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ROH TV results: Rush vs. Shane Taylor World title match


The Big Takeaways:

In a big "Championship Edition" of ROH, Kenny King and Dragon Lee captured the ROH Tag Team titlesin a tainted win while Rush retained his ROH World title -- also in a tainted victory.

The broadcast started with La Faccion Ingobernable backstage. Rush said that no matter who they put in front of him, the result will be the same every time. Bestia slapped a chair and repeated Rush’s sermon. Kenny King then approached and told Rush he didn’t need a chair to beat Shane Taylor. Rush argued and told King that LFI is all about pure humiliation. 

Dragon Lee and Kenny King (w/ Amy Rose) defeated Jon Gresham and Jay Lethal to win the ROH Tag Team titles (14:11)

The commentary team noted that if somebody breaks up a pinfall, it counts against their team as a rope break use. 

Lee and Gresham began with a very fluid exchange of takedowns that ended in a stalemate. After their partners tagged in, Lethal quickly locked in a figure four and King used a rope break. King tagged out to Lee who used a closed fist on Lethal and the referee issued him a warning. Lee took advantage and shoved Lethal out of the ring, following it up with a suicide dive that took us into a commercial break.

The match heated up after Lethal and King got hot tags. Gresham and Lee exchanged forearms for a good 20 seconds, followed up by a waist lock exchange that Gresham won. Gresham and Lethal tried their rolling cutter combination but Lee caught Gresham and planted him with a piledriver. King got in and nailed Gresham with a rolling brainbuster followed by a knee to the skull from Lee. Lethal broke up the pin, using one of their rope breaks.

Lethal went for a dive on King on the outside, but crashed into Rose instead. With the referee distracted, Lee used a closed fist and nailed Gresham in the jaw, picking up the pin afterward.

-- Shane Taylor cut a promo, saying that people like him aren’t supposed to win the ROH World title. He wasn’t speaking about race, but rather the truth he speaks. Taylor said the way he carries himself and speaks up on social issues scares people and that’s okay. He’s grateful that the ROH fans voted him to become no. 1 contender and that he wants to become the champion that Nigel McGuinness and Samoa Joe were.

ROH World Champion Rush defeated Shane Taylor (18:14)

Kenny King joined the commentary booth for this bout.

Rush ran the ropes and Taylor bulldozed him with a shoulder tackle. Rush popped right back up, but Taylor put him right back down with a spinebuster. Taylor took the fight to the outside and threw Rush into the barricade multiple times. Taylor positioned him on the apron, planting him with a DDT to the floor to head into the break.

After the break, Rush was in control on the outside, slamming Taylor’s head into the barricade. He introduced extension cords into the match and whipped Taylor twice, transitioning into a choke using the cords. Rush rolled Taylor back in the ring and continued his dominance into another commercial break.

After the break, Rush remained in control. He hit a double stomp from the second rope, but Taylor powered out of a pin attempt at two. Taylor and Rush then exchanged forearms and headbutts with Taylor hitting a piledriver as well. Rush popped up, catching the flying Taylor and throwing him into the turnbuckle. Taylor threw Rush off of him, causing him to knock down the referee.

Bestia ran in and handed a chair to Rush. King ran in off commentary and stopped Rush in a show of respect for Taylor. But, King then swung the chair and nailed Taylor, shouting his loyalty for LFI. Rush connected with The Horns afterward for the win. 

Final Thoughts: 

The Championship Edition this week was a great watch. LFI now holds three of four championships in ROH, which I believe won't last for long. While it does, it's great. Faction-focused wrestling is something a lot of companies do nowadays, but ROH does it very well.

Dragon Lee is a top ten wrestler in the world and 100% deserves to hold two titles. With Kenny King hitting Taylor with a chair, it truly cements his place and belonging in LFI. While Taylor deserved to win the belt, I still think his time is coming.