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ROH TV results: Tag title match, six-man mayhem


Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana, and Caprice Coleman called the action from Center Stage in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shane Taylor defeated Rhett Titus, Luchasaurus, Kenny King, Chris Sabin, and Flip Gordon in a six-man mayhem match

Starting off in the ring were Sabin and Luchasaurus. They battled briefly, and King and Titus were in next. King and Titus had an even exchange. For a moment, the two men then re-formed their tag team of the All Night Xpress to work together to take out Luchasaurus and Taylor.

That didn’t last long as King and Titus began verbally attacking each other, which allowed Gordon to take over. A melee ensued with each man connecting with a move. It ended with Gordon landing a Pele kick on King. All the competitors were down as the show went to break.

After the commercial, King had managed to get control until Luchasaurus kicked him off the apron. Taylor booted Luchasaurus. Taylor then hit a bowling ball flip dive off the apron to the floor on King and Titus. This allowed Luchasaurus time to regroup and hit a running springboard flip dive over the top rope to the floor.

Not to be outdone, Gordon then ascended a balcony near ringside and hit a flip dive onto all four men. He tossed Taylor in and hit a 450, but King pulled him off the cover. The referee decided that his actions were illegal -- so he had King disqualified and sent to the back.

Inside, Titus managed to put down Luchasaurus and then powered up, hoisted Taylor up on his shoulders, and hit a Samoan drop. That only got a two count. Titus then did his best Lex Luger imitation, but Taylor blasted him with a knee and landed Greetings from the 216 on Titus for the win.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) defeated Master & Machine (Marcus Kross & Griff Garrison)

Milonas launched both opponents, then put them both down with a double clothesline. He tagged in Bruiser -- who missed a senton. A big elbow off the top barely phased the Bruiser. He caught Kross on his shoulders and planted the young man.

Kross used a double thrust palm strike to get some clearance and tag in Garrison. Garrison ran wild, but not for very long. He ran into a huge slam from Milonas, but Kross broke up the pin. Milonas put Kross up top and the Bouncers landed Closing Time on Garrison to get the win.

ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes defeated Chuckie T & Colt Cabana to retain their titles

Chuckie T came to the ring alone with a microphone. He announced that his best friend had a family emergency so his partner was...Colt Cabana. Cabana got undressed right at the announcers table. He joined Chuckie -- and they attacked The Briscoes right away.

Chuckie and Cabana got the early edge, but The Briscoes quickly cut off the newly formed tag team. The Briscoes put a hurting on Chuckie early, but he used a dropkick out of the corner to get the tag to Cabana -- who came in and landed a nice moonsault and a Flying Apple to each Briscoe. 

Chuckie tagged himself back in and went to work on Jay Briscoe with Soul Food and a standing Sliced Bread. He stalked The Briscoes, but they fought back on the outside. Jay suplexed Chuckie on the floor. Both Briscoes set up Cabana in a chair and Mark Briscoe hit a running blockbuster off the apron to Cabana. 

After the break, Jay was looking for the Jay Driller -- but Chuckie evaded it. However, Chuckie ended up on Jay's shoulders and nearly found himself on the wrong end of the Doomsday Device, but he scrambled out and got a roll-up for only a two count.

Chuckie then walked into a Jay Driller. That allowed Jay to get the pin as The Briscoes retained the ROH Tag Team titles.

The Briscoes weren't finished and continued to beat up Chuckie. With Cabana dispatched of, they got a table out from under the ring and set it up on the outside. Mark nailed a Froggy Elbow onto Chuckie through the table. 

- A recap of Bully Ray leading the charge to lay out The Elite and SoCal Uncensored aired. This was immediately followed by a recap of Juice Robinson's formation of the LifeBlood faction. 

- Riccaboni was in the ring and brought out Jay Lethal. Lethal said there was a lot of pressure on him besides just being the champion as he watched the company that he loved deteriorate.

Lethal mentioned Matt Taven walking around with a fake belt. Just then, he was interrupted by LifeBlood. Robinson came out with the other members in tow. 

Lethal said that he assumed LifeBlood felt the same way, but he didn't want to join a group like LifeBlood. Robinson said that with all due respect, there wasn't an invitation for Lethal to join. 

Lethal then addressed each member of LifeBlood individually and complimented them on their past performances. He called each of them one of the best wrestlers in the world. He said he believes they can get ROH back on track. Lethal went to leave -- but Robinson stopped him.

Robinson said that they should stop talking about it, and be about it. Robinson told Lethal to get four other like-minded guys in the back to compete against his team of five. In order to restore honor to ROH, Lethal accepted the challenge, so next week it will be LifeBlood vs. Lethal's team.