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ROH TV results: Lethal vs. Gresham World title Iron Man match


This week's episode of Ring of Honor television continued the run of shows that were taped at Center Stage in Atlanta in July.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Mark Briscoe

This match was already in the ring with both men brawling as the show started. The brawl ended up outside the ring and Briscoe hit a backdrop on Kazarian on the apron, which looked unpleasant. Kazarian countered a suplex into a backcracker and then a front backcracker. Kazarian managed an electric chair drop for a near fall that led into a commercial.

After the break, Jay Briscoe was at ringside but Kazarian dispensed of him with a dropkick. Mark missed the Froggy Elbow, allowing Kazarian to get the crucifix roll-up for the pin.

Immediately, The Briscoes put the boots to Kazarian until SoCal Uncensored made the save. Punishment Martinez then entered the fray to beat down Daniels and even the sides. A Jay Driller on Scorpio Sky and a huge chokeslam on Daniels from Martinez ended the segment.

A hype video for the upcoming Jay Lethal vs. Jonathan Gresham 30-minute Iron Man match aired.

To ensure there was enough time to air the entire main event, they highlighted an HonorClub exclusive triple threat tag match.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) defeated Cheeseburger & Ryan Nova and The Dawgs

The Bouncers won, but there were no highlights from them. The only highlight was Ferrara mocking Cheeseburger’s Shotei palm strike, which he hit on Nova and Cheeseburger.

Caprice Coleman joined Colt Cabana and Ian Riccaboni on commentary for the main event. 

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal defeated Jonathan Gresham in a 30-minute Iron Man match to retain his title (2-1 after going to sudden-death overtime)

The Code of Honor was adhered to as the match began. A lot of slow chain wrestling started it out. Some innovative counters that are Gresham trademarks were employed, but Lethal was with him every step of the way. This was very reminiscent of an old ROH Pure Wrestling Championship match. Nigel McGuinness would be proud.

Lethal decided he’d had enough of the chain wrestling and started chopping Gresham, including hitting a throat chop. Half way through this match, neither man really had an advantage.

Gresham started working on the arm of Lethal with Kimuras, hammerlocks, and a unique arm drop across the ring apron. With 20 minutes elapsed, Gresham was firmly in control, continuing to stretch and injure the left arm of Lethal.

A crazy chop exchange brought the crowd to their feet. Gresham countered the Lethal Combination twice, but Lethal countered the counter with an enzuigiri. Lethal took control with a springboard dropkick. That allowed Lethal to connect with the Lethal Combination on the third attempt, but Gresham kicked out.

With five minutes remaining, Gresham hit a deadlift German suplex for a two count. The action really picked up as Lethal went for the Lethal Injection, but Gresham countered with a kick and put Lethal in the Octopus. Shockingly, Lethal tapped out with only three minutes and 30 seconds left!

Lethal had to fire back quickly and did so, using strikes to set up a figure four leg lock. Cabana and Riccaboni questioned if Gresham could last the final two minutes in the painful hold. Gresham fought to reverse it, but he was forced to tap with about a minute left.

With only one minute remaining, Gresham went for several pin attempts, but the time expired with the match tied at one fall each.

Gresham got on the mic and declared he would not let the match end in a tie. So he demanded five more minutes! The fans wanted it, the ref agreed, Lethal accepted, and the match restarted.

A forearm battle erupted. The crowd was going nuts. Each man connected with vicious blows. Tons of reversals allowed Gresham to get a two count. Lethal looked like he was in trouble, but he valiantly fought back and went up top to hit his elbow drop, which earned him a two count.

With two minutes left in overtime, Gresham grabbed a sleeper hold, but Lethal hit a cutter out of nowhere, which set up the Lethal Injection. The finisher landed and earned Lethal the pin and the win.