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ROH TV results: Shane Taylor vs. Brody King


Date: 11/30/2020

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Big Takeaway: Josh Woods defeated Jay Lethal in a Pure Rules contest. Brody King defeated Shane Taylor in a brutal, hard-hitting hoss fight. Matt Taven debuted a new talk show, and Mark Briscoe pondered his tag team future.

We began this week's show with The Foundation. Jonathan Gresham introduced his illustrious faction, staking their claim on Ring Of Honor. Jay Lethal claimed that they aren’t the bad guys, and that they’re just trying to restore honor to their great company. Lethal revealed that the man under the red octopus mask is former ROH Tag Team Champion, Rhett Titus. Tracy Williams told Titus to not remove his mask just yet, because it would just lead to more lack of appreciation. Williams said that they’re here to rebuild Ring Of Honor brick by brick. 


We transitioned to the lovely Quinn McKay. She ran down the card for tonight’s show. Shane Taylor vs. Brody King and Josh Woods vs. Jay Lethal are on the schedule. 

Next, a package for Josh Woods aired. Woods said he demanded perfection from himself in the Pure Tournament, but fell short to Jonathan Gresham. Woods said that his overall background is more impressive than Lethals career, touting his MMA and amateur wrestling experience. Woods said that he needs this victory over Lethal for fans to change how they feel about him.

We get another package, this time for Jay Lethal. Lethal said that it warms his heart to see pure professional wrestling back in ROH. Lethal called Josh Woods the most dangerous man in the company under pure rules. 

Josh Woods pinned Jay Lethal in a Pure Rules contest. (14:02)

Code Of Honor was adhered to. Woods gained control early with a high wristlock. Woods attempted an armbar early which forced Lethal to use his first rope break. Each competitor gets 3 rope breaks under Pure rules. Woods began ground and pound on Lethal, holding him down for multiple pinning maneuvers. Lethal got back some control by countering an armbar with a cartwheel dropkick.

Back from commercial, Lethal had Woods in a camel clutch. This caused Woods to use his first rope break. Woods tried to lift Lethal up for a brainbuster, but his back gave out mid-maneuver. Lethal and Woods began trading brutal forearms to the skull when out of nowhere Woods hit a bridging German Suplex for a two count. Woods rolled out of the ring, but was immediately hit with a Lethal suicide dive.

Lethal threw Woods back in the ring, went to the top rope and attempted his Macho Man elbow drop, but Woods caught him in an armbar. Lethal escaped quickly and went for the Lethal Injection, but Woods caught him again with a rear naked choke. Lethal motioned out quickly, but Woods locked in a knee bar as Lethal was crawling away. Lethal again found a way out of the kneebar, but Woods trapped his legs again and rolled him up for the 3 count. 


Matt Taven now has a talk show called Trending With Taven. His first guest was the returning Mike Bennett. Bennett said  that he has earned his way back to ROH, and that it’s good to be reunited with Taven. Bennett said Taven needed someone to have his back. A message flashed across the screen telling us that the rest of the interview was available on HonorClub. 


We got a promo from Mark Briscoe. He said being 12 time ROH Tag Team champions sounds better than being 11 time champions. He also stated his disappointment in Jay Briscoe for being so focused on EC3. Mark said he’s going for the tag titles with or without Jay. 


Brody King spoke on his upcoming match with Shane Taylor. King said he has many similarities with Taylor, but also a lot of differences. Brody said what motivates him is championship gold, while Taylor always feels like he’s owed something. He finished the promo saying that both him and Taylor are both rocks, but King is being shot out of a cannon. 

Shane Taylor was next. Taylor said he had a weight lifted off his back after the match with Kenny King. The hypocrisy runs wild in Brody King’s fanbase because if he was running around in a ski mask like King is, everyone would judge him. Taylor said he has nothing against Brody King, but he’s going to beat him. 

Brody King pinned Shane Taylor (13:03)

King and Taylor both attempted running shoulder tackles early, but neither man moved an inch. They traded forearms to the jawline before Brody took control and gave Taylor multiple chops and forearms to the chest. Both competitors spilled to the outside and King threw Taylor skull first into the ring post. 

Back from commercial, Taylor planted King with a draping DDT off the apron to the floor. Taylor took control, hitting King with hard forearms every time he tried to stand up. Taylor backed up and drove his knee into King, which sent both men through the barricade. Taylor rolled back in the ring, starting a count on King. King rolled in at 19,  but Taylor went and began stomping on him immediately. King gained control of the contest by draping Taylor on the ropes and hitting a cannonball on Taylor’s back, giving King a two count. King lifted Taylor’s dead weight and hit a Death Valley driver into the turnbuckle. 

Both men are exchanging open palm strikes and forearms following a commercial break. King hit a running swing slam, only getting a two count on Taylor. King tried to follow up with a powerbomb, but Taylor hit a package piledriver with King kicking out at 2.9. King sprung up fast and hit a burning lariat on Taylor, who powered out at a 1 count. King followed up with another burning lariat, which resulted in a pinfall. 


Final Thoughts: 

I have a hot take: Shane Taylor has been the MVP of ROH since its return. He has put on four high quality matches, and he’s such a great talker. He’s being booked very strongly, even being protected in a loss to Brody King, who also looks phenomenal and seems to be on a collision course with Rush heading into Final Battle. 

The Foundation has potential to be an all-time great ROH stable, on the levels of The Age Of The Fall or Generation Next. I'm not sure about the addition of Rhett Titus, but i’ll give it a chance. Lethal vs Woods was a fun watch; Woods has that smug star quality about him that a wrestler needs to succeed.