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ROH TV results: Six-Man Tag Team Championship match


Location: Philadelphia, PA

Quinn McKay revealed she was out of her usual hosting duties due to her match that is scheduled tonight, meaning Delirious is the guest host. Before Delirious came in, McKay drew names out of a pumpkin to decide wildcard tag teams to compete in a special Halloween four-corner tag team bout later on in the night. 

Delirious came in and spat out a bunch of inaudible words as the match cards ran across the screen, including a ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship bout between the current champions Shane Taylor Promotions (Taylor, Moses, and Kaun) and the trio of PCO, Danhausen, and Sledge. Also, ROH Women’s World Champion Rok-C teams up with Quinn McKay to face Miranda Alize and Max The Impaler. 

Max The Impaler & Miranda Alize (w/ Amy Rose) defeated Quinn McKay & Rok-C (6:37)

This match was ok, but suffered from a lack of a real rhythm and never felt like it hit its full stride. 

Rok-C and Alize started off the match, but went to blows immediately. Both women showed fierce striking abilities as they spilled into the corner, prompting McKay to tag in. McKay tried to separate the women and let cooler heads prevail, but would go blow for blow with Alize as the first commercial break ensued. 

When the break returned, Alize began to get weary due to the amount of time she’d been in the match. Although weary, she was constantly distracted by Rok-C and took her off the apron at one point. After McKay had missed a few moves, Alize was able to tag in Max. 

Max came in and lifted McKay on their shoulders, while also picking up Rok-C with their hands. Both were slammed on top of each other, but Alize tagged herself in and went to pick the bones. After nailing McKay with a go to sleep and only warranting a two count, Alize tagged out to Max. Max lifted both McKay and Rok-C on their shoulders, dumping them on the mat. Max would lift McKay back up and hit her signature backbreaker, as Alize tagged in one last time and made the pinfall herself. 

Rey Horus & Silas Young defeated Demonic Flamita & O’Shay Edwards, Flip Gordon & Matt Taven, and EC3 & World Famous CB in a Wildcard Trick Or Treat Halloween Tag Team Four-Corner Survival Match (11:29)

Despite being a very gimmicky-type match, I enjoyed this match for what it was. Maybe a bit too long, but it was still largely fine. 

CB and Young started off the bout. After exchanging a few pinfall attempts, Young seemed impressed with CB and tagged out to Horus. Flamita stormed the ring and threw CB out, meaning Flamita and Horus were the legal men. Horus sent Flamita packing after a sweet head scissors takedown, meaning Gordon would springboard off his turnbuckle and take down Horus. Gordon hit a series of moves from his 2018 persona, including a dropkick that sent Flamita to the hills. 

EC3 got in the ring, prompting Gordon to introduce himself like it was 2018. Gordon dodged a few clotheslines from EC3 before tagging out to his partner, Matt Taven. Taven got the advantage over EC3 and drop kicked him as a commercial ensued. 

When the break returned, Edwards was beating down Taven. Edwards tagged out to Flamita, who asked Horus to come help him double-team Taven.  After the duo hit a few moves together, Flamita superkicked Horus. 

The match broke down at this point, with nearly everyone in the match getting in the ring. Taven dove onto Edwards at ringside, who had CB in his hands. Horus would then dive onto Taven and CB, followed by Flamita diving onto all three of them. 

The finish of the match saw Horus and CB have a small exchange, but Horus was able to nail a 450 splash. Horus’ partner, Young, came in the ring and disposed of Horus, before making the successful pinfall himself. 

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses, Kaun) defeated PCO, Danhausen and Sledge in a title match (8:33)

Although this was extremely entertaining, I would have preferred the match to be extended by a few minutes to give it more meaning and purpose. 

Danhausen and Moses started out. Danhausen tried to take the big man off his feet, but was met with a shoulder block. Before Moses could inflict any more pain, Danhausen requested him to tag out to Taylor. Taylor came in, wrenched the arm of Danhausen, and delivered a flush strike to the jaw that sent him rolling out of the ring. Sledge and Taylor went face to face and traded strikes into a commercial break. 

PCO did his shtick as the match returned from break, hitting everybody in sight. He removed the turnbuckle cover and threw all three members of STP into it head first, before diving head-first onto the hard floor at ringside. After PCO regained his composure, he tagged out to Sledge who was met with a right knee from Taylor. Danhausen came in and had some success against Taylor, hitting a standing pump. 

The finish of the match saw PCO dive onto Sledge, while Danhausen was attacked 3-on-1. Moses and Kaun hit a double team move on Danhausen that was followed up by a piledriver from Taylor, which secured the pinfall victory.

Final Thoughts:

With the ROH hiatus news, it's hard to be super invested in the product given that it's all coming to an end very soon. It'll be interesting to see if the company pivots to a non-storyline focused show in the coming weeks and just puts on really good matches. Overall though, this was a fine edition of TV that had three fun matches heading  into Final Battle. This wasn't a can't miss show by any means, but if you're looking for just an easy to watch one hour show. this should be on your list.

This week's episode of ROH TV gets a grade of: Recommended Viewing