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ROH TV results: Shane Taylor vs. Kenny King


Date: 11/16/2020

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Big Takeaway: Shane Taylor defeated Kenny King in a hard hitting match, while SOS and The Briscoes had a fun, competitive tag team bout.

The show began with an Amy Rose led video package about La Faccion Ingobernable. She stated that while the world has changed, the faction hasn’t and should not be forgotten about. Rose noted that Rush is the ROH Champion and Dragon Lee is the ROH TV Champion. Rose said that ROH will belong to them when they return. 


Quinn Mckay checked in from the ROH Studio and ran down tonight’s show. She also showed highlights from last week’s contest between Dalton Castle and Brody King. Post match comments from King included him stating that he’s a new Brody King, and he lives by two words: Just Violence. 

We then got a package hyping the upcoming tag team bout between SOS and The Briscoes. SOS told the Briscoes that their lives are in danger when they step into the ring with them. 

The Briscoes pinned SOS (Jasper Kaun and Moses Maddox) (9:41)

As SOS were making their entrances, EC3 joined Riccaboni and Coleman on commentary. 

Both teams adhered to the Code Of Honor. 

Moses and Jay started the match off. Moses sent Jay to the mat with a running shoulder tackle. EC3 questioned whether either team actually had honor, and when Coleman asked him to define his definition of honor, EC3 said it’s undefinable. Jay tagged Mark in, who quickly took down Moses with a Russian Leg sweep. Mark threw Moses towards the ropes. Jay tagged himself in, but ran into a headbutt from Moses. Moses quickly tagged Kaun in, who steamrolled Jay with a clothesline.

Mark came off on the hot tag and back body dropped Kaun for a two count. The Briscoes performed a fluid sequence of double team maneuvers, tagging each other in and out. They positioned Kaun on the top turnbuckle, and hit a thudding double superplex off the top rope. It only warranted Jay a two count. We went to a break.

We return from break and both teams are present in the ring in the middle of a slugfest. Moses and Jay spilled to the outside, while Kaun came off the top rope delivering a frog splash to Mark, but only for a two count. Jay slid a chair to Mark, who set it up for him, which led to Jay using it to hit a diving senton on the outside to Kaun. Mark quickly recovered, went to the top rope and hit the frog splash on Moses for the win.

Both teams adhered to the Code Of Honor after the match. EC3 left the announce desk and stood with a blank face on the stage. Jay questioned why he was standing there, while Mark told him to not worry about it as they headed to the back.


A video package featuring Bateman and Matt Taven aired. Bateman asked Taven what it’s like to live life being a coward. He said Taven went from winning the ROH Title at MSG to living life with a target on his back. Taven made fun of Bateman’s leader Vincent, noting that he says the word “man” obsessively. He said that's the exact opposite of what Vincent is. 

Taven said that vengeance is coming, and revenge is forever. Taven said that if he had to go through “Master Bateman” to get to Vincent then he would. Taven vs. Bateman is on tab for next week. 


Quinn McKay caught up with The Briscoes backstage. Mark told Jay to stop worrying about EC3, but Jay couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. Jay issued a challenge to EC3 for next week’s show.


A promo video aired for Kenny King and Shane Taylor. Taylor said that pro wrestling saved his life, because his childhood was troubled with violence and drugs. He also spoke about how Keith Lee helped him tremendously.

King complained about the way he was eliminated from the ROH Pure Title tournament, stating his lawyers had sent a letter to ROH about the incident. He told Taylor that this match was strictly business, not personal. 

Shane Taylor pinned Kenny King (10:14) 

King offered the Code Of Honor handshake, but Taylor refused. King took early control with a shifty little kick to the head of Taylor. Taylor retaliated with a booming forearm which dropped King to the mat with ease. King brought himself back up in the corner, but Taylor charged him with a clothesline, followed by another rough shot to the head. 

King finally regained some momentum, dropping Taylor in the corner following a series of knees. After both men ran the ropes for a second, Taylor took back control with a clothesline. Taylor followed it up with a leg drop to the larynx of King. Taylor backed King into the corner and began to run at him, but King sprung forward with a spinning heel kick. We went to break.

We came back from a break with King landing a massive German Suplex on Taylor, who popped right back up. He followed it up with a dropkick in the corner, only warranting King a two count. King waited for Taylor to return to his feet to attempt a pump kick, which was caught by Taylor. Taylor rolled King backwards and crushed him with a pump knee strike. Taylor followed it up with a package piledriver, but King surprisingly kicked out. Coleman noted that you can count on one hand how many people have kicked out of that. King began to talk trash to Taylor, but Taylor quickly shut him up, hitting “Welcome To The Land” for the three count. 

Taylor looked into the camera and told them to get the ROH World title ready for him as the show closed. 

Final Thoughts: ROH is a fantastic promotion right now. Their new format, along with just brightening up the broadcast in general, has benefited them tremendously. Shane Taylor is improving weekly, and I fully expect him to challenge RUSH at Final Battle. His friends “SOS” are a really fun team to watch as well. 

I’m still not really liking the direction EC3 is going in, he really bugged down commentary for the tag match. The Taven-Vincent stuff is good as well, and I'm excited for their hopeful payoff at Final Battle.