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ROH TV results: Violence Unlimited eight-man tag match


The Big Takeaway: As the journey to Final Battle begins, two tag matches take place and ROH Women's World Champion Rok-C makes an appearance.

The Briscoes defeated Alex Zayne & Taylor Rust (11:16)

Rust and Mark started the match. Rust showed his technical prowess early on, working down Mark and keeping him from hitting any big moves. Rust and Mark continued to exchange holds and strikes as the match transitioned into a commercial break. 

When the bout returned from break, Zayne and Jay became the legal men. Zayne tried to pull some of his usual tricks on Jay, but was instead met with a clothesline from the former World Champion. 

There was a point in the bout where Mark and Jay isolated Zayne, keeping him away from Rust. The two brothers took turns beating down Zayne before he eventually reversed a few moves and made a tag to Rust. 

Rust came in and he thought he took out Jay, then shifted his attention to Mark and locked in an arm-based submission. Jay came back and immediately broke up the submission as the match went into a second commercial break. 

As the match returned, Zayne hit an inside-out springboard moonsault to both Briscoe brothers who were standing on the outside of the ring. This wouldn’t keep either brother down for long, as the finishing sequence saw Jay hit a Jay-Driller on Rust followed by a Froggy Bow elbow drop from Mark for the win. 

Rok-C interview

Brian Zane was joined by the ROH Women’s World Champion Rok-C for an in-ring interview. Rok-C explained what winning the title meant for her, before being interrupted by The Allure. 

Leon and Love ran down Rok-C and expressed that the “C” in her name stands for a word that can’t be said on television. Miranda Alize, Trish Adora, Willow, Allysin Kay, and Maria Kanellis-Bennett all trotted their way down to the ring shortly after. 

Bennett made two three way matches that will lead to a number one contender’s match which will determine Rok-C’s challenger for Final Battle.

VLNCE UNLTD (Brody King, Chris Dickinson, Homicide & Tony Deppen) defeated Danhausen, Demonic Flamita, PCO & Sledge (15:05)

Danhausen and Homicide shared the ring to start the bout. They squabbled back and forth for a bit before going to a commercial break. 

As the match returned, Flamita and Deppen became legal. Flamita took Deppen lightly, which caused him to tag out to Dickinson. Dickinson didn’t last for long either, as he hit a few moves on Flamita and tagged out to faction leader, Brody King. 

Sledge became the center of attention, as VLNCE UNLTD isolated him and kept him from tagging out. Sledge was beat down for what felt like forever, but eventually made the tag to PCO. 

PCO cleared the ring into a commercial break. When the break returned, he squared up with King. After King nailed PCO with a piledriver, he did his usual “malfunction” shtick and began targeting members of his own team, including hitting a chokeslam on Danhausen and a moonsault on Sledge. 

The finish of the match saw a ton of tags being exchanged, but Sledge took the pin after King delivered a Ganso bomb. 

Final Thoughts:

This week's edition of ROH TV was rather uneventful and skippable.

The show featured two good matches, but nothing was advanced in terms of storylines other than Rok-C's title challengers being teased. Nothing on the show was bad, just uneventful.

In recent weeks I’ve introduced a scale in order to let you know if the current week of TV is worth your while. The scale is as followed:

  • Must Watch TV
  • Go Out Of Your Way
  • Recommend Viewing
  • Watch YouTube Clips
  • Avoid At All Costs

This week’s episode of ROH TV is: Watch YouTube Clips