Isom, Kenny King & Chuckie T to retain their titles

The makeshift team of Isom, King & Taylor had the early advantage as they landed some revolving corner smash forearms. Taylor landed Soul Food for a near fall. Next, King and Taven exchanged moves until Taven was thrown outside, which allowed King to land a dive. Back in the ring, Taylor landed a falcon arrow on O’Ryan. They all landed big kicks on each other, putting everyone down.

Taylor tagged in Isom, and Taven beat him down. Isom countered into a fallaway slam. Isom went up top, but Marseglia popped a balloon in his ear. The Kingdom went for the Rockstar Supernova on Isom, but Taylor and King pulled The Kingdom out of the ring. That allowed Isom to get an unsuccessful pin attempt on Taven.

Isom’s success didn’t last long as Taven countered his attempt at a hurricanrana back into the Rockstar Supernova for the win.