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ROH TV results: Ten-man Christmas tag team match


Date: December 28th, 2020

Location: Baltimore, Maryland 

The Big Takeaway: ROH Dojo competitors competed in a tag team contest, while Ring of Honor’s biggest stars battled it out in a massive Christmas ten-man tag team match.

Surrounded by Christmas decor, Quinn McKay welcomed us to the broadcast. She ran down the card for tonight, including a massive ten-man tag main event match. In this match, Jay and Mark Briscoe are captains of their own respective teams. 

A video package for Jay Briscoe aired, featuring him opening “gifts” that were supposed to reveal his partners for tonight's match. His partners were kept a secret.


A promo aired for Eric Martin and Ken Dixon. Both men tell us they’re from the ROH Dojo. Martin and Dixon ran down their wrestling history with both men coming off very awkward. Dixon revealed he has worked a few ROH squash matches before. 

Dante Caballero and Joe Keys, who are also from the Dojo, spoke next. Caballero revealed he’s from Puerto Rico and moved to the US to pursue his wrestling dream. Keys says they’ve earned their spot in ROH, and they’re not gonna lose it now. Keys came across well.


Dante Caballero & Joe Keys defeated Eric Martin & Ken Dixon (10:20)

Caballero and Martin began the match. Caballero trapped Martin in some early pinfall attempts, but Martin escaped quickly. After Martin began to pick up some steam, Caballero tagged in Keys. Keys and Caballero tagged in and out constantly, hitting multiple double team maneuvers. Martin finally got some space and tagged in Dixon. Dixon hit a few really nice shoulder tackles on Keys. With Dixon in control, we went to commercial break.

Back from the break and Martin and Keys are in the ring. Keys power slammed Martin and made the hot tag to Caballero. Caballero clotheslined Martin in the corner but Dixon had tagged himself in. Caballero caught Dixon in a crossface immediately but Martin broke it up. Dixon threw Caballero into the turnbuckle and used the bounce back momentum to hit a Buzz Sawyer Slam. Keys got the hot tag from Caballero and unloaded on Dixon. Joe Keys locked in a high angle Boston Crab and Dixon tapped out. 


Brian Johnson joined Riccaboni and Coleman at the announce desk. He gave both of them gifts. The gifts were shirts that said “Bozo #1” and “Bozo #2”.

Team Jay Briscoe defeated Team Mark Briscoe (14:12)

Team Jay included Jay Briscoe, Flip Gordon, Brawler Milonas, John Walters, and PCO.

Team Mark included Mark Briscoe, Beer City Bruiser, Dak Draper, Tracy Williams, and Dalton Castle. 

Walters and Williams began the contest. Williams downed Walters quickly after picking his ankle. Draper tagged himself in while Williams was plotting his next move. Gordon tagged himself in while Walters was distracted and drop kicked Draper. Gordon tagged in Milonas. Draper tagged in Beer City Bruiser to combat Milonas being in the ring. Milonas and Bruiser brawled for a moment before colliding into each other while running. Castle and PCO both tagged in. PCO hit an awful looking spine-buster to take us into a commercial break. 

Back from break as Castle tagged in Mark Briscoe. PCO also tagged in Jay Briscoe. After running the ropes together for a minute, Mark chopped Jay. Jay retaliated with an hurricanrana. This prompted both teams to rush the ring and all hell broke loose. 

Everybody spilled to the outside, which prompted a PCO moonsault onto an entire crowd of competitors. Both Briscoe brothers made their way back to the ring and began fighting again. Jay tagged in Walters who delivered a back elbow to Mark. Walters tagged in Gordon who kicked Mark once and tagged out to PCO. PCO did light work on Mark then tagged out to Walters. Mark finally tagged out to Beer City Bruiser, who delivered a few clotheslines to Walters.

Back from break and Williams was the legal man with Walters. Bruiser tagged in and hit a chokeslam cutter on Walters. All hell broke loose again as both teams were fought on the outside again. Williams was poached on the top rope and Jay Briscoe followed him up there, but Williams planted Jay with an elevated DDT. 

Williams locked in a figure four leg lock on Walters while Bruiser came flying off the top rope onto Walters. Draper came in and tried to boot PCO, but he was caught and planted into the ground with a DDT. PCO went to the top and hit his signature PCO-sault for the win. 


Final Thoughts: 

This was a fun, easy-going holiday filler episode of ROH TV. The Dojo tag team match didn't really wow me or anything; it was bare bones and average. 

While the ten-man tag contest was fun, the result was questionable. With this ROH "reset", I figured guys like PCO wouldn't be pinning up and comers like Dak Draper. PCO almost botched a few moves too, which is concerning. I also think Tracy Williams deserved a lot more shine in the match, considering he's a part of the biggest stable in the company right now. I assume that next week we'll get back to progressing storylines for the next PPV event.