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ROH TV results: Rhett Titus vs. Delirious


Date: December 21st, 2020.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Big Takeaway: Dalton Castle pinned Brian Johnson in a well-fought contest, and Rhett Titus pinned Delirious in a Pure Rules match.

Quinn McKay joined us in the studio to start the show. She runs down the card for tonight’s episode, including former ROH Tag Team C\champion Rhett Titus taking on Delirious in Pure Rules action and “The Mecca” Brian Johnson taking on Dalton Castle.

A package aired for Dalton Castle prior to his match. Castle states he has an issue with Brian Johnson simply because he’s rude. Castle says he has a lot of rage inside of him, and Johnson is just the right shape to break.

Johnson, in response, said he’s sick of ROH living in the past and focusing on yesteryear. Johnson said he’s gonna send Castle on a losing spree and that’s it’s always going to be  Mecca vs Everybody. Johnson is a really good talker. 

Dalton Castle pinned Brian Johnson (10:30)

Castle immediately caught a running Johnson in a Bang-A-Rang attempt, but Johnson escaped and rolled out of the ring. Johnson slid back in the ring and Castle regained command, beating down on Johnson’s back. Johnson dumped Castle to the outside and goaded him into running face-first into the turnbuckle post. Johnson tossed Castle back in the ring and carried on with his beatdown with a series of stiff clotheslines. 

Back from the break and Johnson is still in control. A few moments later, Johnson was barking at the ref and Castle rolled him up for a two count. Johnson quickly regained command, working on the left arm of Castle. Despite working heavily on the arm, Johnson never attempted to do a big move involving it. 

Castle had a moment of hope when he distributed a knee to Johnson’s skull, but Johnson rolled out of the ring. Castle and Johnson found their way to the top rope when Johnson hit the kill shot, but it wasn’t enough to put Castle away. Castle finally found some incentive and delivered a series of knees and suplexes, following them up with the Bang-A-Rang for the win. 

Castle joined McKay backstage for post-match comments. Castle said Johnson got what he deserved, and he feels like he’s on the right track again. Castle invited McKay to get a drink with him.


LSG talked about making a name for himself. He says if he has to do it at Kenny King’s expense then that’s okay. LSG called King washed up and said that King doesn’t have the speed and agility he used to.

King said he sees a lot of himself in LSG. King says that LSG hung with Jay Lethal in their match, that doesn’t cut it anymore in wrestling.


Rhett Titus had some pre-match thoughts. Titus said he can’t remember life before ROH. Titus said he was on the brink of giving it all up until The Foundation reached out to him. Titus said that it’s his turn to rewrite his own history, starting with Delirious. 

Delirious also had a pre-match promo. Delirious said that Titus is a major part of his career, but he has won all of their singles matches. Delirious called Titus a machine and under-appreciated. Delirious said that he didn’t want anybody to understand him, so he lays low.

Rhett Titus pinned Delirious in a Pure Rules contest (12:24)

Code Of Honor adhered to.

Titus and Delirious wrestled on the mat early, exchanging various leg and headlocks. This turned into both men exchanging various pinning combinations, all resulting in two counts.

Back from the break and Titus had a firm headlock applied to Delirious. It was quickly reversed and turned into a side headlock by Delirious. Titus thought he finally gained sway in the contest after delivering a side slam, but Delirious quickly climbed the ropes and shot off the top with a dropkick to the back of Titus. Delirious tried to apply a cobra clutch after the move, but Titus used his first rope break. 

Delirious let go on the move then immediately clamped it back on, causing Titus to use his second rope break. Delirious was getting way too much control in this match for my liking. Delirious then applied a standing headlock on Titus, but Titus ran toward the ropes, dumping Delirious on the outside. This questionably cost Titus his third and final rope break. 

Delirious and Titus made their way back in the ring, but Delirious went back to the standing cobra clutch once again. Titus escaped and hit a beautiful northern lights suplex. Titus got off-track again fast when Delirious hit a cobra clutch overhead suplex. Moments later, Titus hit his standing dropkick for the win. 


Final Thoughts:

Coming off a strong Final Battle PPV, this week’s episode of ROH TV was rather uneventful. This is usually expected in some companies, so i expect ROH to be back on track next week. Brian Johnson is really good on the microphone, and not a half-bad wrestler either. Delirious main eventing ROH TV in 2020 is certainly a questionable choice, but his match with Rhett Titus was above-average.