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ROH TV results: LifeBlood vs. Team Lethal


Back at Center Stage in Atlanta, Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana, and Caprice Coleman called the action.

Madison Rayne defeated Sumie Sakai and Jenny Rose in a triple threat match

Rayne got an early pin attempt on Sakai. Rose then put down Rayne and Sakai with a double clothesline. She used a fisherman's suplex on Sakai, but Rayne broke it up. Rose hit a spinning sidewalk slam on Rayne and got a two count. Rayne fought back and landed a step-up enzuigiri.

Sakai inserted herself back into the match with a jumping kick. She then used a Boston crab on Rose, but that allowed Rayne to put a sleeper hold on Sakai until Sakai used a head-and-arm throw and then sunk in an armbar on Rayne. Rose broke up the submission and launched Sakai with a German suplex.

After the commercial, Sakai used a fisherman's buster on Rose that earned a two count. Sakai went up top and missed with a moonsault. That allowed Rose to hit a codebreaker and spear on Sakai, but Rayne broke up the pin.

Rayne then used a Northern Lights bridging suplex and a ripcord cutter on Rose. She gave another cutter to Sakai and nearly won the match, but Sakai kicked out at two. Sakai caught Rayne with her TJ neckbreaker, but she couldn’t follow it up with a pin.

On the outside, Sakai hit a running dropkick onto both opponents from the apron to the floor. She tossed Rayne back in for a pin, but Rayne kicked out at two. Sakai went for her Smash Mouth finisher on Rayne, but Rayne escaped. Rayne caught Sakai and used an inverted DDT for the win.

LifeBlood (Juice Robinson, David Finlay, Tracy Williams, Mark Haskins & Bandido defeated Team Lethal (ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, Flip Gordon, Dalton Castle & ROH Television Champion Jeff Cobb)

LifeBlood's Tenille Dashwood joined the commentary team.

The captains, Lethal and Robinson, started it off for their respective teams. Robinson scored first with a knockdown off a shoulder tackle. Castle demanded to be tagged in and Lethal obliged. Castle began jaw-jacking with Bandido, then Robinson tried to roll him up from behind.

There was a bizarre exchange where Robinson and Castle each swung and missed at each other over a dozen times. Finally, Robinson began connecting with jabs and Castle bailed to the floor. Castle tagged in Gresham and Robinson tagged in Williams. Some excellent technical wrestling exchanges ended with Gresham catching Williams in a headscissors, but Williams escaped and offered a hand to Gresham to pick him up off the mat.

After commercial, Lethal and Finlay were in the ring and Finlay landed a big dropkick that got Lethal’s attention. Finlay tagged in Haskins. Lethal tagged in Cobb. They locked up and Cobb shoved the smaller man down twice and knocked him down with a shoulder tackle.

Haskins finally got a few kicks to the chest and a slap to the face. Cobb caught Haskins and launched him with a German, but Haskins landed on his feet. Cobb then kipped up to his feet and the two stared each other down. Haskins tagged in Bandido and Cobb tagged in Gordon. The crowd was going wild.

Bandido and Gordon exchanged an incredible array of moves where each landed on their feet multiple times, then both missed a dropkick and kipped up to their feet. The crowd chanted "ROH" as the show went to commercial.

After the break, Lethal was in the ring with Bandido and tagged in Castle, who rolled Bandido around and powered him up for a slam. Castle landed a nice suplex and tagged Gordon back in. Bandido cut off Gordon with shoulders to the gut and a big kick. Bandido then tagged in Williams, who took over on Gordon with a couple of suplexes.

Williams tagged in Haskins, with Haskins attacking the arm of Gordon with a few submission holds until Gresham got in and broke it up. Haskins tagged in Robinson, who connected with a standing senton. Robinson tagged in Finlay, with him continuing the beating on Gordon.

Bandido then tagged in and landed a senton. He tagged Finlay back in, but Finlay was cut off by a springboard slingblade by Gordon. That allowed Gordon to tag in Lethal and Finlay to tag in Haskins. Lethal ran wild on Haskins, which led to the final commercial break.

After the break, Lethal was cut off by Robinson (who was not the legal man). Robinson used a running cannonball and a full nelson slam on Lethal. This led to a parade of moves and cut offs.

Robinson was cut off by Gordon with a springboard dropkick, Gordon was cut off by a spear from Finlay, Finlay was cut off by a bulldog from Castle, Castle was cut off by a Bandido Doctor Bomb, Bandido was cut off by an enzuigiri from Gresham, Gresham was cut off by a clothesline from Williams, Williams was cut off by a moonsault from Cobb, and Cobb was cut off by a Haskins boot and a running suicide dive to the floor onto everyone.

Gordon got back in and came off the top rope with a flip dive. That left Bandido alone to do a corkscrew flip dive to everyone off the top turnbuckle to the floor.

Haskins and Lethal were left in the ring. Gresham slid in -- and Lethal launched him for a crazy rolling cutter on Haskins. Lethal went for the pin on Haskins, but everyone broke it up.

Castle then took the tag from Lethal -- and Castle and Haskins went back and forth with forearms. Castle went for the Bang-A-Rang, but Haskins got out and put Castle in a sharpshooter submission hold and Castle was forced to tap out.

In a show of honor after the match, everyone except Castle stood across from each other and exchanged handshakes.