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ROH TV results: Marty Scurll defends against Frankie Kazarian


Synopsis --

Marty Scurll defended his ROH World TV title in the main event against Frankie Kazarian, albeit with some outside interference. Matt Sydal then made a surprise return to confront “The Villain” after the title match. In another confrontation involving a championship, ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels and Cody (Rhodes) looked ahead to a match in the future.

Elsewhere on the show, Josh “The Goods” Woods won the 2017 Top Prospect Tournament only to find himself the target of another potential prospect. Also, Lio Rush went airborne in a match against Shane Taylor.

Where to Watch --

The episode began airing this past weekend in syndication. The show is available this week via the FITE TV app before airing Wednesday at midnight ET on Comet TV, including that channel’s free online live stream. In Canada, ROH airs on The Fight Network. The episode is also available via the official ROH website for free starting Thursday. Check local listings for availability in your area.

For our subscribers, Bryan and Vinny reviewed this episode on last Sunday night’s edition of the B&V Show.

Show Recap --

The episode opened with an in-ring promo. Is this Raw?

ROH World Champion Christopher Daniels was in the ring welcoming viewers to the show. He went on to talk about his challengers past and present. Daniels concluded by mentioning that Cody (Rhodes) attacked him at Supercard of Honor.

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Daniels wanted ROH officials to book a match with him and Cody. Cue Cody's theme song as he entered the scene to confront Daniels in person. Cody did a full entrance with pyro. Cody wanted a title match at the War of the Worlds show in the Hammerstein Ballroom.

Cody portrayed himself as an outsider that is not even a full-timer in ROH. According to a note in the Tuesday Daily Update, that might not be the case for much longer as Cody is reportedly inking a deal with ROH. Cody will challenge for the title in a triple threat match at the War of the Worlds pay-per-view in New York.

A video package highlighted ROH World TV Champion Marty Scurll, who defends his title on the main event of this show. Then in a pre-taped promo, Frankie Kazarian threatened violence upon the champion. Kazarian said Scurll will need his umbrella because it will rain blood. He may need more than an umbrella if that were to happen. Nonetheless, the umbrella would still factor into their match later on.

Shane Taylor (w/ Caprice Coleman) defeated Lio Rush

Before the match, Coleman chastised Rush for deceiving The Rebellion. Taylor would make Rush pay his penance in storyline. In reality, Rush is leaving the promotion and putting over a new monster heel on the way out.

The story of the match was David vs. Goliath, except Goliath got the win. Rush flew in and out of the ring during the fast-paced match, but Taylor kept overpowering him. To set up the heat spot, Taylor caught Rush on a springboard and posted him. After a commercial break, Rush flew once again as the pace quickened even more.

Coleman got involved by hopping on the apron. He got knocked off and dispatched upside down on the outside. They went into the finish where Rush was launched in the air taking a sit-out powerbomb. Taylor then pinned him.

The Motor City Machine Guns ran to the ring to assist Rush. They have an ongoing program with The Rebellion, so the heel faction attacked them. Taylor climbed the ropes and splashed Chris Sabin to put an exclamation point on the beatdown.

Josh “The Goods” Woods defeated John Skyler to win the 2017 Top Prospect Tournament

The two finalists in the tournament each got a pre-taped promo to establish their characters, along with a video package highlighting their journey to the finals. The culmination of the tournament then led to an angle establishing a new character not even in the tourney itself.

Woods has an MMA gimmick and worked that into the finish. Skyler got to play to his strengths while also helping lead the way. They continued a theme on this show of doing a lot in a limited amount of time.

Heading into the finish, Skyler got a near fall in the closing moments and looked to put away a reeling Woods. However, Woods countered with an O'Connor roll, then followed up with a German suplex. After a two count, Woods transitioned into a kneebar for the submission.

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In the aftermath of the match, David Starr ran in to jump Woods. He sucker-punched him and began to mock Woods. Starr then cut a promo putting himself over, along with mentioning his countless number of nicknames. He ended by saying he is very good at professional wrestling. Okay, cool story bro.

Adam Cole in a pre-taped promo once again pleaded with The Young Bucks for them all to reconcile their differences. In recent weeks, Cole was more solemn, but this promo had more panic in his voice. Desperation mounts as he looks at ways to reunite the Superkliq.

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ROH World TV Champion Marty Scurll defeated Frankie Kazarian to retain his title

They began with chain wrestling and Scurll soon started to underestimate Kazarian. Scurll quickly paid for that after taking an implant DDT on the floor. Somehow, Scurll managed to recover and counter Kazarian. It wasn't for long as Kazarian unleashed a flurry of offense leading to a few near falls.

Scurll was able to regroup and attempt to apply a crossface chicken wing. Kazarian countered into a pinning combination for a two count. Scurll then dropped Kazarian into a brainbuster for another near fall.

Being “The Villain,” Scurll retrieved his umbrella. Kazarian cut him off and got the umbrella. Scurll then got a bag of powder that was hidden under the ring. Scurll threw powder towards Kazarian, only to inadvertently blind the referee instead. Kazarian executed his finisher called the Ace of Spades.

After covering Kazarian for longer than a three count with the referee still down selling, Bullet Club's Hangman Page stormed to the ring and hit Kazarian with a chair. Scurll covered Kazarian as the referee miraculously regained his sight long enough to count the pinfall.

Afterwards, Daniels rushed to the ring and tended to Kazarian. Scurll then grabbed the house microphone and said he wanted more competition in ROH. Suddenly, Matt Sydal returned to ROH wanting a TV title shot. He confronted the TV champion as the show closed.