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ROH TV results: Lethal & Gresham vs. Coast 2 Coast


ROH TV episode #391 --

Silas Young & The Briscoes defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad (Eli Isom, Ryan Nova & Cheeseburger)

Jay Briscoe and Isom started off. Isom used his quickness to evade Jay, but eventually Jay got the tag to his brother. Isom landed a nice arm drag and tagged in Nova, who worked the arm of Mark Briscoe until tagging in Cheeseburger.

After the break, the Briscoes had taken over on Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger finally tagged in Isom. Isom used a fireman’s carry driver on Jay and went for a pin but only got a two count. The edge for Isom didn’t last long. Jay used a Spicoli driver and Mark landed a Froggy Elbow off the top, but Isom kicked out at two. 

It was all heart from Isom as he kept fighting back, and he actually used a brainbuster on Jay to get another two count. He went toe-to-toe with both Briscoes until Jay used a Jay Driller on him to get the win.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) defeated Brian Johnson & Joe Keys

Keys started off by challenging Beer City Bruiser to a pose-off. Bruiser laughed at him and slapped him in the face. Bruiser then began chopping Keys in the corner. Keys tagged in Johnson, but Bruiser also cut him off. However, Keys distracted Bruiser, which allowed Johnson to catch Bruiser in the corner.

Keys was tagged back in, foolishly went for a body slam, and had no luck. He tagged Johnson in and the two of them were able to slam Bruiser.

Keys went for a big splash, but Bruiser moved and Keys nailed his head on the post. Bruiser tagged in Milonas, who went to work tossing around Johnson. They set Johnson up for the Last Call leg drop, which allowed Milonas to get the pin for his team.

Madison Rayne (w/ Sumie Sakai) defeated Thunder Rosa (w/ Holidead)

Rayne got the advantage early on Rosa, but Rayne got distracted by Holidead and went after her. That allowed Rosa to take control. Rosa used a slam and a running leg drop to attack Rayne.

After the commercial, Rosa used a running back elbow and a snapmare to get a two count. She stayed on Rayne with vicious chops, but Rayne was able to connect with a spear out of nowhere to buy her some time. Rayne picked up the pace and landed a crossbody off the second rope. She followed that up with an enzuigiri kick but only got a two count.

Rosa countered and used a spinning Gory Special slam but only got two. Rosa went crazy, which allowed Rayne to slide behind and connect with the Off with her Head reverse DDT to get the win.

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Rocky Romero

Sabre took over early and attacked the wrist of Romero. Sabre used some sneaky submission attempts, but Romero survived. Sabre really stretched out the shoulders of Romero. Romero attempted to get the match moving quicker with some lucha moves. He used a standing dropkick to get Sabre to back off.

After the break, Sabre was back to work on the shoulders and arms of Romero. However, Romero countered the Japanese stranglehold and put Sabre in the move. Romero finally got some space and used a springboard tornado DDT. He followed that up with a hurricanrana.

Romero then taunted Sabre with some slaps to the head. He nailed the rewind kick and went for the Forever clotheslines, but Sabre caught Romero’s foot and used it to put him in the STF submission. Romero got to the ropes, forcing Sabre to break the hold.

Sabre then taunted Romero with some slaps, which fired up Romero. He was able to use a springboard dropkick to the prone Sabre. Romero landed Sliced Bread and nearly got a three count, but Sabre kicked out at two. Sabre was able to catch Romero in an abdominal stretch. He sat down on it and wrenched it in, and that forced Romero to tap out.

ROH TV episode #392 --

Lifeblood (Juice Robinson, Tracy Williams & Bandido) defeated Dalton Castle & The Boys

Castle and Robinson started it off. Each man faked a dive and strutted. Robinson tagged in Williams and Castle tagged in Boy 2. He quickly tagged in Boy 1, who quickly tagged Boy 2 back in. Williams had enough of that and chopped each Boy to the mat.

During the break, Bandido used some incredible athleticism on the Boys to get the advantage. However, Castle took the tag and pulled Bandido to the mat. The Boys tagged in and out quickly and went to work on Bandido’s shoulder. Castle launched each Boy in the air for an attack on Bandido. The Boys seemed to be in control until Bandido hit a tornado dive off the top rope and wiped out each Boy.

Bandido tagged in Robinson, with him squishing each Boy in the corner with running flip attacks. He followed that up with some stiff jabs to each Boy. He lifted Boy 1 onto his shoulders and spun him for a very long time until connecting with the Juice Box knees to the gut. Robinson then hit Pulp Friction on Boy 1, but Castle broke up the pin.

On the outside, Tenille Dashwood got in Castle's face for breaking up the pin. As they were arguing, Bandido wiped out Castle with a dive.

Robinson then got back in the ring and Boy 2 cut him off, but he bounced off Robinson and Robinson tagged in Bandido. There was a miscue and Boy 2 accidentally took out Castle on the apron. Bandido landed a springboard moonsault on Boy 2, but Castle broke up the pin again. It didn’t matter though as Bandido was able to connect with his rebound German suplex on Boy 2 to pick up the victory for his team.

Jay Lethal talked about what it will mean to him to wrestle in Madison Square Garden and said that he is still the best wrestler in the world.

NWA National Champion Willie Mack defeated Rhett Titus to retain his title

Titus used some methodical chain wrestling to ground Mack. However, Mack used a nice running knee to plant Titus. Mack then began chopping the finely sculpted pectorals of Titus. Titus attempted to chop Mack back, but Mack didn’t react at all.

Mack used a running vertical suplex to stop Titus. He went for a fireman’s carry, but Titus held onto the ropes. Titus fought back with a running boot. Mack countered a clothesline into a backslide pin, but Titus kicked out at two. Mack used his power edge to knock down Titus with big elbows and slams. He followed that up with a mammoth cannonball drop onto Titus in the corner. Titus fell out to the floor.

Mack put his body on the line and connected with a flipping dive. He tossed Titus back in the ring and then went up top, but Titus intelligently rolled to the apron and managed to drop Mack’s neck across the top rope.

Mack recovered and came back with a kip up, a standing moonsault, and a stunner, followed by a frog splash off the top rope, and that was enough to earn him the win.

Bully Ray talked about the many times he’s wrestled at Madison Square Garden, and said he was going to steal the show. He made an open challenge for anyone to battle him at MSG in a New York City street fight.

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham defeated Coast 2 Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali)

Ali and Lethal were the two wrestlers who started off the match. Lethal punished Ali with chops until LSG made a blind tag and landed a neckbreaker. Gresham made a tag and began putting the boots to LSG. However, LSG powered up and threw Gresham into the corner as he made the tag back in to Ali. A double-team kick put Gresham down.

Ali tried to shoot Gresham off the ropes, but he countered into a stunner and tagged in Lethal. A unique enzuigiri dragon screw leg whip combination gained Lethal the edge as he went to work on the knee of Ali. Gresham used his ground assault to further injure the leg of Ali

Eventually, LSG got the tag from Ali. Coast 2 Coast took over on Lethal, but he fought back valiantly and was able to get the tag to Gresham. Gresham hit a flying dropkick to the leg of Ali and they exchanged blows.

Lethal landed a powerbomb on Ali and Gresham applied the figure four. LSG broke up the submission, but Lethal and Gresham then used the Cornette cutter on Ali for the win.