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ROH TV results: Violence Unlimited vs. LFI Tag Team title match


Quinn McKay joined us from the ROH studio and revealed that this week’s episode of TV is themed as a bonus prior to the Death Before Dishonor show, as the main event features a World Tag Team Championship match with the current champions Chris Dickinson and Homicide defending against Kenny King and Dragon Lee.

McKay revealed that The Briscoes vs. ROH World Champion Bandido & Rey Horus and Josh Woods vs. Will Fererra are also scheduled for the show.


The Briscoes defeated ROH World Champion Bandido & Rey Horus (12:10)

Bandido and Jay started off the match. Jay tried to wrestle Bandido to the mat, but the “Most Wanted” would respond with a handspring arm drag. They would trade some more moves but eventually came to a stalemate that led into a commercial break. 

When the broadcast returned from the break, Jay and Mark were isolating Rey Horus in their corner. The match would spill to the outside where both luchadors were thrown into the barricade. Mark would toss Bandido back in the ring and began draining the stamina of the world champion. 

The match broke down eventually and everybody got to hit their big move, but it left all four men on their backs in the middle of the ring. Bandido was the first man up and he immediately caught fire, hitting a fosbury flop on Jay Briscoe on the outside. Bandido was down on the outside which allowed Mark to scoop up Horus and give time for Jay to climb to the top rope and hit a doomsday device for the win. 


Josh Woods defeated Will Ferrara (w/ Eric Martin) in a Pure Rules match (6:18)

Jonathan Gresham joined commentary for this bout. 

Woods virtually had control of Ferrara for the entire duration of this match. Ferrara had a couple spots here and there, but it never amounted to anything tide-shifting. 

This was a showcase for Woods headed into his Pure Title match at tomorrow's Death Before Dishonor. He played all of his “greatest hits” and made Ferrara exhaust all of his rope breaks within the first five minutes of the match. 

There was a cool spot in the match where Woods had Ferrara in a waist lock, hoisting him in the air while staring dead into Jonathan Gresham’s eyes. Woods would eventually win with a bridging German suplex. 


La Faccion Ingobernable (Dragon Lee & Kenny King) defeated Violence Unlimited (Chris Dickinson & Homicide) to win the ROH Tag Team titles (14:08)

King and Homicide started off the bout. King had Homicide in an arm lock headed into a commercial break. 

When the show returned, Lee and Dickinson tagged themselves in. They had a great, counter-based exchange that led to Dickinson getting the upper hand. The match broke down shortly after. Lee and Homicide would be the legal men after the smoke cleared. 

King and Lee hit a few double team maneuvers after they took Dickinson off the apron. LFI had a stranglehold on Homicide and it seemed like the match would cease, but Dickinson would come in with freight train-like speed and clear the ring. 

Dickinson would have another great exchange with Lee, but Lee would win the battle again. Lee tagged out to King, who hit a Royal Flush on Dickinson for a very close near fall. 

The final stages of the match saw Lee and Dickinson yet again facing off. Lee would pull his knee pad down and attempt an Incinerator strike, but Dickinson blocked it and twisted his knee into a heap. Lee would recover quickly and deliver not one, but two Incinerator knee strikes, which allowed him to pin Dickinson for the win. 


Final Thoughts --

This was a fantastic go-home episode of Ring Of Honor television that reminded me of one thing: One hour wrestling shows are the best.

All three matches felt very different from one another, and all three matches did exactly what they were supposed to do.

I didn't expect King and Lee to win the Tag Team titles, but the element of surprise was really nice to see. The few exchanges that Dickinson and Lee had were fantastic and I hope they face off in a singles match sooner rather than later.

In recent weeks I’ve introduced a scale in order to let you know if the current week of TV is worth your while. The scale is as followed:

  • Must-Watch TV
  • Go Out Of Your Way
  • Recommended Viewing
  • Watch YouTube Clips
  • Avoid At All Costs

This week’s episode of ROH TV is: Go Out Of Your Way