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ROH TV results: LifeBlood vs. The Kingdom


PJ Black defeated Eli Isom

Isom put up a tough fight against the savvy veteran in the early going, landing a huge knee, but inevitably, Black’s experience edge earned him control as he caught Isom in a Boston crab.

After the break, Isom was trapped in a rocking horse style submission by Black. Isom fought out and managed to get back in the fight with an arm-trapped German suplex. A striking exchange occurred, but Isom connected with a step-up enzuigiri, which allowed him to hit a modified driver. Black then bailed to the floor and Isom followed with a suicide dive.

Isom threw Black back into the ring and went for some sort of springboard maneuver, but he slipped and nearly landed on his head. Black took control back from the rookie and hit a hurricanrana off the top rope.

Black then used a springboard 450 and went for the pin, but Isom kicked out at two. Black went up top again and landed a moonsault double stomp -- and that kept Isom down for the three count.

- Rhett Titus was at the announce table flexing for Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman.

Women of Honor World Champion Kelly Klein defeated Ray Lyn

Before the match, Lyn told Klein that she doesn’t like or respect her, and she will never shake her hand.

Klein disrespected Lyn right back in the early going, but Lyn grabbed a handful of hair to get the advantage. She put the boots to Klein, beat her up, and went up top. Lyn came off with a crossbody but was caught by Klein, who threw Lyn with a fallaway slam.

Klein fired up and nailed some hard strikes, finishing with a big boot. Klein then hit K-Power for the win.

After the match, Klein picked up Lyn and shook her hand. She declared that she was a fighting champion and that she was proud to defend the Women of Honor Championship. She then talked trash on Allure. She said Women of Honor is about wrestling.

This brought out Allure's Mandy Leon and Velvet Sky. Meanwhile, Angelina Love slid in behind Klein and nailed her with the running boot. Jenny Rose came in to make the save, but she got laid out as well. Allure used lipstick to tag an “A” on the forehead of Rose.

- Dalton Castle came to the ring and called out The Boys, saying that he owed them an explanation for his attack on them. The Boys hesitantly came to the ring. Castle said that what happened at Madison Square Garden was a mistake. He said he was frustrated and took his frustrations out on them. Castle said he wanted to move past this mistake and go forward.

The Boys hugged Castle, and Castle said that the three of them are stronger than ever. He then declared that he would never put his hands on his Boys again. Castle paused and then added that these are no Boys of his. Castle attacked The Boys and left them laying. He took their masks off as well.

LifeBlood (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) defeated The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia)

The Kingdom jumped LifeBlood at the bell, but bailed almost immediately.

Once the referee had control, it was Marseglia who took over on Haskins. Marseglia tagged in O’Ryan, and he began chopping away. Williams was able to make a sneaky blind tag to get LifeBlood back in the fight. Williams blocked the interference from Marseglia. LifeBlood trapped the feet of O’Ryan and Marseglia and then used a double Camel Clutch on the Kingdom.

After the break, The Kingdom had isolated Williams and were targeting his already injured shoulder. The Kingdom cut the ring off from Williams and stopped him from being able to reach Haskins. O’Ryan cranked a shoulder lock on Williams and followed it up with a double underhook suplex.

O’Ryan tagged in Marseglia, who walloped Williams in the corner. However, Williams landed on his feet off of a back suplex attempt and nailed Marseglia with a leg drop. That allowed him to get to Haskins for the tag. Haskins came in and ran wild until hooking an arm lock on O’Ryan. Marseglia pulled O’Ryan’s foot on the ropes to cause the break.

LifeBlood continued to attack O’Ryan. Williams went up top, but Marseglia distracted him. It didn’t matter though as Williams managed to drop O’Ryan with a DDT on the top turnbuckle.

Marseglia came in for the save. The Kingdom went for the House of 1000 Horses, but O’Ryan took too long and Williams escaped. Williams hoisted up O’Ryan and dropped him on his knee. Haskins came in and put O’Ryan into a Sharpshooter submission. O’Ryan had nowhere to go and had to tap.

Williams grabbed the microphone after their win and said that Ring of Honor was all about taking care of business. He called out Bully Ray and called him a company cancer. He invited Bully Ray to the ring. Bully Ray came out onto the ramp, said “go to hell,” and walked away.