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ROH TV results: Tag team main event, Matt Taven appears


A recap of Matt Taven winning the ROH World Championship at Madison Square Garden opened the show.

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman called the action from ringside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Matt Taven came to the ring alone. The crowd littered the ring with streamers. Taven said, “I earned this...and I deserve this.” He ran down his own accolades. The crowd was actually supporting him respectfully.

As Taven was ranting about someone needing to earn an opportunity, the lights went out and Flip Gordon’s music hit. Gordon walked out on the ramp wearing a suit and said that he already earned his shot by winning the Sea of Honor tournament last year.

Gordon said that his knee is 100 percent and that ROH officials have declared him the number one contender. Gordon said he’s ready to challenge Taven.

A recap of the Jonathan Gresham and Silas Young feud aired.

Silas Young defeated Jonathan Gresham

An intense Code of Honor handshake started it off as Gresham was not going to be intimidated by the larger Young. A double hip toss sent both men to the floor. Outside of the ring, they exchanged some chain wrestling, which included a series of headlock takeovers.

Back in the ring, Young grounded Gresham as he showboated. Gresham finally fought free and landed a monster chop that got Young’s attention. This started a chop exchange that Gresham got the better of by using a closed fist. Young had gotten to him.

Next, Young used some nice chain wrestling to get the upper hand. Each man threatened a closed fist. Gresham attempted to counter out, but Young kept reversing into a wristlock. Gresham eventually got out of the hold with a dropkick that sent Young flying.

Young bailed to the floor and grabbed both a chair and the ring bell hammer. As referee Todd Sinclair took away the chair, Young blasted Gresham with the hammer. He then hooked on an abdominal stretch on Gresham. The referee had no choice but to stop the match as Gresham was out.  

A replay of the finish of Kelly Klein defeating Mayu Iwatani at Madison Square Garden aired. This was to set up the angle that happened after that match with the Allure group debuting, featuring Mandy Leon, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky.

Klein cut a promo saying that the Women of Honor World Championship was about wrestling, and that she’s going to give Allure the attention they desire. Klein said she’s there to clean up the hot mess they created.

ROH replayed the entire Rush vs. Dalton Castle match from Madison Square Garden, which Rush won in 16 seconds. This set up the heel turn by Castle as he destroyed the Boys post-match.

Riccaboni and Coleman talked about the disgusting actions of Bully Ray laying out Tenille Dashwood. This led to a promo by Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams. They said they are going to handle Bully Ray, but before they do, they’re going to take out The Kingdom.

The Briscoes defeated Soberano Jr. & Caristico

Mark Briscoe started it off with Soberano. Some kicks by Soberano set up a springboard hurricanrana onto Mark, who then tagged in Jay Briscoe. Caristico got Jay’s attention by hitting a back handspring flip and a hurricanrana of his own. Caristico used a springboard flipping arm drag to send Jay to the floor, where The Briscoes then regrouped.

After the break, Jay was beating up Caristico in the ring. He tagged in his brother Mark, who unloaded with punches. The Briscoes cut the ring in half, isolating Caristico in the corner. Finally, a double back handspring caught both Briscoes and gave Caristico the space he needed to tag in Soberano.

The two luchadores used some tandem flying maneuvers to send the Briscoes to the floor. Soberano did a running backflip dive on the brothers and Caristico followed that up with a high crossbody off the top turnbuckle.

Caristico was in the ring with Mark, who got hit with a kick and a flying crossbody -- but Caristico only got a two count. Soberano hit a Doomsday-style crossbody off of Caristico’s shoulders, but Jay broke up the pin.

Jay landed a Spicolli driver for a two count. The Briscoes hit Redneck Boogey, but Soberano kicked out at two. Jay then hit a Jay Driller and Mark followed that up with the Froggy Bow to get the win.