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ROH TV results: Tag Team titles on the line


Quinn McKay joined us from the ROH studio and ran down the card for this week's show which featured an eight-man tag between The Foundation and the team of Taylor Rust, Eli Isom, Joe Keys and World Famous CB as well as an ROH Tag Team title bout between current champion Dragon Lee and Kenny King vs. S.O.S (Moses and Kaun). 

ROH World Tag Team Champions La Facción Ingobernable (Dragon Lee & Kenny King) defeated S.O.S (Moses and Kaun) to retain (12:53)

This was a really fun match and although it would have been even better with a crowd, both teams came out of it looking strong. 

The champions immediately retreated from the ring as the bell rang, making Moses and Kaun look strong. Lee eventually climbed in the ring and went face to face with Moses. S.O.S were able to throw Lee out of the ring and isolate King going into a commercial break. 

After the break, S.O.S were still in full control but working over Lee instead of King. Kaun had positioned Lee on the apron for a suplex, but King was able to grab his foot and turn the move in Lee’s favor. 

Lee and King kept the momentum after that, taking turns isolating Kaun. Moses was finally able to get the tag, coming in and clearing house. 

The finish of the match saw Bestia Del Ring come down to the ring to distract referee Todd Sinclair right before he was about to count the pin after S.O.S’s finishing maneuver. Shane Taylor came down to run off Bestia, but due to the referee’s distraction, King poked Kaun in the eye and hit a Royal Flush. Lee followed it up with his Incinerator knee strike and the duo pinned Kaun for the win to retain the belts.

The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams) defeated Eli Isom, Joe Keys, Taylor Rust and World Famous CB (17:50)

This was a fine way to showcase the Pure division wrestlers in ROH, but it went way too long. 

Williams and Rust started off. Both teams took turns sending different competitors in the match, wrestling for a few seconds and then tagging out. Isom and Lethal had the longest exchange, which played mostly throughout a commercial break. 

Stories developed as the match went on with Gresham and Keys going at it with a “teacher vs. student” dynamic. Keys got Gresham off his game ever so slightly which sent the match into another gear. 

The constant tags continued, but became one-sided as Rust began isolating Lethal and tagging in and out. Once Isom came in, Lethal was able to fight back and made the hot tag to Williams while Isom tagged out to CB. 

Williams planted CB with a doctor bomb, shifting the control of the match towards The Foundation. It didn’t last for long as Rust came in and began to target Titus, including hitting his Perfect Circle neckbreaker. 

The finish of the match saw more chaos, but it came down to Gresham and Keys. Gresham took a few clotheslines and suplexes from Keys which resulted in a very good near fall. Gresham was able to catch Keys in a moment of rest and twisted the leg, turning it into a drop toehold lock which Keys eventually succumbed to. 

The show ended with a Vincent vignette. The video didn't contain much meaningful dialogue, but it seems like Vincent will be joining the division soon.

Next Week:

  • Rhett Titus vs. Tony Deppen 
  • Chris Dickinson and Brody King vs. Jonathan Gresham and Tracy Williams 
  • Homicide vs. Jay Lethal

Final Thoughts: 

This week's episode of ROH TV featured two fun matches, but the length of both were questionable. Due to ROH's TV format, though, these matches often tend to run a bit longer than they should.

Final Battle is nearing closer and closer, so I expect some storylines for that show to begin advancing soon.

In recent weeks, I have introduced a scale (Must Watch TV, Go Out of Your Way, Recommended Viewing, YouTube clips, Avoid at all Costs) in order to let you know if the current week of TV is worth your while. This week’s episode of ROH TV falls under Recommended Viewing.