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ROH TV results: Villain Enterprises win Six-Man Tag Team titles


A recap aired highlighting the feud between The Kingdom and Villain Enterprises.

Dalton Castle joined Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman on commentary for the first match to scout his upcoming opponent, Rush.

Rush defeated Mark Haskins

Some fast switches led to a standoff. Rush bated Haskins to chop him repeatedly. Rush followed up with a monster chop and the brawl spilled to the floor.

Back in the ring, Rush hit Haskins with kicks to the chest. Haskins fired back with kicks of his own and finally knocked Rush down with a leg lariat. He followed that up with a suicide dive to the floor. He tossed Rush back in and went for a pumphandle driver, but it didn’t land flush. That allowed Rush to connect with a big German suplex.  

Rush faked his running stomp in the corner -- which was a mistake as his arrogance allowed Haskins to lock on a triangle submission attempt. Rush powerbombed him to escape. Haskins got to his feet and landed a roll-through slam. Haskins hit a tornado DDT, but each man got to their feet and hit a simultaneous big boot to put each other down.

Each wrestler looked worse for wear, but Haskins ran at Rush. He launched Haskins into the corner and followed that up with his running double stomp to pick up the win.

In the ring, Matt Taven and Marty Scurll argued over who should get the World title shot at G1 Supercard. Jay Lethal offered a triple threat -- but each man said no, citing that they didn’t want to be in a match where the other man could lose it for them.

Lethal then offered a triple threat ladder match and they all agreed.

Jeff Cobb offered to put his ROH Television title on the line if Will Ospreay would put up his NEVER Openweight Championship in their match at Madison Square Garden.

A recap showing Mayu Iwatani defeating Kelly Klein played. Klein then spoke about how the loss made her question who she really is. Klein said that she needs to change her approach to Iwatani. Klein and Iwatani are tied at two wins each going into the MSG show.

Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO & Brody King) defeated The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan) to retain their titles

A brawl ensued, but Brody King broke it up with a huge flip dive to give the Villains the advantage. In the ring, Scurll was about to attack the fingers of Taven, but The Kingdom broke it up.

The Kingdom cut off Scurll and went to work. Marseglia started it off with a double underhook backbreaker. Next, Taven came in with some big punches. Finally, Scurll landed an enzuigiri, allowing him to tag in PCO.

PCO came in and cleared house. He landed a pop-up powerbomb on O’Ryan and a package piledriver on Taven. Marseglia hit a tornado cutter but missed with a flipping senton. The Kingdom were forced to retreat to the floor.

Scurll launched PCO over the top rope onto Taven and Marseglia. Chaos reigned on the floor. Eventually, The Kingdom got back in control by swarming King. They used the Rock Star Supernova slam on King, but he wasn’t the legal man. All three members of The Kingdom did dives on PCO, but they didn’t stop him. PCO then hit a flip dive on Taven. That sent us to the final commercial break.

Marseglia powerbombed PCO off the apron onto the steel ramp. That finally neutralized the big man. This left Scurll alone in the ring with O’Ryan, and Scurll managed to catch him in the chicken wing to get the submission win. Villain Enterprises are the new ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions.