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ROH TV results: Lethal & Gresham vs. Bully Ray & Silas Young


Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman called the action on this week's episode, which was the go-home show for Friday's Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view.

Best Friends (Trent Barreta & Chuck Taylor) defeated The Boys

The Boys each used lungblowers on Barreta for a near fall. Barreta and Taylor each went for package piledrivers. The Boys countered into pins, which didn’t get it done and allowed for Barreta to hit the Dudebuster as Taylor nailed the Awful Waffle for the win.

A video package of the feud between The Briscoes and SoCal Uncensored aired. The Briscoes are set to defend their ROH Tag Team titles against Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian at Death Before Dishonor.

Kenny King defeated Hangman Page

King came to the ring wearing a sun hat, sunglasses, and with a huge blow-up inner tube that resembled a sprinkles donut and another huge blow-up raft shaped like a bottle of champagne. No explanation was given.

The two exchanged grappling maneuvers until a clean break. King took over with a high dropkick and then posed for a selfie with a fan. That lapse allowed Page to hit a Shooting Star Press off the apron, then he also posed for a selfie with the same fan. Page brought the bottle of champagne into the ring and suplexed King onto the raft for a hilariously large pop, which led to commercial.

After the break, King connected with a nice knee and wheel kick combination that set up a spinebuster. A string of reversals led to Page landing on his feet after a German suplex and landing one of his own. Page connected with the Buckshot Lariat but only got a two count.

Page was set up to hit the Rite of Passage, but King countered and used the ropes to get extra leverage on the pin. The referee saw it and didn’t count the fall. That led to a series of rolling pins that ended with King grabbing the tights and getting the three count. That makes two matches in a row that King has cheated to get wins over the Bullet Club.

Dante Caballero vs. Brian Johnson ended in a no contest

These two young guns started off quickly, but that didn’t matter as Jeff Cobb came out and mauled them with throws and slams. Cobb took the microphone and said that the Top Prospect Tournament was over because he was the top prospect. No debate. 

A recap aired of Sumie Sakai calling out Tenille Dashwood. That match for the Women of Honor World Championship will happen at Friday's PPV.

Silas Young & Bully Ray defeated Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal

Ray and Young were seemingly not thrilled to be teaming together as Ray tagged in Young and turned his back on him. Young mocked Gresham, but Gresham landed a hurricanrana and then slapped Ray in the face -- forcing Young to tag him in. Ray then appeared to walk out of the match but instead threw a tantrum at ringside before entering the ring.

Ray launched Gresham with a backdrop and then pie-faced Lethal -- causing Gresham to make the tag. Ray and Lethal had a quick exchange and both missed dropkicks. That led to the commercial.

After the break, Ray was chopping Lethal. Lethal fired back with slaps and chops of his own but then ran into a huge shoulder tackle. Lethal nailed an enzuigiri, tagged in Gresham. and both did suicide dives in tandem. Gresham got the Octopus lock on Ray, but it wasn't for long. Ray dished out some monster chops to Gresham, who just kept getting back up.

Ray missed a back senton, allowing Lethal and Young to tag in. A Lethal Combination on Young brought in Ray. Lethal couldn’t suplex Ray over on his own -- so Gresham came in for the assist. Gresham and Lethal did the “wazzup” headbutt to the groin.

Lethal took over on Young and landed the Macho Elbow and Gresham landed a Shooting Star Press, but Ray broke up the pin. Ray tossed out Lethal and Young hit Misery on Gresham for the win.