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ROH TV results: Matt Taven issues an open challenge


Jeff Cobb opened the show by telling Silas Young that he’s going to give him a first class Tour of the Islands in their Television Championship match tonight.

ROH Television Champion Jeff Cobb defeated Silas Young to retain his title

Young defeated Beer City Bruiser and Eli Isom in a mini-tournament to earn this title shot. Cobb took the early edge by using some amateur-style wrestling. Young scurried out of the ring to the floor.

After the break, Young asked for the Code of Honor and shook Cobb’s hand -- but then used a throat thrust cheap shot. However, that only served to upset Cobb. A standing moonsault nearly led to an early Tour of the Islands, but Young held the ropes and bated Cobb to come to him. Young used a low kick and a stun gun across the ropes to gain control. Young hit strikes and chops to beat down Cobb.

After the second break, Young remained in control and used a rolling DVD and a double stomp but only got a two count. Cobb fought to his feet and used forearms to hurt Young. Cobb went for a suplex, but Young floated over and hit a backbreaker to injure Cobb’s ribs.

Young nailed the Anarchist suplex but only got two. Young taunted Cobb, which awoke the Hawaiian juggernaut and he nailed an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Cobb went for the Tour of the Islands again, but Young grabbed the ropes -- so Cobb gave him four German suplexes and then finally hit the Tour of the Islands to retain.

Matt Taven issued an open challenge to anyone -- except ROH World Champion Jay Lethal.

A recap aired of Mayu Iwatani defeating Kelly Klein to win the Women of Honor World Championship.

Rush defeated Vinny Marseglia

A brawl started it off. Marseglia got the upper hand with a tilt-a-whirl side Russian leg sweep. Rush bailed to the floor and Marseglia followed. Marseglia pulled up the black mats on the floor. He went for a suplex on the floor, but Rush countered it. Marseglia landed a big knee and tossed Rush back in the ring.

Rush finally battled back and tossed Marseglia to the floor, then beat him up on the outside. Rush threw him in, nailed a boot to the face, and did the Tranquilo pose. Marseglia fought out and used a nice backbreaker on Rush, but he ran into a big boot and a belly-to-belly suplex into the corner.

A huge running double stomp dropkick called La Lanza earned Rush the win.

Jonathan Gresham answered Matt Taven’s open challenge for Taven's “real” ROH World Championship.

Jonathan Gresham defeated Matt Taven by DQ

Referee Todd Sinclair threw Marseglia and TK O’Ryan out and sent them to the back before the match began.

Taven blindsided Gresham to start the match and then rained down punches. Gresham finally countered into an octopus lock, but Marseglia and O’Ryan immediately came back out and jumped Gresham to cause the disqualification.

Lethal ran out to make the save but also got beat down. Taven put a table into the ring. They laid Lethal out and looked to hit him with the ax -- but Lifeblood, led by Juice Robinson, made the save.

Taven and The Kingdom fled, but they accidentally left Taven's fake belt at ringside. Mark Haskins got the belt and handed it to Lethal. Lifeblood and Lethal had the belt, the bat, and the ax in the ring.

Tenille Dashwood got the mic and said that the fake belt has been a symbol of dishonor since Taven began carrying it. She suggested Lethal destroy it. Lethal obliged, and he began violently bashing the belt with the baseball bat. That wasn’t good enough, so he grabbed the ax and chopped the belt.

The gold plating peeled off and Lethal ripped the belt apart to close the show.